Sunday, 21 January 2018

Alvechurch Winter League. Round 7

Alvechurch Winter League round 7

Just for a change I was last in the draw bag, and there was only two balls left in the bag.  Well, that was the highlight of my day....  I touched the winning ball.

Stephen Bellion won the match with 50lb.  Peg 12.  Legend.

Phil Evans was second with 14lb 10oz.  Fair play on peg 4.

Paul was third with 14lb 6oz on peg 26.

So my good run continues and I came last with 2 small carp and 5 Ide for 5lb 9oz on peg 24.

Take the rough with the smooth.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Manor Farm Leisure- Thursday affordable

Peg 26 Windmill Pool
1st place
6 fished the match

Thursday affordable open  and drew peg 26 Windmill Pool.   Unfortunately only 6 braved the weather, so nice and friendly match.  After all the cold weather we have had, a expected it to fish hard..... which it did.

I fished long pole on a 4mm Amino Pellet, simply put a small amount of water to softener them up and I feed and fish them via a lasso.  I find this very effective as you get more bites than a standard "dry hard" pellet.   

Gear used;

Colmic Airon  F66 Pole.
0.2 gram float, with a stung bulk to 0.145 to 0.10mm hook length.

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Manor Farm Leisure- Island, Windmill and Middle pools.

Peg 18 Island.
2nd overall
15 fished

Was hoping to draw peg 24 Windmill, one of my favourite pegs on the complex, but draw peg 18 on Island Pool.

The beauty of Manor Farm Is Dave always spreads us out where he can.  Which is normally worth a few bites on most pegs and drawing peg 18
Do love the Next Adventure 90.  Makes the Island chuck with ease

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Alvechurch. Colmic Canal

Peg 16

Peg 16 on Colmic Canal.... been a good area, so hoped for a few bites.  Unfortunately peg 14 was in and a cold wind was howling down our end of the lake.   2 carp and 1 massive Ide.  For DNW and was home by 3.30pm

It fished well for most.  Take the rough with the smooth. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Manor farm leisure- island and windmill pools

Peg 12 Island
93lb 4oz
1st place
6 fished

Nice day in the end, considering I wasn't going until the mrs was called into work.

I arrived at 10am, 30 mintues lare, last peg in the bag, which was a flyer peg 12 Island Pool. Simple match.  Pellet feeder!!

One bit of advised I'd give is to be patient, bites can take a while, up to 30 mintues.... it's hard not to wind in.  But I had 30 fish today, 6 fish per hour. 1 every ten minutes. If the carp feed, they can average 6lb to 8lb a piece.  Don't take long to do a weight.
30 fish.  93lb 4oz

These are brilliant in a pellet feeder 

Some stunning F1's at Manor

BIG rod in these conditions.  Colmic Next Adventure 90 

Gear used

Colmic Next Adventure 90.
0.22 Colmic Method Line
35 gram pellet feeder 
0.165 Stream hook length
14 B911 X hook.
6mm pellet.
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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Manor farm leisure- All lakes

Peg 4 Middle Pool
3rd Overall
29 fished

After Christmas all the Angling Trust winter leagues have finished and frees up some time, so will start going to Manor Farm Leisure more for the next few months.

A nice turn out, 29 anglers on the match, and Dave (owner) has spread us all over the complex, which is great, plenty of room.   I draw peg 4 Middle Pool, which is apparently a "good area" at the moment, despite yesterday's open on Middle was a lake win with 12lb from peg 23...

With the wind in our the faces, it was going to be struggle to present the bait.  The pole was a little unproductive and should of chucked the lead earlier and waited... I was lucky and caught 4 fish down the edge in last 45 mintues and lost a 8lb foul hooked in the belly....  I had 11 fish for 48lb, 4 carp and 7 F1's.

Manors weights 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Manor farm leisure- Open

Peg 39 Boundary Pool
No good
24 fished

Peg 39 Boundary Pool is normally a good area, so quite fancied it, wind sort off my back too. However, I said to callum before I have struggled off the peg before. So tell will tell.

Started on a white wafter on a tiny pellet feeder, )which result in no bitems or liners after ten mintues.  Therefore chucked the bread at 50 cm popped up. Also no bites or liners.  Looking around the lake it was slow and Ash Fisher was doing the best on peg 10.

The pole did produce late, but was too far behind to catch up. 11 F1s for a disappointing 33lb. Did enjoy the last 1.5hours.  I will be back.