Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Dad

My Dad

Mick Telling (my dad) is an out and out club man and he enjoys fishing the South Cerney complex, especially Wickwater 2 (hence the photograph below).

My old Man with a nice mirror carp from South Cerney lakes
My dad and my uncle John were a major influence on my fishing in the early days of fishing as a Junior.  I was very lucky as John or my Dad was able to take me all over the place.  My Uncle wasn't so keen on the carping when it came into fashion, but my dad showed a lot more interest.  Me and my dad used to fish High Penn, Wootton Bassett water, this lake was solid with wild carp.  Also the canal at Dezives was awesome, but my pole wasn't long enough to reach the far bank!  The Pile and Willows were our hot spots, and there were hundreds of carp along the canal and I believe these parts are still good, but the boats are issue, as there isn't much access.

South Cerney is where most of our fishing was done, and my dad is still very keen on fishing there. He has had some good weights out of Wickwater 2 in the club matches and his biggest weight is 167lb on the method feeder.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Thoughts of 2010

2010 was a tough year, didn't qualify for fish o maina, should of as I was so close at Larford Lakes, but close isn’t good enough, as you must win the event to qualify. I will apply for all sixteen tickets next year to give me a better chance of qualify.  I would love to get back on that final, so fingers and toes crossed!

Also I have another two major events that I would like to qualify for is Phil Briscoe's £100K and UK champs.   I have bought 4 tickets for the Maver event, that cost me a whopping £200!  So more travelling this summer.   Then comes UK champs which is run by Nigel Harry, which is a fanatic bloke and awesome matches!  I will try and qualify for that, as I didn't finish in the top 40 this year to secure my place, I think I may even get the wooden spoon as I done so badly!!

I would like also to get through the county champs final.  I missed out last year at Hillview, a venue that I don't seem to connect with and I dare say the next fish off will be there, so better put some time and effort in next year.

I will hopefully fish Boddingtons a lot more next year, as I fished a MFS (Match Fishing Scene) match and I had 260lb and only came third!  What a venue, and this was with every peg in, so if I drawed an end peg or fished the Tuesday open matches were it's every other peg I hate to think what the venue is capable of!  I would like to beat the world record, which I believe it's still 489 in five hours.  The issue is that you need 20 anglers and to catch that amount of fish!!  I haven't even broke the 400lb barrier!!  Viaduct seems to be throwing some huge weights, so may even consider going there next year. 

Finally it would be nice to fish the angling times semi finals, which all rests on this weekend.  The team does have a huge uphill struggle, as we are 3 points behind and only one more match left.  However, the match may still get cancelled due to bad weather!
UK champs
Fish O mania
Video through Match Fishing for the Maver Match This

Sunday, 28 November 2010

North Wessex Winter League 27/11/10 Final Round


  • 3rd in my 14 peg section
  • 4lb 6oz. 
  • Team won on the day
  • Team was 1st overall and the another team was 3rd in the league
  • I was 2nd overall in the individual league.

    Canal was frozen, but odd clear patch

    This was a match which I wasn't really looking forward to, as the weather has been very cold and we have had four hard frosts prior to the match.  So I ensured that I put my ice breaker in the van the night before, as this was going to be the most important part of kit.  This match was always going to be hard, and E section at Horton is where you wanted to be, as this is where the sport was going to be more consistent due to boating area and the fish do shoal up there by the pub, it is solid.  So I draw A section, Peg 4 and therefore couldn't be much further away from the place where I wanted to be!

    Allington hasn't been used before in this league, so was a little unknown.  I was told it was a long walk to get to the canal.  So on arrival I grab my rods and ice breaker and I was off, I would get the rest of my kit later.  I discovered that I would have essentially four end pegs in my section, as Peg 1 (Gary Etheridge) was the beginning of the match, Peg 14 (Mark Saunders) and then the middle of section pegs 7 and 8.  I broke the ice   to the far bank, which was only 10 meters, so a easy throw.  Also I broke a lot of ice to my right, so I could fish chop worm down the peg out of the way.  I also left a triangle on the far bank, so I could fish two bread lines either side and the ice gave me some important cover.  This took me a good thirty minutes to clear, but I felt it would be well worth it.  Also I was the first to broke ice, which would give my fish more time to settle, something that  learnt the hard way!  It's very traumatic for the fish, these fish haven't been fished for all year, and then I come with a 4kg weight and chain and make the most noise ever know to them.... 

