Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Tober Manor Farm- Hillview

Peg 58
2nd overall
14 fished
Much bigger stamp of fish today.  Quite surprised

Some serious weights and back up weights too

Carper showed me his 40mm bait!!

Best bite of the day

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Alvechurch Fisheries- Mick Telling Memorial Final

Peg 11
13 fished

The last couple of years the Mick Telling Memorial Final had been on Bourton on the Water, but unfortunately the fishing has been stopped on the lake.  Which is a shame, a few spoil it for all.......

So, we had to get a final venue for 12 anglers with a few months notice, not ideal.  Lucky enough Mark Olds from Alvechurch stepped up and gave us a date.  So happy days and i decided to increase the final to 14 anglers, especially as this lake has more room.

Craig Curtis drew me the best peg on the lake, peg 11 and drew hinself peg 3.  Craig, your doing my Fish O Mania draw (if i ever get there again).  I had a brilliant two and a bit hours and put a honest 90lb in the net.  This was a fanastic start, fished worms long to the island.  Then decided to go for it on paste.... first put an 8lb common carp and the next 40 mintues i could of hung myself from the tree (be trees behind).  Caught nothing, missed bites and spooking fish.  My match from there was lost.

Jon Walker caught on groundbait and maggots to the pallet, to weigh 177lb.  Steve Partington had a lovely bag of fish.  150lb, brilliant bag of skimmers!!!

1st Jon Walker 177lb 15oz
2nd Stephen Partington 150lb 3oz
3rd myself 125lb
4th Jamie Read 117lb 2oz

We raised
£45 today.

£770 in total for Cancer Research.  Thanks guys

Thanks to Howard Kaye from Marukyu for his support.

Dates for 2019

Wickwater TBA
Kennet and Avon Canal - Marlborough 30th June

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Alvechurch Fishery- Horseshoe lake

  • Peg 3
  • 212lb 6oz
  • 1st place
  • 16 fished
A slow start to the match, which ses to be "the norm" and save yourself for the last hour bagging.... hopefully.

Paste and corn seems to work really well.

Finally won a match!!! 212lb at Alvechurch, new lake 5 hour record.
Paste at 4 meters in last 2.5 hours
Beautiful and fighting fit these carp at Alvechurch Fishery

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Todber Manor Fishery- Hillview

  • Peg 49
  • 199lb
  • 12 fished.
Set off early to Todber Manor today, aint been here for about 12 years?! 

A beautiful venue, changed loads since I was last here.  A put out a Facebook message on the morning, and a few lads helped me.  Thanks, especially to Chris Perry and Stuart Eaton.

Arrived at the venue early, and walked around Hillview, and really fancied drawing in the late thirties, as the wind was blowing into it. However drew peg 49.  Told it was really good.

I only set up paste short, a couple of margin rigs and two shallow rigs "just in case".

I got battered off next peg!!  Chris, the guy on peg 51, fished meat and groundbait on a top kit all day.

I made quite a few mistakes, i didnt feed enough on the paste line. Must take more pellets next time.  Also my paste was too soft.  Stiffer and smaller pieces was LOADS better

Maggots down the edge.  Needed pot to every fish.... ducks were a nightmare.  Went on it too early.... messed my rythm up on my paste line.

Looking forward to going back VERY soon.

Loads of carp in Hillview around 1lb 8oz ish

Got home to dinner and see us 1 - 0 up

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Manor Farm Leisure- Boundary and Windmill Pools

Peg 35 Boundary Pool
111lb 8oz
Won lake
Second overall.
16 anglers fished

Haven't fished Boundary Pool for months.... or Manor Farm Leisure for while.  I hoped to draw on Windmill to be honest, pegs 34, 26, 24, 4 or 15.  All island pegs.  But got peg 35 Boundary, no complaints, thought it was going to be hard, but fished quite well.

I fished paste at 5 meters to begin and caught big F1's and skimmers.  This was made out over wetted Marukyu Sweet Fishmeal 2mm pellets.  So quick and easy to make.  Feed two tins of corn and 2 pints of 4mm Animo Pellets.  Big potting after 2 fish was best.  I wae suprised how long this line lasted.  This gave me plenty of time to build up my pellet line.... hoping it will be solid.

Then went shallow and caught well, on the tappin rig (mong)..... had 6 F1's in ten mintues.  Then caught in spells with 4mm or 6mm Animo Pellet at 18 inches deep and on the drop rig.

I was lucky to beat Gary Watts by 6oz, especially as I had 8lber at the death.

Gear Used

Garbolino UK1
0.18 Garbolino Fluro Line straight through
12 Guru SWLG
0.2 GRAM Jon Walker paste float

0.2 Gram slapper....

0.4 Jon Walker diamond.

The "mong".  0.18. And 18 inches of line.  😴

Some beautiful fish in Boundary Pool

Board weights - I thought it fished really well, especially Boundary Pool.

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Alvechurch Fisheries - Horseshoe Lake

  • Peg 30
  • 2nd Place
  • 119lb
  • 11 Fished
Bigger than average stamp on paste.

I always look forward to fishing Horseshoe Lake, as I always feel your in the race, as there is some units or get out of jail fish.  Last couple of matches I have found corn and paste is been a great method, especailly as you have a 2kg limit of paste/ pellets/groundbait limit.   And corn doesnt come into your allowance. So 4 tins of corn from Lidi's is a good shout.  Nothing added to the corn, straight from the tin!

11 anglers fished todays fishing match, so we had pegs 11 to 36.  So would of really fancied pegs 11 or 36 as you had a lot of room, but peg 30 was my home today.  Didn't draw it, as i was well late, bad crash on the M5. 😯

Well done to Gary Donachie for winning the match in worms.  This is the mix....

With all my reports, blogs, whatever you wish to call them, they are always honest in content and numbers of anglers (i.e people fishing).  It would be nice to see more board weights on anglers reports as this gives a honest report on how it has fished and whete the consistent pegs are.   I'm not one to brag on 3 pegger, theres nothing wrong with small matches, i fish a lot of them myself. 

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