Saturday, 24 February 2018

Friday, 23 February 2018

Leaving Colmic

Over the last six years I've really enjoyed my time with Colmic and made some good friends on my journey, but that journey has come to an end.    It has been a challenging time, but I've seen a lot of anglers and shops change their opinion on Colmic and it has grown in the challenging UK market.  I see quite a few lads enjoy using Colmic products on the bank.  Which is pleasing.

I've personally had some success on the way with their products, they have helped me break a few venues records and win a couple of matches.

I would like to wish the new manager Nicola Bonora all the best and the team, Richard Chave, Shaun Stockley and Gus Brindle with their continued success.

I look forward to 2018.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Winter Bingo....

Saturday 17th
Peg 9 Horseshoe
4lb (1 carp)
16 fished the match

Had a carp first chuck on bomb and bread and that was it.

Sunday 18th
Manor Farm Leisure
Peg 33
No good
28 fished the match

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Manor Farm Leisure- Island, Windmill and Middle Pools

Peg 26 Middle Pool
54lb 4oz
2nd in section / lake
4th overall
104 pegs
18 anglers fished the match.

Graham from the shop asked me today where I'd like to draw, I said "peg 27 Middle Pool.  Then I drew peg 26 Middle Pool, nice draw, but peg 28 is in and that will slow me down.  Then found out I was next to Fordy on peg 28.... so a bit of banter, reminded him that the last time I drew peg 26 I done the venue record.....

The match 

The match started a big slow and I caught 2 F1's on the pellet feeder with 2mm Marukyu Method Pellets with a 4mm Amino on the hook.

The pole was not great.  And I did get a run of fish on pole mid match and towards the end.  But Fordy gave me a whooping from start to finish.

I fished long pole at 14 meters on a Marukyu 4mm Amino Pellet, simply put a small amount of water to softener them up and I feed and fish them via a lasso.  I find this very effective as you get more bites than a standard "dry hard" pellet.   

Gear used;

Colmic Airon  F66 Pole.
0.2 gram float, with a stung bulk to 0.145 to 0.10mm hook length.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Manor Farm Leisure - Thursday Affordable

Peg 12 Boundary
2nd overall
8 fished

Got to love Manor Farm, it's always normally worth a few bites
New little "stock" are a good size.  8oz to 1lb.
Suprised to weigh 16lb of them