Saturday, 29 April 2017

Lindholme - Commerical Masters

Peg 10 Bonsia
14kg 950
8th in section
No good

An early start for me, left my house at 4am to get Lindholme.  On arrival, we soon realised it was going to be really tight pegging in places with every peg in after speaking to Des Shipp and Jon Arthur.  So some luck is going to be needed?!

Drew peg 10 on Bonsia, which ain't the best of areas.  From experience of the venue, was going to get beat to my left on the early pegs and people that have a bit of room.  Which I had none.  Emma Pickering 6 yards to my left and Jake Robinson 6.5 yards to my right and a guy opposite in my gap.  Things looked bleak......  So been realistic, was fishing worms and casters for anything that could swim.  

So I kitted up Colmic Devil float (see below)

This had a bulk of number ten shot 4 inches from hook.  Simple.

Then kitted up a Colmic Professional float (see below)

This had a strung bulk.  I kitted them up all with 0.135 F1 Spider line to 0.103 Stream me 18 WN501 hook.

The match

On the all in, I shipped my Colmic F66 pole to the island 14.5 meters away with small amount of worms in my toss pot and caught an Ide straight away and then a couple of small F1's.... Looking round, it was fishing ok and I felt it would get tougher as the match went on, and sure enough it got mega tough once the "idiot" (mug) were caught. 

Tough day to be honest.  A nice event, but £65 entry for 6 yard pegging isn't really value for money?

My section below.

Full results below.  Congratulations to Lindholme for winning the event.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

K&A Spring League

3lb 2oz
17 points out of a maximum 24

Was hoping to be in A section, as this had Farmers in it, but was spilt and 8 pegs were in Wootton Rivers, so was going to be up against it as I drew Wootton Rivers, so no need for my double 12 solid elastic and 0.25 F1 Spider Line.

So, back to my peg, normal (had my flyer yesterday).

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Saturday, 22 April 2017


Peg 25
1st place
18 fished.

Good turn out today, it saw 18 anglers turn up for today's open match at Horseshoe Lake.   I really fancied peg 25, as I can fish to the Island with 19 meters of my Colmic Airon F66 pole, and ping pellets down the middle.  

With my inexperience of the lake, I quickly realised I got destroyed by the carp on the lake, these fish were pretty big, so had to set up my gear from 2.1 Colmic hollow to 2.5 hollow and 0.18 line to cope with these fish.  As it turned out 14 carp went 90lb, they range from 4lb to 12lb and they fight really hard.   However no problems for the Airon F66 pole and I caught all my fish at 19 meters.   More I use it,  the more I love it.  After catching 19lb carp at Rolfs I know this pole is capable of any normal match conditions.    If you looking for a top end pole that can do anything, then would strongly recommend looking at Colmic Airon F66 pole before parting with your hard earnt cash.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Rolfs Lake - Easter Festival

My annual visit to Rolfs Lake Easter Festival.

Day 1
Peg 2
61lb 110z
4th in section.

A bit gutted, 2oz cost me a point and 1lb 15oz cost me another... Last hour never out a fish in the net. Lost 1 carp, which could be costly.

Caught all my fish down the edge, 14.5 meters, with dead maggots.

Fished 0.3 gram Colmic Sky Float.
0.188 Colmic F1 Spider Line
14 Carp match
2.5mm Colmic hollow 

Day 2
Peg 30
47lb 13oz
4th in section.
Festival over

Dunno what to say....  Malc caught at 2 meters on paste and Mick caught down his edge, and a few short and shallow.  Couldn't catch.  Paste at 2 meters has OPENED my eyes.  I got truly batter either side.

Day 3
140lb 11oz
Won section
Won match

Running late, the joy of two jobs, but was pleased to here that I had an END PEG FLYER, so some luck today.  Caught shallow at 16 meters of my Colmic Airon F66 pole, had one fish that was 18lb common, which was a test and the last 50 minutes I had 6 down the edge and another 18lber, hooked in the anal fin, and oh my god, the pole was bent double, thought it was going to go bang.... however, had to pull hard to remove it from the edge.  New F66 pole, ticks every box. Nice to end on a high note.

Gear used
edge rig

0.5 Colmic Sky
0.209 F1 Colmic Spider Line
14 carp match
3mm hollow

Shallow rig
Jon walker zero rig
0.188 F1 Spider
0.165 Stream
18 carp match
2.5mm hollow

Came 6th overall and 2oz has cost me a point and 4th overall. However, won todays match with 140lb. Fish up to 18lb. A real test for my Colmic Airon F66 pole, especially using man's gear down the edge. (3mm hollow and 0.21 spider line).

1st Michael Corsini
2nd Mark Newbold...
3rd Andrew Quarmby
4th Michael Lane
5th Kev Simpson

We done fellers.
So many thanks to John Bennett and Pauline for running a fantastic event

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

K&A Teams of Four

Peg A18
2lb 2oz
No good
9th in my section out of 25
Team blew out too 😥😥