Monday, 26 June 2017

Mick Telling Memorial Match

I didn't fish this weekend.  Saturday 24th had a day off, had a lie in, can't remember the last time I did....  Today's match at Marlborough was all about running my dads match and helping Liam Dennick, as hoping he would qualify for my dads final on the 6th August at Bourton on the Water.

The match saw 26 people fishing.  A bit down from last year, unfortunately a few clashes of matches again.  But none the less the match was fished in good spirits.  

Farmers was always going to be brilliant, but pegging it early morning saw loads of boats parked up, which made it a nightmare with pegging.  So pegs 1 and 2 were 150 yards away from peg 3.   The lillies was full of weed, so put it to the right, which was peg ten...  However, wasn't 100% who was coming, as had 31 names and needed to do sections.  So needed to be as fair as possible.  Not having a moan, but don't book into the match if you have no intention of fishing.  Most people gave me loads of notice, no problem.  As in reflection, I could of got 3 sections in Farmers.  Which would of made a better match.  Then only put 8 at Cottages.  I want you guys to enjoy the match.

We raised £386 for Cancer Research.

Special thanks to Colmic, Nigel Franks, Marlborough ADAA, Gary Barclay and John Williams 

Today's winner was Steve Partington, with 26lb

2nd overall Paul Giddings with 18lb 12oz

Matt Herebert 3rd overall with 15lb 7oz

Ian Kent

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Alvechurch Fishery

Peg 29
No good
11 fished

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Alvechurch fishery

Fished Alvechurch charity match today.  The aim was to raise as much money as possible for Prostate Cancer.  So Mark Olds (owner) kindly donated the venue for free.  So all peg fees went straight to the charity.
25 anglers fished the match across Arrow Lake (8) and Colmic Canal (17).  So they gave us some room, which was great.  I hoped to draw Arrow as this is the only lake I ain't fished, however I drew peg 20 on canal.  Which was fine, was concerned about the gap in the reeds on the far bank.  As this was and did cause a few problems with carp charging through the swim....
Had a really nice day, a bit frustrating in last 40 minutes with the carp.... Had 22lb of carp on pellets, lost loads, and missed bites.   The edge was unreal for about me hour I caught 25lb of Ide and 35lb of barbel on casters and worms down the edge.  So my total 82lb for 2nd overall.  Stephen Bellion won it with 90lb, on peg 16 canal, well done.  Arrow Lake fished hard, not surprising in 28oc heat, but Gary Smith won it with over 50lb of Ide, a fantastic weight of fish.
More importantly we raised over £1600 for cancer.
Special thanks to all those that donate prizes... There was loads.
Big thank you to Mark Olds, Phil Evans and the girls for making it happen.  Had a couple of burgers, despite me trying to catch a munter from House Lake on my Colmic Thor pole.  Had one about 11lb 

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Colmic Open day at Alvechurch

On the 1st July 2017 we (Colmic) have an open day at Alvechurch Fishery on Horseshoe.  It starts at 10am to 5pm

Meet the Colmic team and our range of products.  We will be focusing on pole fishing and the products we use.

Meet Liam Dennick

Gary Donachie

Frank Donachie


Karl Stephens

Alvechurch Fishery
Bittell Rd
B45 8BW

We start at 10am to 5pm.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Alvechurch Fishery

  • Peg 28
  • 127lb
  • 1st place
  • 9 fished
I really enjoy fishing Alvechurch Fishery, as when that float goes under it can be anything!  Ide, Barbel, Carp, bream, etc.  Today saw only 9 anglers fish, a lot of anglers are fishing the river tomorrow, open of the river season.   Normally the attendances are 12 to 15 anglers,  but hey, 9 on the lake, more room for us and even more flyers to be had.

I started on the pellet feeder tight to the island with fishery pellet and 6mm lasso pellet on 0.18 Colmic Spider Line.  You want a line that can take the abrasion from the island, as these fish to fight a bit. No room for fairy lines, otherwise your get broke.   Anyway, the tip flew round and had a 3lb stocky in the net and re chucked and it didn't move for ten minutes and then flow round, and had 7lber.  So in 15 meters, I've got 10lb.  Nice.  But that sometimes tend to be your "mug fish" so came onto the pole where I'd been pinging 4mm pellets, which resulted in no bites.  So feed my "worm paste" mix to my right and went back on the feeder.  Which resulted in a foul hooked 2lb carp .....

