Sunday, 31 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 20 Island
19 fished

I had one carp first chuck and that was that...  So went to watch Mark Malin.

Mark done well

Liam Dennick come second overall with 70lb

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool and Middle Pools

Peg 21 middle pool
1st place
22 fished

Nice day, had plenty of bites.  I had 5 carp on bread and lead to start with and then caught on the pole for the rest of the match.  Chris Cameron was a bit unlucky as the last hour and 30 mins was really tough for him and I caught 6 carp in that period to just beat him.

I have been using Colmic F1 Spider Line for way over a year now and it is incredible.  I am honestly convinced that the Fluro Tec system makes it harder for fish to see it and therefore has increased my catch rate.  The line only retails for £5.99.  You need to take your time when making your knots, but wet them good and proper and ensure you get the figure of eight when using loops to loops.  Otherwise the knots may slip. 

 Colmic F1 Spider has a protected coating, which makes it one of the hardest wearing lines on the planet!!  Some of the catches on this line have been immense, catching fish up to 30kg (65lb carp and catfish on Colmic poles too).  This is massive fish that test fishing equipment to the maximum.  Spider F1 line is now getting used by some good UK carp specimen anglers, as it's so adrasive against snags.  I know line is hard to change, as we ALL get set in our ways, as you have your favourites, but I would strongly encourage you to look at this line.   For me, personally I've caught fish big fish on it, and have loads of 100lb plus weights on it, like today.  I used 0.09 today and caught 8lb carp with no problems.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 26 Middle Pool
Won section
4th overall
13 fished

Had been a busy week, so really pleased  to get out fishing.  The Thursday affordable match at Manor Farm Leisure is only £12 to enter (£5 optional super pool as well), and as always Dave (the owner) spreads you out as best as he can, so we have all the best pegs.  So even if you don't draw a "bung hole billy" peg you should get some bites.

I drew peg 26 Middle Pool, which I don't believe I have drawn since doing the venue record (353lb mainly f1's). However, at the moment  the carp are down the shallows and peg 12 has been the form peg.... so I could be up against it.  But there is loads of f1s, so potentially a lot of bites....

The match started a little slow and once I got my head down I had a fish a chuck, they were averaging 6oz, also had a few skimmers and a tench.  So all in all, great day.  Mark Malin came second overall and Big Frank won the match!!! Good lad, 115lb!!

Another brilliant day at Manor Farm Leisure.

Frank Donachie Showed his class again, with a comfortable win of 115lb

Mark Malin

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - winter league

Peg 35 Island Pool
72lb 8oz
Won lake
Third overall
36 anglers fished the match

I had a great day yesterday, so the law of averages I would draw poor today?  So when I drew peg 35 Island Pool, I was little disappointed if I'm honest.    In my 6 peg sub section I have 5 end pegs, 18 island (4 empty pegs) 23 Island (3 empty pegs). 27 Island (5 empty pegs), 33 Island (1 empty peg) peg 35 Island ( 1 empty peg) and peg 37 ( 5 empty pegs)........  Great when it works in your favour!  I felt I was boxed in and would really struggle.    However, venue expert, Stephen Partington, advise me he won a match off this peg a few weeks ago on the pole.  So fingers crossed?!  A bit of strange pegging in my opinion....

Slow start, a real struggle, not bread fish!!  This can be a bad sign, as they way not be a head of feeding fish in your peg.  I chucked the bread around a few times and different areas.  No bites on anything, and had a small run on the pole that had been feed very negatively from the beginning of the match.  I felt I was going no where, so chucked pellet feeder tight against the far bank with pellet and caught a welcome 8lb carp!!!   So yellow meat went on and lucky enough I didn't look back.

I was so pleased to weigh 72lb to win the lake and come third overall.  So a welcome pick up and a meal out with the Mrs.

