Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 16
126lb 12oz
That included 17lb Silvers
Won silvers
Won overall
16 Anglers Fished

With flat calm conditions and red hot, it was always going to be a difficult fishing match.

I spoke to Mark Malin about last weeks match at Ivy House Lakes. Mark won the last weeks open with an impressive 213lb!!!  He caught carp up to 18lb down the edge on maggots. Mark have me some pointers on improving my edge fishing. So i was looking forward to the match, especially drawing in a good area.

I'm very keen to brake Steve Waters match record of 248lb, which I believe will go soon, hopefully by myself or one of the Colmic Airon boys (Mark, Kurtis or Frank).   

My last few matches I have struggled to keep fish going down the edge on maggots, the conditions have been very hot and no wind or ripple! This has meant that the fish have been spooking badly in the shallow water.   So looking forward to when we could catch down the edge for a longer period of time, as a big weight could be on the scales.   I have done a 170lb, my highest weight of the year, but is still 80lb off Steve Waters record, but I only caught for 3 hours down the edge and caught 70lb of stocky carp.

18lb 5oz Mirror Carp was my biggest carp of the day. There are bigger carp in the lake.

  There is some big Grass Carp in all four lakes at Ivy House Lakes.

The weights were reasonably consistent across the whole of the fishing match.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Harescombe Fishery

  • Peg 14 (flyer)
  • 58lb 11oz
  • 4th
  • 7 Anglers Fished

It nice that Harescombe fishery is only 15 mintues drive from my house, as I normally used to driving miles to get to a venue.  The match lake is a very uniform lake and I would say is very fair, especially in these evening matches whereby we all have loads of room.

I was pleased to draw peg 14, as this seems to be an inform peg, but unfortunately I could get into a ryhtum of catching fish, and soon realised that I was going to be out the race at I could see Chris Cameron baggin on peg 17 and Adi Davis on peg 10.   You do need to be on the ball, as there's no get out of jail fish (big lumps). The biggest fish I caught was 3lb and had 11 carp, couldn't catch many F1's until late, but it was too late!!!

Top 3 overall

1st Chris Cameron 108lb
2nd Adi Davies 77lb
3rd Martin Hook 65lb 2oz

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Colmic Open Day - Ivy House Lakes

Well done to Mark Malin for winning the open with 213lb!!

Mark with one of Ivy House Lakes stunning little "stocky" carp

 Colmic Thunder 333
Colmic Thunder is £300 with one side tray included.
30mm legs.

Some of the Colmic boxes are incredible value for money and very well made!

Colmic Legend is £69.99!!

 The New Canal at Ivy House Lakes is rammed of fish, Frank and co caught a net full of Tench and small carp up to 2lb.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Harescombe - Abbey Lakes Pairs Match

  • Peg 5
  • 63lb
  • Won section
  • Me and my Dad was second overall (Dad was third in his section 31lb 14oz)
Trying to encourage my Dad to fish more matches, I decided to fish a club match at Harescombe Fishery, which is only 6 miles away from my house! Draw was at 10am and i left my house at 9.20 to get there early, as my dad wanted to walk around the lakes first.  However, it wasn't to be, as my dad got lost, and my 6 mile journey soon turned into 12 miles, as i tried to find him.  Anyway we got there in the end?
I had been member of the Abbey Lakes for years. It's Abbey Lakes 25 year anniversary, which is scary, as i now realise how old i'm getting! 

My match involved 2 pints of pellets, a few expander pellet and a tin of corn. 
I thought i would catch shallow, which i didn't do, so pretty gutted.  So my match was looking very bad, and after 2 hours i had managed 6 f1's and 5 skimmers, lost about 10.

So i decided to fish off the far bank at 11 meters, this worked for 3 fish the died.  So put extension on and fished 14 meters against far bank with mirco pellet and 6mm banded pellet on the hook and feed 20 micros at a time and caught steady, but missed a load of bites and lost another 20 carp.   

Casters and worms would of been whole lot better!!!

John was third in his section

Paula and John won the pairs - Well done!!

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 27
1st place
24 Anglers fished.

It was the final round on Ivy House Lakes evening league, but if you book in, you are able to fish them as opens (which is what i done tonight).
My drawing arm at Ivy House Lakes has stayed with me, and i was very lucky to draw peg 27.  
The lake did fish hard, as it was red hot and not a ripple on the water, so was very pleased to catch 15 carp and 3 bream for 74lb.  What made it better was I won the match on my new Colmic Evo Fight Pole. Which is great pole for the money!!!   I fished to the stump with double solid 12 elastic and 0.20 F1 Spider Line and pulled!! I had carp up to 8lb.

Neil Richards with a stunning Grass Carp

Overall Top 4  (See full results above)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Fish O Mania 2014

Colmic rods.

New Colmic seat boxes are incredible value

Des and Will won the Internationl Event on Sunday.

I watched Will Raision, and he was amazing.


