Saturday, 31 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 26 Windmill
72lb 4oz
1st place
6 fished 

1ST                  CHRIS TELLING                    72-4-0
Colmic Airon Peg 26
2ND                   CHRIS CAMERON                55-4-0
Middy/Old Ghost Peg 14
3RD                  PHIL SUTOR                                   52-8-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 24
4TH                   RONNIE PHAROAH             45-4-0
Mosella Peg 29
5TH                   TONY SHEPHERD                42-0-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 7
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - round 4

Peg 20
16lb 6oz
5 Points
No good

Another really tough day!!

Paul Alder had won the match on peg 21 the day before, and next weight was 12lb!  Therefore a few groans from Shaun Little, who drew peg 6 Island, which is one of the best pegs in Europe ( not sure how he can moan??)!!
To cut a long story short, I couldn't catch and therefore sat it out on smelly meat and bread. Not the most interesting ways of fishing, but hoped it was going to pay off??!! Which it didn't....
Only had 2 skimmers on the pole and watched Mark Hemming bag up on peg 3!!!
Mark Malin Peg 9, Mike Robinson peg 11 and me on peg 20 never had a fish after 1pm!!!
Team mate Glen Picton caught well on the pole and pellet on Boundary pool.  Glen caught little stockies (6oz to a 1lb)

I can't catch a cold at the moment.
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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Harescombe Fishery

Colmic Airon's Mark Malin shows a few tips on Harescombe Fishery
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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 7 middle
6lb (2 f1's)
28 fished


1ST                   MARK MALIN                                   51-0-0

Colmic Airon / Bait Tec Peg 21 Middle

2ND                  MARK HEMMING                             45-4-0

Lodge Park Peg 25 Middle

3RD                   PAUL PICKETT                                45-0-0

MFL Peg 23 Island

4TH                   IAN DIDCOTT                               42-4-0

Garbolino / Bait Tec Peg 37 Island

5TH                   TIM RUST                                      41-4-0

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 14 Island

6TH                   DAVE SIMPKINS                             41-0-0

Swindon Enterprise Angling Peg 6 Boundary

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Manor farm Leisure

Peg 21 Middle Pool
3rd on lake...... only 6 on the lake.
12 fished
No good again!!!

With Ian Giddens drawing peg 6 on Island Pool, we were all thought we would be fishing for second place. 

Andy Taylor caught 3 fish (2 F1's and 1 carp) before I had my first bite, which was a F1. He was unlucky, as he got beat for 4oz for top spot! Andy weighed 47lb to win lake easily and Steve partington won the match with 47lb 4oz.

Caught all my F1's on the lead (6 of them)  4 skimmers on the pole (3 blades and 1lb 8oz).   I fancied a few fish on the pole, especially as the wind was off my back!? But nothing.

Not sure on what else I could of done.   Andy Taylor caught on pole and lead with bread!   I just sat there like a muppet! No change there!!!

Need to draw better, hope I'm on a few tomorrow!!??

Gear used

Colmic Airon F44 pole.
0.4 Jonny Walker pellet
0.135 Colmic Spider line
0.103 Colmic Stream
18 Drennan carp match
Colmic white hollow elastic 1.5mm

Colmic Next Adventure 60 rod
0.20 Method Line
O.188 Spider Line
14 drennan carp feeder

Open Match Results – Saturday 17th January – Island and Middle Pools

1ST                  STEVE PARTINGTON         47-4-0

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 33 Island

2ND                   ANDY TAYLOR                     47-0-0

Mosella Peg 11 Middle

3RD                  STEVE RICH                           30-6-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 31 Island

4TH                   IAN GIDDINS                    27-8-0

Garbolino Bagem Baits Peg 6 Island

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Manor Farm leisure peg by peg analysis

The whole complex was stocked with fish recently(22/01/15), some beautiful F1's;

