Sunday, 3 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 16 Island
Won section by default
17 fished

With more rain than ever and a temperature drop, I was concerned that it could be a difficult fishing match today.  With Island Pool and Middle Pool in, I fancied pegs 6, 12, 23 on island.  Manor Farm is back to its normal water level, which is a relief, as it was 18 inches down.

I drew peg 16 on Island, was hoping for some early carp, which happened, but when it died, it died!!! Unfortunately I caught all my 4 carp in first 1 hour 30 and then caught 1 F1 at 3.20pm on pole.  I was lucky as Steve Partington framed again, and therefore I won my section by default.  So was a little lucky.

Steve Partington is on fire at the moment and he won Sunday's match too

Steve Partington is on fire at the moment.  Fair play to him

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