Thursday, 29 September 2011

Manor Farm, Island Pool

  • Peg 15
  • 73lb
  • Won my section and 3rd overall

Chris French had a good run at the end and with another 15 minutes he would of beat me.
Nice 8lb plus ghostie

Match Results – Thursday 29th September – Island Pool – Affordable Open

1ST WAYNE AINSWORTH            90-10-0
Mid City Peg 19
2ND COLIN WOODWARD         88-8-0
Smithys Ang Centre Peg 7
3RD CHRIS TELLING                    73-10-0
Vespe Peg 15
4TH PHIL TIPTON                      63-8-0
Duke of Edinburgh Peg 33
25 fished.  Carp and tench caught on pellet feeder, waggler and pole.

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Open - Radcot and Lechlade

  • Peg 1 Grafton
  • 7lb 3oz
  • All bits, perch, bleak and a few roach
  • 3rd in my ten peg section

John just winning the section by 2oz

High winds made it difficult to fish today, but there was some good weights, Richard Tomola had 21lb at "Penny's" bridge and Steve Long had 20lb of tench at radcot down.  I think GBMV with be hard to beat next week.

My biggest fish, 10oz perch

Still using my Drennan Icon pole.

Won a pound off  Mark Tresure (my team captain)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Thames Champs

Andy Pollard wins the thames champs and his team wins the event also by a point to Drennan Oxford. 
19 teams fished today.

A 15lb barbel on the pole!  23lb winning weight.
Myself I had:
  • 14lb 12oz, which was 6lb 7oz of bleak and roach, with a tench and a bream
  • Section Win
  • 5th overall
  • Radcot downstream, permant peg 6
see link for information on fishing upper thames.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Swindon-on-Tour at Whitearces

Monday's Gold Match

  • Peg 22 on Twin Oaks
  • Last
Fred on his way to 2nd on his lake (48lb) Peg 20 on Twin Oaks


Neil after two pints
Wednesday's Match

  • I was 2nd on my lake and 3rd overall
  • 77lb 8oz
  • Phil beat me by 2oz for 2nd
  • Dixy Junior won it with an impressive 80lb

Small F1

Phil aka " landlord" fast asleep

Thursday's Rover
  • Peg 1 on "Polly"
  • 61lb
  • Won the lake (38lb was 2nd)
  • 7th overall out of 211!

Err which one, but 116th in the drew.

Know the rules, so I suggest reading them

Dangerous Dave Peg 2 on "polly" (An arm wrestler)
The Dixy's
"Simthy" coming 3rd

Tried to hold it, but couldn't (5 carp for 45lb)

"Big Baz" in action

Phil Drew ticket number 1

Baz with 1 of his many whiskers

Mick O' B

Mick Lane

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Manor Farm, Middle Pool

  • Peg 26
  • 87lb
  • Lucky win
  • 14 people fished

Another F1 carp for Rich

Rich Hoskins in action on peg 4, on his way to 2nd place.

Is probably my personal favourite pool, as it’s a little more straight forward fishing and solid with fish.  There is a large had of carp, that range from 3lb 8lb (not uncommon for 10lbers to show) and the F1’s average around the 2lb mark.  Methods wise, pole, feeder  and waggler are main attack and pellet is key to a lot of success all year round.  In the summer months dog biscuit can be devasting and Steve Ford is incredibly good at this way of fishing, he has the venue record of over 340lb and even has Chris Cameron fishing it this year.  Fishing long line (2-3meters) on the pole on float, about a size 14 hook to a bait band, couldn’t be much simpler.
My match
Looking at the met office weather report it was strong winds and heavy rain.  So I decide to can feeder rod and pole, very simple.   Left the float rods at home (bad mistake, that could of cost me the match, but more of that later) and was going to fish pellets and more pellets.  On the method I mould round 4mm and 2mm skretting coarse pellet and fed 6mm skretting coarse pellet on the 13 meters pole line, look to catch on the deck with banded pellet and “tap” in the last hour.
I started on the pole, which didn’t go to plan, so therefore after 10 bite less minutes decided to cast the method at 20 meters, which went round after 4 minutes, which was a relief.  The lake was fishing much harder than I thought, undoubtedly all the cold rain we have had over the last week and also the temperature as dropped a lot, down 15oc rather than hitting 20oc and colder nights.  I’m gutted to say that our English summer is over, must be getting old talking about the weather.  However the weather does plan a major factor in fishing, especially as carp fishing seem to be more sensitive than women!
The next hour was steady on the method and over the next 50 minutes I had 7 carp and 1 big F1.  Bites were coming between 4-10 minutes and the bigger fish were coming later.  I had “pinged” pellets at 13 meters and had a few fish blowing, so decided to go on it, as bites had slowed up on the feeder.
The last hour saw me have a frustrating time, as I had lost 3 large carp, which I think had all been foul hooked, one of which come in backwards about 7lb, which I lost after playing it for a good 5 minutes.  I was surprised to weigh in 87lb and even more surprised to win the match.  Despite the venue fishing hard, the weights were reasonably and consistent around the lake.

Match Results – Thursday 8th September – Middle Pool – Affordable Open

1ST CHRIS TELLING                    87-0-0
Vespe Peg 26
2ND RICH HOSKINS                   78-4-0
Daiwa Gordon League Peg 4
3RD PETE BUTLER                      69-6-0
Sneyd MG Peg 28

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Turner 400

Crayfish are becoming a huge problem, as they are eating everything and also making it difficult to fish on the bottom.

37 fish in the 1st half hour............................

Not sure what happend for the next 4.5 hours.

Fishing 18 meters for perch to a huge bush, but no Bream

A perch full of worms, very greedy fish.

Andy Pollard in full action
I was disppointed with my 5lb, and in my 26 peg section I had 11 points, the section fished really well, with Micky Elliott (Drennan Oxford) won the section with 13lb of bits, 271 fish.  As an whole the river fished reasonable well for small fish, as a lot of people had 4lb - 8lb of small fish which equals lots of bites.  Looking forward to Thames Champs in couple of weeks.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hillview - County Champs

  • Peg 87
  • About 10lb
  • Last
  • Andy Pollard won it 87lb - Chris Carmeron 85lb - Ian Wheeldon 48lb

    Mr Chris Consistent Cameron (3 c's)
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