Windmill pool
Peg 1
This can be a fest or famine peg, and tends to be better in the warmer weather, spring to Autumn.
It is the end of the lake, so you need them to be there, as you don't tend to draw fish into your peg! 
I would suggest fishing long against the reeds and ensure you fish heavy enough to pull them out!! Personally I would fish soild elastics and a durable line, like Colmic Spider line, as this will cut through the reeds. I would suggest fishing colmic spider in 0.188 or even on 0.20!  I don't believe in fishing light in snags pits! Ensure your pole is strong!
Peg 2 and 3
No features, open water, tough draws in a match as there is so many feature pegs.  Open water is normally about 5 foot. Skimmers, F1's and odd carp.
Peg 4
Point of island. A jungle peg.   Pellets shallow long in the summer!!
Peg 6
Is in the channel of the island.  It is a bit of a snagie pit on the far bank, but is normally full of fish.  However, sometimes catch a lot skimmers at 6 meters, and 13 meters to island. Normal water levels it's 2.5 feet against the far bank, with a steep slope.  One match I had 50lb skimmers,  and 60lb of F1's which was awesome days fishing
Pegs 7 on point of island
Pegs 8 to 12 is open water, starts to get deeper. 6 to 7  foot at 13 meters and beyond
Peg 13
Is on point of island.  About 19 meters, 4 foot.
Peg 14 on island a good 16 meters to island.
Peg 15

On point of island. 17 meters to island.  4 foot against island. If you fish a 45 degree angle off the island it's a steady slope. As peg 16 is 10 foot.  I do like this peg, one of my favourites on the complex. 
Peg 16 to peg 23 is deeper part of the lake, up to 11 foot.
Peg 24 is favourite peg on the complex, it is opposite peg 15.  It is only  12 meters to the point of the island, and it's about four foot deep on normal levels.  I like to fish it at 13.5 meters infront, which 3 foot.   This is a snagie peg!   I've been lucky to drew it a couple of times.  You can catch to the left margin which is only 4 meters away, therefore put your keepnets to right, so you cause less commotion when having lots of fish in your keepnets. 
If you fish down the edge, you will have to fish heavy, I fished 0.20 Colmic Spider down the edge, which is immensly strong and durable.  I was lucky enough to catch some big fish, up to 15lb.
Peg 25 is only 11 meters to island,
Peg 26 is 18 meters to island.
Peg 27 is set back a little in a bay as is peg 28.  Open water pegs, would not be my preferred draw.  But sometimes the fish do shoal up here in the winter, therefore they can be good pegs.
Peg 29 is a good peg. Comes out of the bay, and is more on a point. A big bush/tree to your left and is a good peg out.  It's about 8 inches shallow to your right.
Peg 30 is beginning to come into shallower water.
Peg 31 is just on the point of island.
Peg 32, 33 and 34 is on island.
Island Pool
Peg 4
Is a shallower peg.  Personally I've never done well off this peg, but it can throw up match winning weights! Fish have fins and do swim around!   The cast to island is in a angle and if peg 5 is in, then it is going to be tight??!! The cast is around 45 yards (I haven't measured it, but is a fair throw)
Peg 5 on the rope. Good peg.
Peg 6.
A great peg.  Looking to catch from the second milk float, to the island.  F1's tend to be in the deeper water, especially in winter, and carp can be tight against far bank.   Don't get me wrong, it can throw up on the pole as well.  It is one of the best pegs on the complex.
Peg 8 to peg 12 is a "bowl" and at times the no chuck rule can apply in the open matches. Please check. Ask Dave Bird (owner).  These pegs can be good as you can have some room, therefore good pole pegs at times. Pegs are 5 foot deep, which is nice depth.
Peg 12/13 is on the point of the Island.  The way the pegs have been done, they are pointing in the same direction.  Be civilised and sort out who throwing where.  Remember it's only fishing!!!
Peg 14 good area still.
Peg 21 starts getting into the deep water.
Peg 24 deep water on pole, 7 foot on normal winter levels. Can be great and can be void....  I've had good and bad days on this peg. Love hate relationship.
Peg 25 is 23 ish meters wide, deep on pole line still
Peg 26 is normally a great winter peg. Full of F1's
Peg 32 is normally great winter peg, as the F1's shoal up there other pole line.
Peg 37 is shallow part of the lake.
Middle Pool
Peg 1 is on the narrower part of the lake.
Peg 7 is on left side of rope.  Sometimes I wanted to borrow the rope and tie myself to a tree in the winter 2015!
Peg 26
My favourite peg. Was lucky enough to do 353lb, which is current venue record.
Boundary Pool
Peg 1 to 5 isn't normally pegged in opens.
Peg 6 is on the rope.  This has been a good area recently ( 08/02/15).
Peg 8 and 10 every good area of the lake.  Sometimes in the winter the fish sit in the middle of the lake.
Peg 12 good corner peg, if it's an end peg, as in the opens peg 17 can be next peg.  Dave tries to spread you around when he has the room.
Pegs 15, 16, 17 

These pegs are facing up the lake, so be mindful where your casting, as it will get a little tight.

