Sunday, 27 September 2015

Manor farm leisure

Peg 21
Won section
28 fished

Drawing peg 21 is a place I definitely didn't wanna draw, especially after Phil Hardwick fished it yesterday and had only one carp!!   Peg 21 has a no chuck rule when there is a lot on the lake.  So I set up the pole and was going to fish negtive and hopefully win the section, as I've got NO chance of winning the match from here??

The fish didn't wanna feed, bites were unreal, and lost as many as I caught..... Foul hookers and fish hooked outside the mouth.  I had three carp hooked outside of the mouth....

Even great venues have their off days

Mark Malin with a Manor Farm Leisure beauty 

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 26
No good
16 fished

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Swindon go on Tour 2015 - whiteacres

Day 1
No good
Peg 19

We were told that Gwinear was fishing tough and didn't wanna drew in the deep water, so that's where I drew,  but my random pair partner was ryan Shipp, so very lucky there!  However, unlucky to be next to me in the deeps. 

Only managed to catch 3 small carp for 7lb, and Ryan had 7lb with 1 carp and a few bits.  Mick Lane caught well in last hour a 4 meters on maggots and some special green stuff, to win the match.  Have no idea what it was?!

See link for Gwinear Fishery below.

Day 2
Peg 5 Acorn
98lb 14oz
Won lake
5th overall
87 fished
Won Pairs with Reedy.

I had a nightmare start, hooked 5 carp in first 30 minutes and lost 3.  Just hook pulls, then the next hour saw me loose a carp on the method feeder in Derek line, the carp swam diagonally across the lake, a pulled hard on my Colmic 45 Adventure rod, it did surface but Derek though he had a bite and unfortunately stuck it off and then freaky are hooks were together, strange.  Derek is a lovely bloke and wouldn't do it on purpose.  I couldn't catch, so went for caster shallow at 7 meters, that had been primed from the beginning, and I caught a steady for a while, but had to catch carp.  So feed the margins heavily with 2 hours to go, and caught immediately.  However run out of 3 pints of maggots with an hour to go!  Nightmare, had to feed a pot of maggots to each fish, tried to fish it out.  Again another mistake.  Should of took 4 pints of maggots.  Cost me. 

Twin Oaks is very hard to beat!   See weights below...

Day 3
Peg 37
Won match
35 fished
Really tough match, caught all my fish on long pole and pellet on the gravel bar.
Come 5th overall with Random pair festival.
Won Pairs with Stich.

Day 4
Peg 40
Second overall
18 fished
Won Pairs with Phil Powell
This was going to be a fair match, and tight!!  Every fish was going to be so Important.
Neil Richards went off like a train, 6 carp to my 2 carp in the first 30 mintues.  Then it died.  I was lucky enough to have a the last hour fishing really long to island,  18.5 meters of Colmic F44 pole, wind was a nightmare with gale force wind.   (private match- not whiteacres rules).

Mick Lane won the match on peg 54 with 58lb to win the match.  A nice 50th birthday present.  Well done " Louis"

Day 5
Peg 2 Acorn
127th in draw queue.  When will have a low draw??
No good.
Magoo had 8lb, so we didn't win random pairs.  Neil legend Richards won it with Macker.  Neil Richards also came 4th overall with 77lb 15oz.

 Twin Oaks a very good lake in the higher number especially...

Mick Lane, birthday boy.  Happy 50th mate!!

Rather than throwing my toys out the pram and wheel spinning out of the car park, I opted to have a day's fishing.  I thought and hoped that Acorn would fish better than it did, and the pleasure angler would go home early to give me a long edge.  Unfortunately that didn't happen, pleasure angler left at 2.46, so potted in some maggots and groundbait, and fish were on it within 15 minutes.  I had three small carp in the last thirty minutes.   Never mind, but had 26lb of roach on caster shallow.  So had a days fishing.  

In reflection I should of maybe gone on twin oaks peg 23 was still left, but after Monday's match I was hoping for a better day, which didn't happen.

Day 6
Morgan Porth
Peg 13
6th overall
2nd in sectiom
15 fished
With Gwinear fishing so tough, the guys didn't wanna go back.  We were unable to get on Bolingey as we were in a private caravan, all of us disappointed, especially as Phil Tipton got there early Friday to ensure we got on....   However, without causing trouble, as I don't spread rumours or write rubbish, why should 4 locals get on week in and week out?  I can understand that if the match isn't full, then yeah fine, but 30 plus anglers on the reserve list by Sunday.  Sorry, but this is wrong, and I know a lot of anglers agree with me.  Bolingey is one of the best lakes I have never fished, and yet after spending £300 on the holiday, we can't book in until Wednesday, when it has 60+ names on!!!!  Our caravan spent best part of a grand, and we couldn't fish...
It was always going to be a tough match, especially with several matches already hosted this week, all you wanted was some room.  Ricky Mills was going to be always tough to beat, not only is he good, but with 12 empty pegs and the same for Vince Shipp, they were going to be almost impossible to beat.
Weights were really tight, lost 3 fish in lilly'ss this was my most productive, had to fish right in the them.  Pulling fish out of the lilly's was always going to suffer loses.
Phil Tipton won the match, on the first peg you come to had some decent fish down the edge.