These wasn't looking too great, so went on my worm paste at 13 meters in open water and caught some skimmers..... It was slow but steady, and normally the peg gets stronger, which it did and I caught a mixture of skimmers and carp.  Weighed 62lb of skimmers and 65lb of carp, for another brilliant day.  To top it off I was on the "silver bonus peg" and won an additional pot of money.  

Gear Used

Colmic Airon F66 pole
2.1 Colmic Hollow Elastic
0.3 Jon Walker Diamond
0.168 Colmic Spider
0.145 Colmic Stream
16 Colmic WN501

Part of my 62lb of silvers bag

Colmic have an open day on the 1st July 2017 on Horseshoe Lake.  10am to 5pm.  Everyone welcome.  Come and see the lads fishing.  We will be focusing on the pole.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Mick Telling Memorial. 2017

Peg 18
43lb 4oz
Won section
5th overall
20 fished.

It's always a little emotional to run my dads match, especially on his favourite lake, Wickwater 2, or Staits.  The lake had been fishing quite hard as we had the carp spawning a couple weeks ago and also it was really hot and bright sunshine, so these wise big fish were going to be difficult to catch.

My approach was simple, casters at 6 meters for silvers (loads of roach in this lake) and fish a bomb at 23 meters and a pellet feeder with mircos and 8mm banded pellet on the hook against the rope.  Pop ups aren't allowed on the lake.  

The match 

At the all in, I chucked the feeder tight into the corner of rope/island, for a couple of liners, but if I'm honest, I think they may of been big roach, as I found out my caster line at 6 meters produced quite a few 10 oz roach.  So in reflection, not sure if they were carp now.....  The pellet feeder produced nothing all match.  A bit gutted.

I had two catch on the bomb line, one 13lb 4oz and another 13lber which I thought was going to be 16lb to 18lb..... must of shrunk in the net. Didn't it fight!!!

The roach line was good, but couldn't keep them coming, so was a little surprised to weigh in 17lb.  Which was joint best silver weight with Liam Dennick.  So all in all, I won the prize for biggest fish, had joint highest weight of silvers, won section, and we raised £100 for cancer research and the South Cerney kindly donated the peg fees, so that's another £120.  So £220 for Cancer Research.

Top 2.  Jamie Read (winner- right) and Gary Donachie (second - left).  Mum in the middle.

All the weights

The section winners.  These guys below go through to the final on 6th August 2017 at Bourton on the Water.

Martyn Howard
Gary Donachie
Jamie Read
Jeremy Benson
Chris Telling

Break down on monies..... I've personally fished a few matches over the years and always concernes me where your money goes!!!!!!

£100 was transferred across to Cancer Research. 

Many thanks again South Cerney Angling club for donating their water and especially Dan Garner putting the signs up.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Alders Farm - Pines Lake

Alders Farm - Pines Lake

Marukyu Pro Staff match.

This was the hardest I've ever seen Alders Fish, but weather conditions and time of year this match was always going to be tough.

  • Peg 20
  • 20lb
  • no good
  • 21 fished

Top 4

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Saturday, 3 June 2017


Peg 25
second overall
14 fished

My second visit to Colmic Canal, and really looking forward to it.  Learnt a lot from last time, and took it on the chin that I got it wrong. I'm not one of these people that blame everything else other than myself.  Last time, I didn't feed enough pellets and was lazy.  Potting was better than pinging, and not been too lazy, miss bite off your initial pot/feed and come back and relax feed.  Also ide, need to be bigger stamp, and my feeding needed to be adjusted and the rigs.

Liam Dennick and Mark Malin informed me on their positive pellet approach.   Also Liam was stating that carp do feed well in first and last hour.  Then the middle part of the fishing match it could be worth fishing for silvers..... sounds a plan to me.

Colmic Kerrys are great durable and stable float, which is needed on this lake.  As your float wants to be small and heavy because of tow and sheer volume of fish in the peg.

part of my 88lb of silvers

Todays match weights from the Colmic Canal
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Thursday, 1 June 2017


Peg 13
2nd overall
14 fished

Drew peg 13 again, this was the first peg I drew on my first visit.  So had a bit of common knowledge on this peg.  The "flower pot" is a bit scary, so was ready with proper gear and lifting fish over.  This worked well, as I lost no fish to the "flower pot". 

I caught best on worms over my worm mix.  Worked well.

Tonight's winner Frank Donachie

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