Peg 17 is the normally pegged in opens and have plenty of room.  It can be a great peg when warm wind is blowing into your bank.  Drew it a few times, would suggest priming the edge, as your may catch some great big carp.down.the edge.  Some big ghost carp in the lake, they can be big and very wise... 

Peg 18 is on the point, not normally pegged in opens.

Peg 19

Is on the point.  

Peg 20 to 28 is in the bowl.

Peg 38
My favourite peg on boundary, such a good peg.  It's centre of the lake, and great pole peg!
Ash Pool
It's up to 7 foot, maybe 8 foot if water table is high!  A great little lake. Massive head of skimmers and F1's.
Normally pegs 5, 6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 20 are the most consistent pegs on the lake.  Personally I think it's out and out pole lake for 80% of the time.  Pellets and more pellets!!  Spring time, worms and casters can be deadly and there is some monster carp, 20lbers!! And they have come out in recent matches (Feb 2015)

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - round 3

Peg 26 Island Pool
4 points
No good.
30 fished

I don't like making at excuses when I've done badly, so I won't start now.  The Peg was worth 60lb, but I figured it out too late!  Tried to fish the pole at 13 meters, there was fish there, but had 2 and lost 3 wasn't looking good.  Fishing a 4 foot line between pole tipping float was worth doing, but didn't and couldn't read the bites correctly so unfortunately foul hooked a couple of big carp, but wasn't lucky enough to get them out!!
Bread 3/4 was pants!
Caught best 1 meter off far bank, on pellet feeder and when it went mega tough, fished smelly meat. Wish I done it earlier, but I felt smelly meat is better for lumps (carp) but the F1'S and a couple of carp too a shine to it. 

Well done to Glen for winning the middle pool and coming second overall. Legend

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Manor farm leisure

Peg 8 Middle pool
56lb 2oz
3rd overall
14 fished

It took an age to catch!!! Mark Malin had 6 fish to my 1 at the beginning of the match. It was very frustrating as I lost 4 carp, one broke me at the death on the pole, and 3 hook pulls on smelly meat! Proper fish. Cost me the match. 


Open Match Results – Saturday 10th January – Middle and Boundary Pools

1ST                  STEVE FORD              59-10-0

Daiwa/Old Ghost Peg 25 Middle

2ND                   MARK MALIN                       56-4-0

Colmic Bait Tec Peg 10 Middle

3RD                  CHRIS TELLING                    56-2-0

Colmic Airon Peg 8 Middle

4TH                   MATT MAGUIRE                  43-0-0

Leigh Tackle Peg 6 Boundary

5TH                   PAUL DURNALL                  41-12-0

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 23 Middle

6TH                   LIAM WAINWRIGHT          41-8-0

Leigh Tackle Peg 10 Boundary

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Harescombe Fishing

Peg 9 Field lake
67lb 6oz
2nd on lake
2nd overall individually
Won pairs

A bit of a strange match for me, first 6 puts saw me catch 6 carp, which resulted in a few friendly groans. However, it soon went a little tits up, as the fish switched off and struggled to catch.  Caught a few good skimmers on pellets and some roach at 7 meters....

I had 10lb 1oz silvers and 57lb 5oz carp (didn't count about 15).


Mark Malin
Peg 11
2nd on lake
60lb 10oz

Mark Malin caught 8 carp and F1's in the first 45 minutes on bread.  Then fished pellets long and maggots short.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 25 island
67lb 8oz
Won section
2nd overall
16 fished

I didn't fancy peg 25 on Island Pool, especially with pegs 23 and 27 in.   But there was some big carp on the pole line, so was lucky. 9 carp, 2 f1 and 2 skimmers for 75lb. But I was over in my net by 8lb and therefore got knocked back. But my good friend won, so.didn't really matter.

Open Match Results – Saturday 3rd January – Island and Boundary Pools

1ST                  FRANK DONACHIE                72-12-0

Colmic Airon Peg 13 Island

2ND                   CHRIS TELLING                    67-8-0

Colmic Airon Peg 25 Island

3RD                         STEVE RICH                           48-0-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 10 Boundary

4TH                   CARL MULFORD                 40-12-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 37 Island

5TH                   GARY WALDRON                34-4-0

Match Box Peg 7 Boundary

6TH                   CHRIS STYLER                      36-8-0

Match Box Peg 17 Island