Sunday, 10 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery - Field Lake

Peg 12 (again)
20lb 12oz
4th overall
12 fished

I should be careful what I say at the drew, as I said " the only pegs I don't want is 12 and 11, and peg 9 will win it".  So I dew peg 12, and prayed to catch down the edge, and did but not quite enough, one lost fish has cost me third place and potentially second.  But I lost it, so doesn't mater!!  Oh and peg 9 won it!!

I used my trustee Colmic Airon F44 Pole, with Colmic blue Hollow with 0.152 Spider Line and 0.125 Stream.  Which produced nothing.  So put the roach rig, 0.135 and 0.10 Stream to WN501 and never got broke with a Solid 5 elastic through top 2 of my Colmic HM40 top kits.  Unreal, landing a 10lb ghost/common carp, and it went!!  Just shows you can land big fish on balanced tackle!

My approach

My experience on this lake is limited, therefore I would like to think I have learnt a lot about the fishery on the way.... But the pairs match was a mega surprise, and i almost blow the pairs event for Mark, as I couldn't catch at the beginning of the match!  My plan was to go straight out to 14 meters and rattle out some 4mm pellets and hope to catch an early catch and then fish for roach for 4 hours and the fish for carp the last thirty minutes of the fishing match, however that didn't work.  So I've learnt to be flexible, as the lake is up and down.  So unpredictable, as the weather.  Some matches the roach have gone crazy and the carp haven't and the other way round.  However,  today I didn't catch anything for 2 hours and felt the match had already slipped away, as Gary Donachie had 4 carp in first hour, Andy Jane had a few and Liam also had 4.  Me nothing. 

Rotation of lines is very important, especially with roach, as you can only take two roach off one line and move.  Also I've caught a lot of roach down the edge on light rigs.  This was an eye opener, as you would get couple of 6oz to 10oz roach in quick session and then nothing or tiny things (going no where fish).  But today, it was freezing and the anglers were also really struggling, and I was hoping to catch a couple of late carp, to get me out of trouble.....

I managed to catch some lovely roach, one small carp and a 10lber out on the roach rig!  Lost one carp, that went crazy after getting it to a top kit, and found myself at full stretch at 16 meters with pole bent double, before it unfortunately broke 0.10 on a single solid 5 elastic through my top 2 (3 meters of elastic).  

Enjoyable fishing match, but frustrating I couldn't catch earlier.  Tight finish, and one lost carp has cost me second place!!!

Harescombe Field lake, seems to be my new love.

1.  Well done to Andy Jane won with 35lb 2oz (Peg 9)
2.  Liam Dennick 27lb 6oz (Peg 7)
3.  Simon Penny 24lb (Peg 8)