    I was only going to fish bread and chop worm.  I was going to fish chopworm at seven meters down the peg in the deepest part of the peg, and lined up with some dead vegetation on the far bank, so if a boat come through, then I would still know where to fish, as Kevin Rowles said that there would be some boats!!  I fished bread five meters in front of me, which was just out of the deepest part of the water.  Then fished 8 meters, which was a 45 degree angle.  I didn't want the two bread lines to conflict with each other, but felt that I would have to rotate the two lines to keep fish coming, as today was going to be very tough!  The chop line MUST be far away, because it does attract pike and you don't want pike near your bread line, also a two pound perch will eat little roach and this canal is full of BIG BILLES!  So you don't want these fis near your small fish lines.  When I walked back, I saw that a lot of anglers only broke a very small section, which isn't good for two reasons, if you fish chop worm, you don't give a lot of room to play your fish and it's too close to bread line (small fish) and it does have issues.

    Gary Etheridge with 4lb 14oz to win the section
    Kevin Rowles next door with 2lb 2oz, end pegs are hard to beat
    Our squad (i'm the fat git in the middle)

    Well done Mr Franks for winning the individaual, we tied on points (55 each) but he beat me on weight.

    will write a report

    Sunday, 21 November 2010

    Angling Times 21/11/10 5th Round!


    • 3rd in the section with 8lb 7oz (160-180 fish no bonus)
    • Team was 2nd on the day.
    • Phil Stone (my team mate) won the match with 15lb of perch!!
    We needed to win today as a team, with 4 of our guys fishing on Wednesday, trying to fine tune anything just wasn't enough to beat Blackmore Vale on the day and they increase their lead on us .  Our league is looking "bleak", we are 3 points behind Andover and Blackmore Vale.  We need a miracle in two weeks at Horton!!

    (will write a report)

    Wednesday, 17 November 2010

    Open Match


    • 6lb 7oz
    • Won my five peg section and was 3rd overall (only 10 fished)

    Nice looking peg, but "gin clear"

    I got there early to miss the traffic and help Gary Etheridge to peg the match.  On arrival to the venue, it was gin clear, not just clear but gin clear.  Oh gosh................

    My team mate Nigel Crewe and Gary came.  So we decided to go for a walk up Beeches, and I said "there's a bream" to the two guys who thought was messing around..... then "look two carp" and a "third".  These were reasonable sized fish that didn't seem distressed that we were there!  Walking up the canal  it looked grim.  By the cables looked a little dark down the middle, so that was peg 6, then peg 5, 4 and 3 looked like they could catch, but peg 2 and 1 you could see all the way across.  I expressed my concerns and almost begged them not to peg it.  So they didn't.  I didn't want to drive 50 miles and catch nothing!

    Well done Mark, 202 fish for 9lb 8oz.  A good win. (sorry about the photo, too dark and wet)

    Next to my team mate "Woody".

    (Will write a full report)

    Monday, 15 November 2010

    Down to earth with a bang!!!

    Angling Times (4th Round)
    • 2lb 9oz (needed 1 more oz to get another point)
    • 2 points out of 7
    • Crofton (Competition Pound)
    •  Team won (4 points behind winning team)
    I was a little disappointed when I discovered that there were 21 pegs in competition pound.  This section was going to be challenging as it was, yet alone with the extra pegging.  To make matters worse the canal is very clear, due to the lack of boat traffic, actually no boat traffic as the lock is broken at Brimslade.

    I draw in the middle of the pound, by a sunken old work boat, so this gave me more room (extra peg really).  Now I fancied this, because the match was going to be hard and with the extra room, it is going to be worth it's weight in gold.  Wrong!!!!  I caught 4 roach in the first hour, then fell asleep for the next 3 hours, well might as well as.  In them 3 hours I caught 5 perch and 2 dace, not a single roach.  I worked hard with rotation of rigs and lines to try and catch........ but couldn't.  All I could do is watch the guys to my left catch, the guy next to me was bagging (Stu Dabbs, who went on to win the section with 6lb 2oz).

