Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Lindholme - Fish O Mania

Peg 25 Bonsia
3rd in ten peg section ( 8 people in section)
240 ish fished

Lindholme is an incredible venue. 

My last ever Fish O Mania ticket, unless the format changes

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mick Telling Memorial - Qualifier

38 Anglers fished Marlborough angling clubs Kennet and Avon canal. It's was at  Wootton Rivers, Farmers and Brismslade 

The top 7 qualified for the final on 7th August at Bourton on the Water.

Next qualifier is at Dads favourite lake, Wick Water, where a further 5 anglers go through to a 12 man final.

Top 7 on today's fishing match.

Dan Smith 28lb 5oz
2nd Martin Price 19lb 6oz 
3rd Ed Bryant 18lb 4oz 
4th Matt Herbert 17lb 15oz
5th Nathan Reeves 13lb 8oz 
6th Paul Giddings 12lb 11oz
7th John Williams 8lb 10oz

Prizes were won by 
Chris Rust

Gary Etheridge
Gary Donachie (he won your bottle back Tina Nanna Donachie)

For me I struggled, I had about 100 little fish, but spent loads of time trying to win the match on the choppie.  Lost section by 6oz and lost a proper unit!!! 

We have raised £852 so far for Cancer Reaserch.

Thanks to Marlborough Angling Club and Nigel Franks.  Then donated their peg fees.

Thanks to Glen Picton, Chris Rust and Cliff Dutton

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 32
2nd in section
3rd overall


Not overly enthusiastic about my draw, wind off my back, but I've got a bit of room, with peg 27 next peg.  However, no ripple down edge, therefore unlikely to catch.  The pole line at 14.5 meters in open water is around 7 foot deep, so I would will need to catch shallow and it would be my only hope to do well and back up was a pellet feeder and potentially catch on the bomb and pellet.

Unfortunately, things weren't great, it rained really hard and this was always going to have a knock on effect on my shallow line.   I started on the pellet feeder, it only produced tiny F1's and had been pinging pellets on pole line, so decided to start on deck, no bites and no liners.  Concerning.  But in all honestly no one in my section was catching and that is all that mattered, as section winners went through.

I had a good spell of catching F1's for about one hour on the "mong" or "tapping" this highly productive, but faded, and Stich was catching well on peg 23 Island pool, first peg in my section.  The middle part of the match saw me fail to put anything decent in the net, but I had a good last hour on the pole shallow at 17.5 meters.  But this wasn't enough.  2nd on the lake and third overall.  Steve Rich (Stich) won the match and section.  Well done.

Frank Donachie

Great day at Manor.  Caught a lot of F1's

Well done Stich.  Like your pole!!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 17
1st place
18 fished

This was always going to be a tough match, but as always I would say Ivy House Lakes is a fairer than most venues that I fish.  For me, I believe fishing light is important, but gear need to be reliable.  As you don't want your gear letting you down on an important fish.... weights are always tight.

In my previous post last weekend I felt I hadn't sort out my pellet fishing, and would you believe I've won both matches this weekend with pellet ( not bad for a "worm head"). And yes Martyn Howard, I used a float.  All I have found is that fish are taking the bait on the drop, regardless of depth.  "Mugging" fish is almost impossible.  I can't do it, along with a load of top anglers that are far better pellet anglers than me!  So I've found that lifting and dropping is the key and light floats.

Colmic Mike are great vertical floats that don't break and very stable with proper glass steams (not cheap sh£t), hollow bristle that can be seen in difficult light.


Colmic Airon F44 Pole.

Pellet Rig

2.1mm Colmic hollow
0.1 float
0.152 spider line
0.125 stream
Drennan Match 20

Worm Rig

1.5mm Colmic Hollow (best elastic I've ever used!)
0.4 Jon Walker 
0.152 Colmic Spider Line
0.10 stream
20 Colmic WN501

I had 6 carp for 49lb and 16lb of skimmers and a 2lb 10oz perch!!!

Lesson learnt, my worm paste isn't right, Alan Oram gave me a whopping off the next peg on Silvers.  Groundbait mix is definitely better.  Well done to Jamie winning Silvers, using groundbait method too!!

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

  • Peg 2
  • 89lb
  • 1st place
  • 15 fished
Looks like the Grass Carp have spawned and feeding. 