Gear used
Colmic Next Adventure 60 (rod)

Zartan 400 (reel)

0.20 Feeder pro
0.185 X5000
14 Guru hook
Prototype Colmic 30 gram feeder
Yellow meat
Oil pellet
Harescombe Fishery Peg 12 Middle
Winter Wonders Peg 20 Middle
Harescombe Fishery Peg 35 Island
Swindon Enterprise Angling Peg 19 Boundary
C-Class Peg 4 Island
Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg 37 Island
Teams on the day
League position following Round 4
1ST WINTER WONDERS – 44 points

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Middle Pool and Windmill

Peg 27 Middle Pool
2nd overall
13 anglers fished the match.

This was the best days fishing I've had for a while.  Caught really well on the pole, wasted 20 mintues on the bread, but had a few liners, so knew there fish moving around despite nothing topping.  The pole line was solid, caught loads of F1's on pellets.  Nice simple day, feed 10 pellets to each fish, no magic tricks.   Caught over 100 F1's


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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery. Field Lake. silvers only

Peg 3
4lb 4oz
Joint third
Nine fished the match

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Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 34
8lb 8oz
No good
10 fished the match

Colmic 2.5 squared Karper Keepnets £34.99

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery - Match Lake.

  • Peg 21
  • 19lb 10oz
  • 2nd overall
  • 9 anglers fished the match.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

My Colmic visit 2016.

The Colmic Factory is a beautiful set up, not been basis, it really is!!   Also the Colmic factory is full of products and new developments, so was really looking forward to going there again.  Jacopo Falsini, is one of the many top anglers that work for Colmic and he is a World Champion with impressive angling CV.   Jacopo develops and product tests a lot of products, so we are lucky to get someone that's so good at testing the products.

The Colmic new carp poles are impressive, as always Colmic poles are really strong and hard wearing. Only used the 9401 a couple of times at the moment, very stiff for a "proper carp pole".  I haven't given it a proper test yet, only caught fish up to 12lb, so watch this space.  Also to make Colmic poles more appealing to the English market Colmic have 1.5 meter extensions that are parallel!  We have had the 9401 at 16 meters in the factory, no problem.  It's heavy compared to some poles are the market, but it's well balanced.  The biggest plus is that it's so strong, so breakages will be pretty non exist with the 9401 as this pole is stronger than my Colmic Airon F44, whereby I haven't broke a section of F44 in four years (well a number 1 section, smacking it through ice with a 15lb carp on the end).  Colmic use the best materials on the planet to make their poles.  Fact. 

Also the new Colmic 7401 is going to be a show stopper in 2016.

The beauty of Colmic poles they are built to last.  UK commercial fishing has become more demanding and your not scared of fishing the heaviest elastics with puller kits.  Also poles don't break in the wind, the amount of times it's really windy in the UK is unreal.  I remember fishing Boundary pool at Manor Farm leisure in high winds and the only people that got thier poles out, were Colmic ones!!   The Colmic Airon range is impressive.  

Boxes, rods, hooks, clothing, line, all top quality!


Colmic have over 1,000,000 floats in stock and makes them one of the biggest float manufacturers on the plant.

Devils are going to be successful commercial float.

Really the Jollys

Massive range of keeps nets.  100% fish friendly, no holes for carp fins to get caught in!  Nets are unbelievable prices.  Karper Net 2.5mt is only £34.99 rrp.  Why are Colmic nets such good value??  Well, they have their own manufacture, all built "in house".  

Colmic Adventure Rods

New range of Scrape has been increased, with rods, feeders, groundbaits, and hook baits.   Three piece rods have been developed, with new size of 70 gram.   The rod market has become incredible market now, highly competitive and you get a lot for your money.  The Next Adventure 60, 11 feet.  Great value.  

Look on Colmic's website

Colmic are at the BIG ONE on 19th and 20th March, so come and see us.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery - Field Lake

Peg 12 (again)
20lb 12oz
4th overall
12 fished

I should be careful what I say at the drew, as I said " the only pegs I don't want is 12 and 11, and peg 9 will win it".  So I dew peg 12, and prayed to catch down the edge, and did but not quite enough, one lost fish has cost me third place and potentially second.  But I lost it, so doesn't mater!!  Oh and peg 9 won it!!