    In the last 50 minutes the water began to move, not sure why but did, and like a light switch I begin to catch roach.  Not lining up, but a reasonably size.  But the issue is that i'm too far behind.  I tried to attack it, to see if I could really bag!  But didn't, I only managed to catch 1lb 8oz in the last 50 minutes, which was about 25 fish.  Gutted.

    Where did I go wrong?

    I never like to blame the peg, but I honestly don't believe there weren't many roach there, I few to start with (4) and then at the end there were a big shoal....  Looking at the section, the guys that caught had a lot of far bank vegetation, whereas I had none, not sure if the fish were hiding underneath it.  Joe Thompson next to me was the other side of the boat had 15oz (but he was in D section, whereas I was in C).  There was no fish topping infront of me, whereas to my left they were...  Also Bob Davies (2 pegs up) had a pike issues, which would make me think the pike have shoaled up the fish.

    I think I shouldn't of loose feed any squatts, and fished out the balls of groundbait in hope of a skimmer.  But there weren't any caught in section, so maybe not.....

    Never caught on bread.

    Tried a line 14.5 meters down the swim, loose feeding only squatts (caught a 4oz perch, biggest fish), so that didn't work

    Fished 13 meters up the peg towards the guy next to me, caught nothing, and then even throw in 5 small balls of ground bait, trying to draw some fish, and no suprise that didn't work.


    Wednesday, 10 November 2010

    Canal Open 10/11/10

    The Wharf and Station

    • 10lb 5oz
    • End peg at the wharf (lucky boy)
    • Match win
    • 12oz perch, 6 small skimmers and the rest roach

      Finally beginning to catch a few fish, but how long will it last???
      The Wharf at Great Bedwyn.... soild with fish

    Sunday, 7 November 2010

    North Wessex Winter League 07/11/10

    Finally caught some fish.

    • 13lb 5oz (all roach, apart from a 4oz skimmer)
    • Section Win and 3rd overall
    • Team won by a point.

    C2 at Beeches again.....

    After 6 matches on a very disppointing river, i was so excited about getting onto the canal.  I love fishing this canal, especially when is on (i.e. fishing well), but after wednesday's match my confidence has been hit

    At the draw, I was praying to be in the competition pound, as this is my all time faviourite strecth of the canal.  I did do 24lb odd of squatt fish in a match here a few years ago (367 fish, will find out the date) and I was in the middle of section, no flyer!  There is a lot of fish here!!!   However, I was at beeches again, but once I arrived to the canal it was "sock on", it has colour and there were fish topping everywhere, and not just in my peg.....

    I believe that when the canal is on (fishing well), then it is best to fish one line and let them have it.  Now my confidence was a little down, as I had a bad midweek match and I was going to prove to myself that I was capable of catching.  Howver, I wasn't going to leave anything to chance and therefore kitted a mountain of gear, 11 top kits!  I had only one chopworm rigs, which I didn't plan to fish, but would feed to my right, 11 meters down the peg, just in case there was any big billies in the area.  Then I would fish 6 meters in the deepest part of the canal, at a 45 degree angle to my left, so I wouldn't be lifting or playing fish ontop on my line when I fish 9 meters striaght out infront.  9 meters was going to be my line!!


    So I kitted up 0.2 to 0.4gram (sensas 21 floats) , they ranged from shirt button, to bulk down.  This way I don't have to move any shot or adjust any rigs, I just pick up a top kit, so I can vary my presentation within the seconds.  Fishing can be race, and with 84 anglers fishing, a few ounces can make the differece to framing and not.
    Bait and feeding

    2 pints of White Squatts

    Saturday, 6 November 2010

    Rolfs Lake 6/11/10

    Silvers Only

    • Peg 18
    • 26lb 10oz
    • 70 roach for about 10lb
    • 16lb of bonus fish, 3 perch and 6 skimmers
    • 2nd overall

    26lb 10oz.... not quite enough

    With only nine people fishing, we were spread across the lake and had every other peg, which was always going to help.  The lake was flat calm, not a single ripple and leaves all across the lake.  To make matters worse, they were drifting up towards me..............awesome!