Overall thoughts
As always had a brilliant time with the boys, really enjoyed myself, just what the doctor ordered.  Been a rough year and a lot better than when I was on the Milo Festival as I had to go home early due to my late dad.  Don't half miss you dad and yet I find myself still emotional at times still.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

My year so far....

Normally I would write a post on my thoughts at the end of the year, but thought this posts needed to come earlier, and took me a few weeks to write, as it was a little emotional.

was hoping that 2015 would be great year for me and Colmic, hoped to promote Colmic products more than ever and give Colmic the credit that it truly deserves.  However with life, you never know what's around the corner and 2015 was by far the worst year in my life.   You maybe aware I lost my dad to cancer in May.   I fully appreciate that this has nothing to do with fishing, but this great man (sometimes misunderstood by people) got me into the sport, so he is the reason why I fish.  I spent hours with Dad and my uncle John on the Rivers and Lakes, I do owe a lot of credit to them, and also to Richard Byrant who spent hours driving us around on the Junior matches, these people are all sadly missed!!  Hopefully they are all together upstairs looking down on us!

I am finding it difficult as I used to speak to my dad after every match I fished, he always took a keen interest.  One thing is I do regret not going fishing with him as much as maybe I should of, but I tried to get him to go to other venues, however this proved difficult as he liked his own comforts and if you knew my dad, then your know he was stubborn man, and would only do what he wanted. I miss him dearly, a bit of choker to find out that he had Cancer on 13th January 2015 and died 19th May 2015, one day before his birthday.  Very sudden and very aggressive.  We spent a very long three weeks at Cheltenham Hopsital, the Rencombe ward, where the staff were incredible.    This was a major set back on my life, had a massive effect on my fishing and work, as it almost made me go bankrupt.  The only thing my dad left me was a bruise on my shoulder when I carried him in the church, I think a little reminder who the boss is!!  I am almost back on feet now, as got work back together and things have picked up again.  But my promotional of Colmic did suffer, so I am sorry for that.  I will ensure I do a top job in 2016 for you.   I will write more in depth posts on my blog, more YouTube videos and hopefully get more features in the Angling Times, as I have done two this year.  

My dad, Mick Telling at Lemington Lakes.

I set high expectations for all the Open matches I fish, and I would sooner come last as long as I know I've given it my best shot to win the match! Fishing individually is the only form of fishing I've done so far this year.  I haven't fished any canals or rivers on opens or team events.  I focused my main attention on Fish O Mania.   Also I was hoping to break a few venue records, mainly on Ivy House Lakes, Riddings and beat my Manor Farm Record of 353lb.   However, never got close to any records!!!   The Fish O Mania quaifiesrs were so disappointing, did find myself chasing rainbows but my good friend and team mate Frank Donachie did find himself in the final, which was fantastic and he done incredibly well to get there.  Unfortunately the final didn't go to plan and Fish O Mania final was a lot tougher than we all had have anticipated.   It was a quite an emotional day, as Frank had some much support from the orange army.  I hope get myself back into the final in 2016

All the lads at Cudmore Fishery on the Fish O Mania.

I was hoping to do the Ivy House Record and the Silver record too.  I was lucky enough to catch 104lb of bream, which is the current Silver fish venue record but Andy Llod has an impressive 395lb of carp in six hours, cannot see that get beat for a while!!!   I did have some good success at Ivy House Lakes with the silver pool and a few times I was lucky enough to win both!!!   Angling Times wrote a feature on it.

Manor Farm Leisure, has to be one of the best venues in the Midlands in my opinion, however this year, like alot of venues it fished hard this year, still very good but the weights were lower than normal, water levels were low.... weather was all over the place, so maybe this is why?  I didn't get anywhere near my current venue record of 353lb.  I finally broke the ton on Boundary Pool, but no joy on Middle Pool or Island Pool, I never seem to get away from peg 23 Island, unbelievable how many times I seem to draw it.  I wish it was peg 6 Island! 

August was a real tough month, couldn't seem to do anything right regarding my fishing.   All descisions I made seemed to be poor, Ivy House Lakes was brutal, my luck had run out.  I had a few tricks, paste caught me quite a few fish, as well as my worm mix, so I was flexible!  However only managed 70lb in 12 hours fishing.   Then we, me and Mark Malin, went to Riddings on the Sunday evening matches, hoping to do some massive weights from these really hard fighting carp.  This didn't go to plan, I really struggled to catch, I managed to have a few, but not enough, way off the pace to be fair.  I've learnt a few things, so looking forward to next year at Riddings!!  Hopefully show off how strong the Colmic Poles are!   I fished 4 matches, two blow outs, and 4th and 5th overall.  I had fish up to 14lb and a couple of crazy Ghost carp.  I would like to point out there were poles broken on each of my visits.... however me and Mark Malins poles are still in one piece!!   ALL the matches I fished this year with Colmic poles I haven't broke one section.  I have been using either Colmic Karper Evoultion with up to 4mm elastic and 0.30 lines and a Colmic Airon F44 with 3.5mm elastic and 0.25's and I have not broken one section.  This includes the pole, hitting my car (not in angry), falling off the pole roller, 0.20's rigs getting caught up the tree and then smacking into my pole, pulling very hard on the pole either playing fish or pulling fish away from snags... how many pole sections have you broke this year??

