Saturday, 23 September 2017

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Monday, 11 September 2017

Whiteacres - Swindon go on Tour 2017

Day One
Peg 53
No good.
22 fished

I had a brilliant first hour, caught 9 carp and then it just died.  The peg never came back.  Really strange.



Day Two
17lb 12oz
Peg 10 canal
Won section.
Think I won lake
90 odd fished

As we all were hoping a draw on Twin Oaks, I had to settle for a draw on canal.  Peg 10 too... not good.  But hey I'm on holiday and try and make best of a bad situation, and there was three sections paying  £50.  So therefore, something worth fishing for.

I knew Canal was going to be tough. So decided to fish a negative pellet match.   Which was the right decision, but only caught in the first 45 mintues and the last 30 mintues.   Most of the match was unbelievably tough, couldn't even catch on casters shallow or on deck.  So gave up on that.

Was pleased to win my section with 17lb.

Most of the weights from Canal.   I was second on the lake.  

Day Three
Peg 3 Mawgan Porth
4th overall
Won section by default

Shame, caught well, but carp with getting spooked.  Caught in three spells.

Day four
Peg 25
No good.

Always take the rough with smooth and today you wanted to be in that rough water and I was in smooth and struggled to catch.  Had a few on the pellet feeder.

Day Five
The best draw in rover I've ever had, peg 5.
Peg 13 Twin Oaks
Messed it up
6th overall

I've been going to Whiteacres for 6 years, and this lowest I've ever been in the Rover!!! I was due a "bung hole".  So I wanted to get to peg 16 Twin Oaks, or as close as possible.  So had to settle for peg 13.  Peg 18 was in, but corner pegs are risky, so played it safe?

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Heronbrook Fisheries

Peg 22 canal
Won section
90 anglers fished

Heronbrook today on the MAM  (match anglers matches).

Drew peg 22 on canal.  Fished mircos and pellets for first part of the match.  Caught small F1s and odd carp.. Middle part of match I fished caster and caught some chub and Barbel.   Last 2 hours focus down the edge with maggots over EFG151, caught a couple of carp and some stunning F1's

A couple of 200lb's weights, what a venue.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Heronbrook Fisheries

Peg 18 canal
213lb 8oz
1st place
23 fished

With the MAM final fast approaching I thought better get up there...  I do like Heronbrook as it can be aggressive venue, whereby you can give it some bait.

The locals always say you wanna drew "ends and bends" and today I've been lucky enough to draw an end peg on Canal.  On arrival to my peg, I had a nice reed bed to far bank and shallow edgeto my left, which was reasonably flat and really fancied it for a few.

Gear used:

Colmic Airon F66
0.1 gram Sky float
0.168 Colmic Spider Line
16 WN501
2.5mm Colmic Hollow.


3 pints of Red maggot.
2 pints of mirco
2 bags of Marukyu EFG151