Monday, 27 April 2015

Milo Festival - Whiteacees

Peg 11 Bolingey
No good.
Third in sectiom
9 section

With my lack of knowledge of the venue and how it has been fishing proved to be costly today.  The weights as always are tight, and my disappointing weight left me a one fish short of a few points.  I lost my way at the half way stage, and took the wrong baits, as my two untis of meat should of been six mms pellets.

Day Two

Peg19 polly 
7th in section I think 
No good.

I had two proper mirror carp sitting it out long on meat, and a fish on worms and casters, F1 on method feeder.   Last forty mintues I sat it out at five meters on meat and unfortunately lost a big ghost carp foul at netting range, not that it mattered.

Day three

Peg 31 Twin Oaks 
No good again!

Day four
Peg 53 Trewaters 

My swinging rig was prefect presentation at times, but couldn't catch frequently enough, and got a little inpatient, had fish swirling down the edge after 20 minutes and after 1.5 hours and 2 and 3 carps coming in but was unable to catch them, even fishing lighter rigs, lighter lines, done slope, half depth.  VERY FRUSTRATING.

I was too aggressive down the edge with groundbait and dead maggots and got sucked into the edge, whereby I couldn't catch them.  I should of dripped in meat.... Or fished sloppy groundbait with caster.   Never mind.  Also next year.

Day Five
Cheltenham hospital 

Unfortunately my dad has been very ill and has took a turn for the worse.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 22
1st place
20 anglers fished the match

After 2 hours I had lost all 4 carp I had hooked, one down the edge which was a foul hooked animal and three out in open water which came off within seconds, one did break me!!

I caught on and off up in water with pellets, I had a couple of big F1 carp and a few stockies.  Then I went down the edge with maggots one side and corn and 2mm pellets the other.  Caught a few stockies and carp up to 8lb, no units until after the match.  Wow, the lake came alive at 7pm.

Gear used down the edge.

Colmic Airon F44 pole

Blue 2.3 colmic hollow 

Colmic Kerry 0.3 to 0.152 colmic spider line and 18 Drennan carp match hook

Colmic Kerry 0.1 to 0.152 colmic spider line and 18 Drennan carp match hook

Orange 3.0mm colmic hollow elastic

Colmic Kerry, 0.5 gram to 0.188 colmic spider line and a 16 drennan carp match.

Open water

0.1 Jon Walker pea. 0.135 spider line to a 0.125 stream hooklength to 18 carp match.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Messingham Sands - Fish O Mania

Peg 35 Swan
20lb 4oz
No good
160 anglers fished the match

A great match for some, with a few rumours of serval anglers catching 100lb plus!!   Congratulations to Steve Freeman for winning with 169lb on Oaktree.

See link for results.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fish O Mania - Viaduct

Peg 74
1 carp, 1 tench, 1 big perch, 1 Rudd and 3 tiny roach
No good
130 anglers fished

I went for it and fished the edge almost all match. Hooked 4, lost 3 which all pulled out,  2 foul hooked and 1 lost at the net??!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Manor Farm Lesiure

Peg 20 Ash (flyer)
Section win
Disappointed with my performance, felt the peg was worth a lot more!!
22 fished

Need to go on a diet... lol

Open Match Results – Thursday 9th April – Island and Ash Pools – Affordable Open

Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 5 Ash
2ND HOWARD KAYE 120-10-0
Sensas Peg 15 Island
3RD ROB DAWBER 111-8-0
Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 10 Island
Astwood Bank Peg 6 Island
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 4 Island
Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 7 Ash

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rolfs Easter Festival

24 anglers fishing Rolfs lake Easter Festival

Day One
2nd in section

Day Two
Peg 4

Day 3

Peg 10
4th in section.

I fished for carp first hour and unfortunately I never had a bite... watched the road bank all have one carp each.  Then decided to fish caster shallow in the hope to catch roach, skimmers and carp.  It didn't quite go to plan, lost one carp, which pulled out and then foul hooked a 14lber in the tail, which involved 20 meters of elastic and my Colmic F44 bent double!!! No broken bits of pole on my platform......

John Draper



Thanks Pauline for the food after.
Thanks to Drennan for giving a goody bag of their new carp baits

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rolfs Lake

Peg 32
164lb (16 carp)
2nd overall
10 fished

After speaking to the local heroes, I feared myself up for a tough match.  Whereby it could be a case of been very patient (I learnt to be, especially with my job as a driving instructor).  We thought that 100lb to 120lb would be a good weight and potentially win the match.  Which could be ten bites from these proper units!!

If you don't know Rolfs Lake it has a very large quarry of VERY big carp. The fish range from b to 20lb and average stamp is ten pound.  The fish are very healthy and well looked after by John Bennett.  Your gear does need to be strong, as I have seen and heard lots of top kits go over the years.  So you need to ensure your pole is up to the job, lucky enough my Colmic F44 pole is solid, no need for me to carry two poles.  

The match was very slow and I got neck ache watching John Bennett catch 5 carp in the first forty minutes, whereas I had only 1.   Looking around the lake, it was the fish started to feed and it got better as time went on.  I caught 3 carp and a few skimmers and "dog" roach.  I went down the edge and caught 13 carp and lost 3, which cost me the match.  Lost a 14lber at the net, hook pulled, I think I pulled a bit too hard.  Hooked 3 carp in the last ten mintues, got 2 out and lost that one by been greedy.  I fish corn and micro pellet down the edge.

16lb 10oz was my biggest fish, I thought it was a lot bigger.  Wanna catch a 20lber, which I yet to do.  Hopefully this weekend?!

Colmic Kerry floats passed the Rolfs test.  Very tough, like hand mades. Impressed

Well done John Bennett

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