I used my trustee Colmic Airon F44 Pole, with Colmic blue Hollow with 0.152 Spider Line and 0.125 Stream.  Which produced nothing.  So put the roach rig, 0.135 and 0.10 Stream to WN501 and never got broke with a Solid 5 elastic through top 2 of my Colmic HM40 top kits.  Unreal, landing a 10lb ghost/common carp, and it went!!  Just shows you can land big fish on balanced tackle!

My approach

My experience on this lake is limited, therefore I would like to think I have learnt a lot about the fishery on the way.... But the pairs match was a mega surprise, and i almost blow the pairs event for Mark, as I couldn't catch at the beginning of the match!  My plan was to go straight out to 14 meters and rattle out some 4mm pellets and hope to catch an early catch and then fish for roach for 4 hours and the fish for carp the last thirty minutes of the fishing match, however that didn't work.  So I've learnt to be flexible, as the lake is up and down.  So unpredictable, as the weather.  Some matches the roach have gone crazy and the carp haven't and the other way round.  However,  today I didn't catch anything for 2 hours and felt the match had already slipped away, as Gary Donachie had 4 carp in first hour, Andy Jane had a few and Liam also had 4.  Me nothing. 

Rotation of lines is very important, especially with roach, as you can only take two roach off one line and move.  Also I've caught a lot of roach down the edge on light rigs.  This was an eye opener, as you would get couple of 6oz to 10oz roach in quick session and then nothing or tiny things (going no where fish).  But today, it was freezing and the anglers were also really struggling, and I was hoping to catch a couple of late carp, to get me out of trouble.....

I managed to catch some lovely roach, one small carp and a 10lber out on the roach rig!  Lost one carp, that went crazy after getting it to a top kit, and found myself at full stretch at 16 meters with pole bent double, before it unfortunately broke 0.10 on a single solid 5 elastic through my top 2 (3 meters of elastic).  

Enjoyable fishing match, but frustrating I couldn't catch earlier.  Tight finish, and one lost carp has cost me second place!!!

Harescombe Field lake, seems to be my new love.

1.  Well done to Andy Jane won with 35lb 2oz (Peg 9)
2.  Liam Dennick 27lb 6oz (Peg 7)
3.  Simon Penny 24lb (Peg 8)


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery - Match Lake

Peg 23
16 fished


Maybe had 5lb in total.  Which was way off the pace


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery - Pairs Match

Peg 1
2nd on lake
2nd overall
Won Pairs
34 fished

Me and Mark Malin had been gagging to win the Pairs Event at Harescombe Fishery, and we were lucky today as I drew a flyer and Mark Malin drew an alright area.  Mark Malin down well to weigh 32lb 4oz in gale force winds and holding his reliable Colmic Airon pole!  Lots of people scared to fish their pole long because of fear in breaking it in the wind, so gave Mark and myself great advantage! 

My fishing match

I hoped for some early carp, so quickly toss potted in 20 4mm soaked Skreeting Coarse pellet in and had a lift bite and this carp went screaming off, not the start that I wanted!!!  Looking around Anton was baggin opposite and Andy Pollard next to me was also catching..... things did not look good.  I had one carp and 6 roach.  I was a little worried, BIG potted in pellet and a few dead maggots.  No response.   Thought I was going to be doing the walk of shame....

So started pinging pellets to try and make something happen!  Missed a few bites and foul hooked a carp, which came again came off.  Went shallow, no indications, messed around with rigs......  nothing.... I went for it, started double pouching pellets, 12 at a time.  This got me a 6lb Mirror out, which was in tail!!  Then had 17lb 4oz carp, which was also outside the mouth!?  This fish is know as "BIG Bertie" and has weighed 19lb 9oz, must be on a diet!   Then I had a run of three carp in three puts, this has put me from no where to some where!!    Anton was still catching, so was fishing for second place which I got...

I had 11 carp, lost 10, missed 12 bites.... strange day, haven't figured it out.  Any suggestions welcome

Gear Used

Colmic Airon F44 Pole
2.3mm Colmic Hollow.
0.152 Spider Line
0.125 Stream
18 Carp Match

0.4 Jon Walker Pellet Wonder (WPW)  There are the best pellet floats I've ever seen or used.

Some beautiful fish in Field Lake

Some of the carp I caught today.

Field Lake 

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