As always I wanted to win the silvers at Ivy House Lakes, maybe gone a little silver made and peg 2 isn't the best silver peg.  DONT get me wrong it can win and throw up 40lb plus of skimmers on its day.  However, there was loads of carp in my peg today and I couldn't get my skimmer line to take off, and even with a few tricks, I still couldn't catch and Des Shipp was baggin on skimmers on peg 10.

Decisions...... So I decided to start pinging pellets at 16 meters of my F44 Airon Pole.  I fished 0.1 Colmic Mike at 2 foot and long line (swinging- no jokes).  This was frustrating until two o clock and I started to catch a few.  Fished through the water was good to at full depth.

Des won the silvers easily, and came third.  Geoff was second overall, he caught carp short on peg 5 and I won it with 89lb. 
weights were tight
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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 2
Won silvers (25lb)
5th overall
12 fished

The beauty of fishing the Match Lake Ivy House Lakes is you never know where the winner will come from, theres no noted flyers!  Don't get me wrong the wind can help you of course, you draw pegs 1 or 19 with the wind blowing into it, then that more favourable, same as if it was blowing the other end, Pegs 10 and 11 would be better.  There is a large head of skimmers on Match Lake and Willow.  The favourable area tends to be around pegs 12, 13, 14, 4, 5, however you can win the Silver Pool from potentially any peg, as I have proved over the last two years (not been big headed).

How I would fish Ivy House Lakes.
(match lake)

Set up.

Colmic Airon F44 pole
Colmic hollow elastics (white 1.5mm skimmers and blue 2.3 for carp)
Colmic F1 Spider Line
Colmic Stream hook lengths (0.125 carp and 0.10 skimmers)

Colmic Mikes and Jon Walker pellet diamonds.

Line 1.

No matter where I draw on the Match Lake I will ALWAYS start at 4 sections of my Colmic Airon F44 pole, which is just under six meters.  I will have a negative pellet attack.  I toss pot 10 pellets before I feed anything else anywhere else in hope for a early carp or BIG skimmer.  This works 95% of the time and feed my Line 2 worm mix.

Line 2

My Worm mix is like a paste and it works on lots of different venues, I caught a lot if fish at Rolfs Lake too.  I did have the silver record there too.  How I prefer my worm mix is simple, wash worms off to make easy cutting and then add Micros, caster, corn, Bait Tech special G or Bait Tech F1.  I didnt  feed three kilos of worms to catch over 100lb of skimmers.  I do dislike people that spread or try to spread rumours.  Who can afford to feed 3kg of worms on one match.  I rarely feed more than 700 grams of worms, as it's bulked out with other key ingredients to catch your target fish (2lb to 3lb bream).  I honestly believe my mix is better than a standard mix of "chop worm and caster" and is less risky than cupping in a lot of groundbait in.  Results do the talking.  Enough said.

Line 3

Long pellet line.  This is something I haven't got sorted.  One thing with me, I don't lie.  All my posts on my blog are honest and truthful.   Pellets are important as if you fish worms all day your unlikely to win both.  So pellets have to be on your bait table.  
"Mugging" fish has been difficult at the moment.  I mugged two fish in today's match, one 7lb mirror carp and 6lb Grass Carp.  I lost two carp in last hour, one was about 7lb to 8lb that was wallowing around and pulled out, gutted!!!  Also hooked another that took me under the ROPE!!  I can't stress how strong Colmic poles really are, they don't break.

Line 4

Margins.  Ideally you need room and ripple.  If you have both,  then your lucky ( Martyn Howard draw).  My set up is 0.152 spider to Colmic Mike float and 18 hook.  This line is incredibly strong and has a fluro Tech, and will get you more bites!!
The fish are in beautiful condition at Ivy House Lakes

Well done to Liam Dennick on another match win
Liam also writes his own blog

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 8
52lb 6oz(all silvers)
Won silvers
3rd overall
14 fished.

Flat calm, bright sunshine and fish are thinking about spawning, this was always going to be a tough day.  I drew peg 8, which has been a good area, especially for skimmers.  So I fancied it for a few, despite the weather been stacked against me.

Some beautiful tench in Ivy House

These are target fish your after to build a weight of silvers
Still use the same method.  I tell no lies.

Gear used.

Colmic Airon F44 pole
Colmic Hollow 1.5mm elastic
0.3 Jon Walker Diamond
0.152 Colmic F1 Spider
0.10 Colmic Stream
20 WN501

Liam Dennick was todays winner
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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

  • Peg 10
  • 39lb 14oz
  • 3rd overall
  • Won Silvers
  • 17 fished
Tough going at Ivy today

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