Monday, 12 June 2017

Mick Telling Memorial. 2017

Peg 18
43lb 4oz
Won section
5th overall
20 fished.

It's always a little emotional to run my dads match, especially on his favourite lake, Wickwater 2, or Staits.  The lake had been fishing quite hard as we had the carp spawning a couple weeks ago and also it was really hot and bright sunshine, so these wise big fish were going to be difficult to catch.

My approach was simple, casters at 6 meters for silvers (loads of roach in this lake) and fish a bomb at 23 meters and a pellet feeder with mircos and 8mm banded pellet on the hook against the rope.  Pop ups aren't allowed on the lake.  

The match 

At the all in, I chucked the feeder tight into the corner of rope/island, for a couple of liners, but if I'm honest, I think they may of been big roach, as I found out my caster line at 6 meters produced quite a few 10 oz roach.  So in reflection, not sure if they were carp now.....  The pellet feeder produced nothing all match.  A bit gutted.

I had two catch on the bomb line, one 13lb 4oz and another 13lber which I thought was going to be 16lb to 18lb..... must of shrunk in the net. Didn't it fight!!!

The roach line was good, but couldn't keep them coming, so was a little surprised to weigh in 17lb.  Which was joint best silver weight with Liam Dennick.  So all in all, I won the prize for biggest fish, had joint highest weight of silvers, won section, and we raised £100 for cancer research and the South Cerney kindly donated the peg fees, so that's another £120.  So £220 for Cancer Research.

Top 2.  Jamie Read (winner- right) and Gary Donachie (second - left).  Mum in the middle.

All the weights

The section winners.  These guys below go through to the final on 6th August 2017 at Bourton on the Water.

Martyn Howard
Gary Donachie
Jamie Read
Jeremy Benson
Chris Telling

Break down on monies..... I've personally fished a few matches over the years and always concernes me where your money goes!!!!!!

£100 was transferred across to Cancer Research. 

Many thanks again South Cerney Angling club for donating their water and especially Dan Garner putting the signs up.

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