A close up

The Karper Evolution has 16lb carp attached to double solid 14 elastic and 0.22 spider line.

The high light of the year so far is Whiteacres with the boys in September, what a laugh.  Something I really needed!  The fishing was tough, but interesting.  Every time I come away from Whiteacres I feel I've learnt loads and annoyed at myself as I've made a load of mistakes.   When Swindon go on Tour, we always have random pairs each day, which was full of friendly banter and pi££ taking.   This adds lots of incentive to fish, as your fishing for bragging rights.  Also we all add £2 in the pot and therefore 20 pairs equals £20 winners, a round of beers.

Thanks to Neil Richards for taking me and feeding me for a week!! 

The rest of the year will see me enjoy some fish at Alders farm with my good friends.  We have entered a team in the winter league, which going to be tough taking the locals on, but hopefully have some fun and catch so fish on the way.

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - Middle Pool

Peg 6
105lb 10oz
3rd overall
9 fished

A reasonable draw on peg 6, felt that Frank Donachie on peg 12 would be tough to beat on end peg and also Phil Hardwick on peg 20 with the wind in his face.  Last weekend on middle I drew peg 9 which was a harder area, and I attacked it and fell flat on my face, so the therefore I would be a little less aggressive with feed.

I was going to base my attack around fishing the pole, fishing 14.5 meters of my Colmic Airon F44 pole.  I used Jon Walker pellet floats to a 0.152 Spider Line to 0.125 Stream hook length and Drennan Carp Match hook, size 18.   Everything is hard pellet, feeding hard pellets and feeding what I fish.  No oil pellets, just standard Coppins pellets from the bag.   

I had a few early fish, a couple of carp and then a few skimmers and then a tench.  The peg faded, so chucked the bomb, where I had been feeding 6mm pellets around 20 meters, which was a surprise resulted in nothing, so got off my box and set up a waggler, as I had to do something as I couldn't catch anything and the match was slipping away, with Phil, Steve, Frank and Terry catching well, so chucked my Colimc Proffesional 25 about 20 times, before catching an F1, good sign, shoal fish, nope anything 20 chucks with no bites, felt depressed.  The next two hours was mega tough, only caught small skimmers!!

The last 1 hour and 20 minutes was a lot better and this is where I was lucky enough to catch a few carp but hard a run of F1's to hopefully bring a section win?!  Nope, Frank Donachie had beat me by 4oz, Terry Winstone had won the match with 116lb.  All the weights are below, it was tight match.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Alders Farm

Peg 17
171lb 3oz
10 fished

Everything time I go to Alders Farm it seems to rain loads!!!   What happened to our summer??

The lake fished hard as we anticipated, as the lakes as spring feed, hence why the carp our fighting fit, then the water temperature must of dropped a steady amount.

We were on Pines lake today and I drew peg 17.  Which was an end peg, which was surely going to help me no end, as end pegs are normally great on every venue.   I had an nightmare last match on the MFS pairs, as I lost between 35 and 40 carp, all pulled out.  So I wasn't going to get sucked into teasing margin fish, but be open minded as these fish are a lot bigger!!!

I caught steady on pellets long, on the deck and a fish shallow but Westie on the end peg opposite was catching well done the edge after a couple of hours.   This is was a concern, as I was catching smaller fish and unfortunately it was as hectic as the first hour and half was a fish a chuck and had some friendly groans.  So I started to feed my left had margin with the big pot, which saw a responsive within minutes, but my right hand margin that I had been drip feeding had saw nothing!!!???  I did catch to my left on maggots.
The feeding down the edge, is something I haven't sorted out and still didn't get right today.   I had a couple of fish down the edge to my left, but no fish to the right?! 
With lack of edge fish, the edges weren't as strong as id like.... So fell behind in the last couple of hours.  So need to revise how I fish the edges, as three matches at Aldlers Farm I haven't caught down the edge.  And I'm not one for blaming my peg or wheel spinning out of the car park, so will be trying a few different things.   Lighter rigs, micro pellets with corn, fishing past the feed, as seeing a lot of bigger carp holding back and it did work the last part of the match, as I had 5 carp in the last 15 minutes, but again too little too late.

 Well done to Westie for winning the match with 198lb

Glen was 4th 101lb

Frank was 5th 99lb

Organiser Terry had 89lb