    I was disappointed to draw peg 18 and felt that I would struggle to catch and wouldn't compete with pegs 32, 30, 28, 9 and 13.  As the fish do tend to shoal in this area, especially the roach.  So I felt the odds were against me.  But as always I was going to maintain a positive approach, dispute me having a little moan!!

    I had half a kilo of frozen joker which was going to feed in groundbait, well did have half a kilo, but my mate Jon Walker got his "mints" on some.  I plumbed up carefully, and felt 8 meters would be the minimum I would fish due to the cold weather and 13 meters been my main area of attack.  So I cupped in one soft ball of groundbait and 5 big balls at 13 meters packed with almost all my joker, 1/2 pint of caster.  This was an awful lot of bait, but I planned that once the fish settled on that, I wouldn't stop catching, well that's the plan.  I also fed to the right by the bush at 4 meters, but didn't expect to catch there, and I didn't.   Also cupped two balls at 8 meters.

    The Match

    So after a few minutes of potting in a load of bait.  I started at 8 meters hoping to catch straight away, but didn't have a bite after 10 minutes.  So went out on 13 meters, never had a bite....  oh s**t, I have blown the peg and then I decide to feed a line at 13 meters at 45 degree angle towards peg 19(3 balls this time), where it is 4 inches shallower.  I would rest this line for 30 minutes.  I sat there like a" muppet" for forty minutes, and caught 4 tiny roach on my positive line, oh dear.  Looking down the lake, they were catching but not crazy.  Eddie super star Taylor had had a "big billie" (big perch).  After an hour and twenty minutes I began to catch decent roach about 2-4oz a piece.  This was much more positive, things were now looking up!!  I begin to get the odd blow, and then caught a skimmer about 1lb 8oz, which was very welcome.

    I found that resting the lines, and by feeding a ball of groundbait and resting it for fifteen minutes, I would caught these skimmers or a "big billie"  Also fishing three inches over depth with single red maggot was better.  I did catch a few fish on double maggot, but single was far better!  Also never caught on caster, even after feeding almost two pints....  The caster was the key to catching this better fish, as it is a good holding bait, but didn't make sense why I couldn't catch on them???

    The last forty minutes was an nightmare, as there was carp everywhere, and they did mess up my silver lines.  I hooked three and lost all three, one of which was a huge fish..... one of them twenty pounders maybe.  I will get my first twenty pounder out of this lake, yet to have one, but not much chance on 0.09!!  It was a surprise though how much it took to finally break me, with balanced tackle it's amazing what you can get away with! 

    I was surprised to way in 26lb, as I thought I would be knocking 20lb but not that much.  I knew the fish were good quality, and I believe that 50lb-60lb is achievable on the right peg and conditions.  I honestly felt the lake fished well, as it was flat calm, bright and cold!!

    In reflection, I think I would fish two lines at 13 meters, one would be raw joker with caster and few dead red maggots.  The other line would be groundbait with joker and caster.  I would start on the raw line, as this would normally work instantly and therefore catch these early fish, whereas the fish took longer to settle over the groundbait.  Once I started to rotate lines, I would feed groundbait on top on the raw joker line.  I would hope to catch for an hour on the raw line.... I think the fish will be smaller, but hopefully I would do 4lb-6lb in the first hour, and then more over the groundbait line.  However, if the lake goes clear due to the cold weather, then I would only feed it raw.  I think joker is a good holding bait, I think you will catch a lot of fish on maggot and caster.  But joker is such a good holding bait and for the sake of tenner you could really improve your day!!

    Jon Walker, with his new patterns

    Walkers floats........... they are GREAT!!

    0.5 and 0.75 Colmic floats

    Dan the man next to me!!

    Mick with 19lb 8oz for 3rd (Peg 13)

    John Bennet with his 13lb  of small roach (peg 10)
    There is also Eddies report on rolf's lake on this match and many more.