Sunday was much quieter than Saturday as the Colmic stand had a lot people looking at our products thoughout the day, so we were kept on our toes.   Whereas today was a lot less, so me and Mark got some Colmic poles out and let people have a go, which was nice as we caught a few small carp.

Francesco, our boss, allowed us to go and watch the international match, so it was a good acuse to camera out to get a few cheeky photos.  The lake was fishing hard again, but Will Raison was catching roach and odd skimmer bream frequatly and Des was doing the same, but for Des it was more difficult in flat water to start off with. But fair play they both had 20kg plus each.   Our Jamie Masson was 4th individual with 15kg 680grams.

Full Result 1st Drennan Team England – 42.77kg 2nd Holland – 27.90kg 3rd Poland – 26.19kg 4th Tubertini Ireland – 25.25kg 5th Scotland – 23.80kg 6th Tri-Cast Weston Pools Wales – 21.82kg 7th Hungary – 12.46kg 8th France – 10.42kg 

Biggest Fish — Will Raison 4.2kg 

Individual Weights Will Raison (ENG) – 22.75kg Des Shipp (ENG) – 20.02kg Jurgen Spierings (HOL) – 17.00kg Jamie Masson (SCO) – 15.68kg Adam Niemiec (POL) – 14.98kg Nick Howell (IRE) – 13.89kg Lee Edwards (WAL) – 11.76kg Vincent Walsh (IRE) – 11.36kg Wojciech Kaminski (POL) – 11.21kg Dieter Friederichs (HOL) – 10.90kg Darren Frost (WAL) – 10.06kg Robert Erdelyi (HUN) – 9.96kg David Corcoran (SCO) – 8.12kg Jean Desque (FRA) – 7.11kg Gilles Caudin (FRA) – 3.31kg Zsolt Brichter (HUN) – 2.50kg Other 


Fish ‘O’ Mania Main Event: Andy Geldart – 19.57kg Fish ‘O’ Mania 

International: Drennan Team England – 42.77kg 
Juniors: Cameron Cross – 6.39kg 
Ladies Event: Emma Pickering – 7.05kg

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Peg 11
8 fished

My second visit to Harescombe Fishery, getting a little better, but still way of the pace. My 80lb was only good enough for third place. Adi Davies fished at 8 meters shallow on 6mm pellets.
Chris Cameron caught at 11 to 13 meters shallow again on pellet.
I fished the same, but not as well!


Top 3
Adi Davies 103lb (peg 5)
Chris Cameron 99lb 1oz (peg 14)
Myself 80lb

See link

Manor Farm Leisure

142lb 4oz
2nd in section
9 fished

I was well chuffed with my draw.  I had loads of room, warm wind blowing to my left. Caught 6 early carp, that become 5 as the little sh@t jump out of my keepnet 20 mins later.

Caught F1's well on the pole for 2 hours and then like a light switch it turned off... I couldn't catch on anything and the last 2 hours saw me put a very disappointing 25lb in the net. Must rethink about my edge fishing, as i failed to catch on it, one small carp, 3 roach, a perch and one lost foul hooked carp!

Open Match Results – Wednesday 9th July – Island Pool

Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 4
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 34
Colmic Airon Peg 17
4TH MEL SYKES 126-8-0
Partridge Lakes Peg 24
St Helens Tackle Peg 7
Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 27

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 25
126lb 5oz
1st place
Won Silvers
26 fished

I an very lucky with the draw bag at the moment at Ivy House Lakes. I drew peg 25 again. If i could, i would of run to my peg!!
I caught on worms with caster, corn, micro's and a bit of Bait Tech special G. I had 28lb of skimmers at 14 meters.
Then caught carp all down the edge, fished maggots and fed maggots.  Look for a minimum of 18 inches of water. I fished a 0.4 gram floats to 0.152mm Colmic F1 Spider to a 16 Drennan Carp Match.



DON'T forget Colmic Airon have a open day at Ivy House Lakes on 19th July. It starts at 10am. Myself and Frank will be fishing, so your be able to use our gear throughout the day. We will have 4 different Colmic poles you can see and use!

Mark Malin and Kurtis Trantor are fishing the open match on the big lake, so they will be both free after 5.15pm.

The Cafe is open throughout the day. The cakes are good!!

Everybody welcome

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 6
3rd overall
1st silvers
18 fished

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Harescombe Fishery

Peg 17
66lb 10oz
9 fished

1st Chris Cameron 85lb (peg 24 - 100 f1's)
2nd Adi Davies 67lb 11oz ( peg 2)
3rd Chris Telling 66lb 10oz

See link

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Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 35
Won section

Caught on pole up and down in the water, which was mainly small F1's. Caught really well for a hour (11 to 12) tapping,  then it went. Thought it would come back at some point during the fishing match, but didn't. 
Bomb and pellets didn't produce,  which was unreal. Caught on method, and this wouldn't last.... I couldn't figure it out?!
I had a nice but frustrating fishing match.

Bonehill Mill Peg 21

Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 17

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 19

Colmic Airon Peg 35

Baileys of Warwick Peg 9

Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 23

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