Saturday, 25 March 2017

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Peg 7
44lb 10oz
10 fished

My second visit to Alvechurch fisheries, learnt a few things from last week, as I made quite a few mistakes. 

I was simply going to fish maggots and fishery pellet mirco pellets.  I know the edges are important and need to be selective with your maggots as there is a 3 pint limit and I planned to fish maggots everywhere in the peg.

Tackle used

Colmic Airon F66 Pole.

Edge rig
0.2 Colmic Sky float
0135 Colmic Spider Line
0.115 Colmic Stream
18 WN501 hook

Long maggot line
1.8mm Colmic Hollow elastic
4x14 Colmic Po float
0.135 Colmic Spider Line
0.103 Colmic Stream
18 WN501 hook.

Back there again Saturday.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 27 Middle Pool
7th overall
No good
30 fished

Liam Dennick is on a roll at the moment....

Fish come way too late down the edge.  Nightmare.  2 in last 15 mintues

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Kennet and Avon Canal

Peg 30
Upper Dunmill
7lb 2oz
No good

Kevin Rowles gave me a whooping.  11lb 14oz

Fished an Open match at Hungerford today.  Was surprised on arrival how clear it was and the trees cut back..... got to love British water ways?!
Drew next to my angling hero and got battered.  Kevin has 11lb 14oz to my disappointing 7lb 2oz.
Matt Herbert won the match. 12lb 11oz
Kevin Rowles 11lb 14oz
Brett Cooper 10lb 8oz

Fished quite well for most.  Needed 7lb ish to win most sections.

Thanks to John Williams for running a good match.   Great pegging, as we had plenty of room.

I believe his running another next weekend...

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Alvechurch Fisheries

Peg 13 Horseshoe Lake
2nd Overall
9 fished

My first visit at Alvechurch Fisheries, and I drew peg 13 on Horseshoe lake, which was a flyer and the bonus peg!!  Unfortunately it didn't go quite to plan, made a few mistakes and just missed out on bonus peg.  Well done to Phil Evans on the win, 51lb.  Weights were tight.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Manor Farm leisure

Peg 32 Island Pool
No good
21 fished

I had a bad day.  Drew peg 32 Island Pool.  Can be a good F1 area, but weathers changed and the fish were likely to follow the wind....  which they did.  Had a frustrating day, had 18 F1's and 1 small carp for 43lb.  However lost eight fish, all hook pulls, not all foul hooked.  Should of easily won section.... "bad angling".  Should of fished a tidy pole match, as the peg was worth 70lb all day long.   
Anyway made my day when Liam Dennick won the match with 150lb.

Venue fished quite well.  See the weights below.
I can honestly see the venue record going this year.  The venue is awesome.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Redhill Fishery

Peg 6 
63lb 12oz
3rd on lake individually 
4th overall
16 fished
4th in pairs 😥

My third visit to Redhill Fishery and a new lake, Sophie's. Drew peg 6, which was in the corner and the same peg as Frank Donachie had last week....
There was a warm wind blowing into the corner, but there was more activity in the middle of the lake, fish topping and blowing.  But was hopeful to catch down the edge and I need to make up the weight we were behind.

However, the match didn't go to plan and the fish were feeding shallow, and therefore I fished as long to my left as possible, to give Liam some room, as he was on peg 8.  As it was tight when fishing long. I had 17 carp for 64lb.  Caught nothing down the edge, a little disappointed, Liam managed a couple.

Tackle Used

Colmic F66 Pole
Colmic Hollow competition elastic 2.1mm
0.1 Jon Walker pellet float
0.152 Colmic F1 Spider Line main line
0.125 Colmic Stream hooklength
18 Drennan match hook.

The new Colmic EC200 are awesome top kits, so stiff and light.

Well done to the two Gary's came second overall 

If you like the articles written here please respect my copyright © For any use of content (words and images) please contact me