Sunday, 28 February 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Ash, Boundary, Island and Middle Pool

  • Peg 22 Middle Pool
  • 53lb
  • second in section/lake
  • Third overall
  • 30 fished 
Lucky to catch a few untis late

Drew peg 22 Middle pool, which can be a good area, but with Middle Pool you never know!!   Peg 22 Middle Pool is the shallow part of the lake and we have had a really cold Eastley wind, and will this in my face, with 20 mph winds, I could struggle,  BUT only five of us on the lake!!!  Bonus.

No fish fish on the bread, flavoured bread, yellow meat, boilie or pellet feeder I was concerned.  After three hours I had 2 carp and four tiny stockies ( need to use a separate for these little beauties).  I reckon I had 8lb.  Rung a few mates, to realise that the lakes were fishing tough, so sat it out at 16 meters of my trusty Colmic Airon F44 and had 8 fish in last 1 hour and thirty mintues, lost a munter at the net,  couldn't get it in, got half of the common in my 18 inch net, but managed to get out and thenl lost it a few seconds later, a bit gutted as this has maybe cost me second in the match!  To make matters worse lost another, that was foul hooked, which almost got into Bottom pole, and the hook only pulled out, unreal this Spider Line at 0.11!! 

But, I was lucky again to have a 9lber at the death, so swings in roundabouts.....

I caught everything on the pole.  Fished light.  Feed about 1/4 pint of 4mm pellets.  

Liam Dennick won the match and destroyed me off the next peg!!  

Neil McKinnon won Boundary Pool and came second overall.  Well done Neil ( less moaning please ๐Ÿ˜‰).  A lot of fish were caught on the pole today across all the lakes.

1st Liam Dennick. 74 lb
25 Middle Pool

Preston Innovations Peg 31 Boundary

Colmic Peg 22 Middle

Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg 18 Ash

Middy Enterprise Angling Peg 19 Boundary

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 35 Boundary

30 fished. Commons, mirrors, F1s and skimmers caught on pole and pellet and groundbait feeder.


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Island and Boundary Pool

  • LPeg 27 Island Pool
  • 60lb 4oz
  • Won Lake
  • 2nd overall
Pretty pleased with the draw, peg 27 is normally a good winter peg and I done well off it a few weeks ago in hurricane winds, which made it impossible to fish a long pole, even my Colmic one ๐Ÿ˜œ

Really slow start, no bites on feeder, so shipped out 16 meters of my Colmic F44 pole, which was maybe a little ambitious with 15 mph winds!  But hey, I had a good run for a hour and then it died.  So chucked a pellet feeder tight to far bank and caught a couple F1's and one 8lb carp.  

Middle part of match was awful, never had a bite or indication for almost two hours and Gary Watts walked past and brought me and Liam some luck.  I had 5 fish in last hour, one 5lb carp at the "death" which was lucky enough to sneak me in the frame.

Set up

Colmic Airon F44 pole.
1.8mm Colmic Hollow elastic
0.135 spider line to 0.11 hooklength. 
20 Drennan Carp match.

Colmic Next Adventure 60 11 foot rod
Colmic Zartan 400 
Feeder pro 0.20
0.145 stream hook length with various hook baits

Open Match Results – Saturday 27th February – Boundary & Island Pools

Middy/Old Ghost Peg 37 Boundary

Colmic Peg 27 Island

3RD STEVE FORD 59-14-0
DGL/Old Ghost Peg 18 Island

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 16 Island

Colmic Peg 23 Island

Preston Innovations Peg 12 Island


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 12 Island
Won section
5th Overall.
18 fished.

Normally I would be well chuffed to draw this peg, as its a flyer.  Haven't drawn this area for months!!!  However, concerned with 40mph to 50 mph winds in my face.  This was going to be challenging to cast 60 yards to the island.    

I started on the bread, to hopefully catch some "mug" fish.  No joy.  On went the shellfish boilie with a tea bag, full of goodies.  Err, no bites.   Chris Cameron was catching well on peg 35 Island Pool and Liam Dennick was catching on Middle Pool 11.  

So on went pellet feeder and proper punching me Colmic Next Adventure 60 rod.  Within mintues it dropped back, so a quick couple of winds of my Colmic Zartan reel I ha hooked the the fish, which turn out to e a 8lb common carp, so pleased with that.  So continued to fish the pellet feeder with various hook baits and caught well, apart from 1 o'clock to 2.15pm where I caught nothing.  Despite pinging 6mm pellets at 18 meters, no bites or liners.  This and the wind cost me the match.  But hey ho, had a good day considering the conditions were difficult on our bank.  60 yard cast not the easiest.  But not pluging the gear, but no cracks off or broken gear!!

11 Foot Next Adventure 60

400 Zartan reel

Feeder pro 2 0.20

Pellet feeder

Groundbait/ mirco's 

Various hook baits

The New Colmic boxes are coming.

Open Match Result – Sunday 21st February – Island & Middle Pools

H T Angling Peg 22 Middle

2nd LIAM DENNICK 93-8-0
Evesham Youth Peg 11 Middle

3rd STEVE FORD 90-14-0
Daiwa / Old Ghost Peg 31 Island

4th JASON MORRIS 89-0-0
Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg 23 Island

5th CHRIS TELLING 81-4-0
Colmic Peg 12 Island

6th CHRIS CAMERON 80-0-0
Middy / Old Ghost Peg 35 Island

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 27 Island Pool
2nd overall
17 fished

The winds as always are awful, so concerned that presentation on the pole is going to be a nightmare, especially with a cross winds and also the peg been 8 foot deep!    Presentation is so important, if the peg isn't sat right, bites will be at minimum.  So despite having a great pole, it better to fish shorter to achieve better presentation, so apoted to fish 13 meters of the Colmic 9401.

Last week this peg won the winter league on the waggler.  However, I didn't fancy it at all, as it has very cold and the wind was horrendous (just for a change๐Ÿ˜œ).  I had two waggler rods in the ready made bag, just I case I was wrong with my decision making.  I set up three rods.  One for bread, one pellet feeder ( clip up tight) feeding and one for searching.

Gear used

Colmic 9401 Pole 
0.135 F1 Spider line
0.10 stream
18 WN501

Colmic Next Adventure 60. 11 foot
Zartan 400
Feeder pro line 0.20
0.135 F1 Spider line.

Open Match Result – Sunday February 14th – Middle & Island Pools

1st ANDY TAYLOR 70-14-0
Harescombe Peg 18 Island
2nd CHRIS TELLING 54-8-0
Colmic Peg 27 Island
3rd PHIL SUTOR 52-10-0
Redditch Peg 7 Middle
4th RICHARD MERRY 51-6-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 25 Middle
5th JASON MORRIS 47-8-0
Stratford Fishing & Outdoors Peg 32 Island
6th LIAM DENNICK 46-14-0
Evesham Youth Peg 27 Middle

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Moorlands Farm

Peg 24 Meadow
20 fished

I haven't fished Moorlands very much, I think this is my third visit in a my life time. Drew peg 24 Meadow, wind off my back and flat water.  Thought I'd catch a few, but really struggled!!  I had 3 F1's, 4 skimmers, and 30 roach.  

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 19 Boundary pool
Won lake
2nd overall
12 anglers fished the match.

Quite a few of us were excited about today, especially as BIG Frank caught 173lb yesterday!  Everybody wanted 19 Middle and Neil Richards drew it!!!

Unfortunately it fished really hard, but I was lucky I had 50 stockies and 8 original F1's, one of switch was 7lb 14oz!!!

My biggest F1, 7lb 14oz ish


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