Friday, 30 September 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 13
12 Fished the match

I haven't been to Ivy House Lakes for two weeks, so was looking forward to it.

Drawing peg 13 was a good area, so again happy with draw.

Paste is my number one bait at the moment, only concern that the water temperature is dropping and therefore it may not work???   The wheels really fell off today and I had loads of room as Alan went home.  I had unbelievable start, 3 carp in twenty mintues for 20lb, a fantastic start, then 6 lost carp after in 4.5 hours, just pulled out??!!  Only lost one two weeks ago and six this week.   I ended up with 7 carp for 59lb and two of them were stockies!!!  Another day I could of been lucky, one more fish would of got me first place.  But I didn't, so end of.  Most anglers suffered lost fish today.

Well done to Jon Walker!!  Great performance off that peg...

Weights were tight.  Anyone's match and the silvers were even tighter.
Me 67

Colmic F1 Spider Line

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Radcot and Lechlade

Peg 4 Radcot upstream
11lb 15oz
2nd in section
38 fished
5th overall

I was a little concerned about today's match as I haven't fished the River for two years!!!  
As almost allways really lucky with the drawbag, drew end peg Radcot upstream.  Peg 4. An attractive peg, but felt it was very clear.
I decided to fish four metres with chopped worm and groundbait and then 9 metres with groundbait dead pinkies bit of caster and hemp.
Also chop worm a 16 metres just just before the weed.  It was only 4 foot, felt I may not catch and didn't.

The gear I set up is a Colmic Stream float, which is a very versatile float.  So strong, I use it mainly for choppie on Upper Thames or baggin on the ballin in line when it's got some extra water on the river.

Gear used

Colmic Stream Float 2gram
0.168 Colmic F1 Spider line
0.145 Colmic Stream
Size 14 Colmic N600 hook

Colmic Lux 1gram
0.145 X5000 Line
0.08 Colmic Stream
Size 19 Colmic Hayabusa 128 Black hook

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ivy House Lakes - Match Lakes

  • Peg 2
  • 101lb
  • 1st overall
  • 13 fished the match

With the wind sort of blowing into peg 20 I fancied to catch some carp from my draw today, especially peg 1 out, this gave a long edge to fish too, a big advantage.  I do love Ivy House, as I feel the match lake is really fair ( as I said before) and not brothered where I drawn. My preferred area is peg 13, 14, 15 and 4, 5 and maybe 6, as you have a really strong chance of framing and winning the silvers as well!!

At the moment paste is my number one bait, love it, and I'm a little rusty at fishing this method, learning things I had forgotten as I used to be paste mad!!! The beauty of this bait is its so cheap and better than cutting up "3kg of worms" (really?).   The issue with paste fishing is getting the size of hook bait, consistency correct (putty texture normally), rig (long stable, long cane bristle and light float) and feeding.  Feeding is the most important apect of fishing, and normally I go with " if in doubt go without" I.e don't feed.  I've found dumping loads of bait is not the right approach with Ivy House Lakes, loads of people suffer with foul hooking and loosing fish (me today, I only lost two carp!!) and not a horror show of loosing loads or more than I got in.  I've been experimenting with feeding and size of pellets and this has made a massive impact of fishing.  The last four matches has seen me win the match lake all four times, including this one with 100lb or more, and won silvers twice.  These are pegs 13, 15, 6 and 2, one of the matches was only three hours, so I think I've got my feeding right.
The fish were big today, had three double figure carp, 10lb 4oz Ghost Carp and two big mirrors.

Gear used 
(What I say is what I really use)

Colmic 7401 pole
2.3 mm Hollow elastic
0.3 Jon Walker paste diamond
0.152 F1 Spider Line straight through to size 12 Drennan Carp Match

3mm hollow elastic
0.2 Colmic Mike
0.168 F1 Spider Line straight through to 16 Drennan Carp Match.

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Swindon Go On Tour 2016

Day One


Peg 6
45lb 6oz
5th overall
No good
25 fished

Haven't fished Gwinear since last year and was looking forward to it, they have stocked some more small carp to make it even better.  They decided to peg all 25 on the outer bank, to give us a feeder chuck.

I drew peg 6 which is the second peg in on left bank, the wind was howling into the bottom bank late teens early twenties, so was a little concerned that fish will follow the wind.

I started on the pellet feeder, which resulted in one small carp...... and felt i was going no where.  Skully caught three carp three quarters way across on the method feeder.   So changed to a method feeder, which result in nothing.  So went on the pole (Colmic 7401 X3 pole) and it was a battle with the strong winds!  I caught a few carp, but suffered presentation issues and unfortunately lost a few too, which proved to be costly.

Day Two


Peg 30
58lb 7oz
Won section
90+ fished

I drew peg 30 on Trewlawney, so another match where I'm no where near the famous Twin Oaks peg 12 to 18, so that will have to wait for the Rover Match.  

On arrival to my peg, I realised I was about 1 meter off the far bank, so long lining to far bank with pellets to my left towards Mick O B on peg 31 (but if Martyn Howard asks it was an end peg?!?) and fish worms and meat in front of me.   

Started at meat at 5 meters, which resulted in no bites, so went long on worms and meat and caught a few F1's, but missed a few bites, so dropped down from 0.125 stream to 0.10 stream and started putting F1's and Carriso in the net, looking around it was a struggle.

Day Three

Morgan Porth 

Peg 6
2nd in my 9 peg section
27 fished

Larry won with 86lb

All weights

Congratulations to Fred Parker and Mick Lane winning festival 

"Fred the bread"

Day four

Peg 29
2nd overall
23 fished

I fished meat, worms and caster all cut up.  It was better than pellets, as I suffered badly foul hooking on pellets as it was so winding.  Fishing worms over depth on a bigger rig was so such better.

Had 38lb of Crassios and 18 carp for 65lb 

Day Five
49th in draw
Peg 20 Trelawnly
90lb 2oz
4th overall
142 fished

Well, with drawing 49th in the Rover it was over at the draw bag, never got on Twin Oaks, maybe next year of six years trying!!!???

Decided to got on peg 20 on Trewlawney, and hoped there be some fish in the corner, I had an empty peg to my left, and two pleasure anglers on peg 22 and 23.   So this was going to hopefully help.  

Caught a carp on meat at 1 meter, didn't put my net in, this was the biggest fish on the day, 12lb common.  Then tried for another but no signs, rattled in some meat on the next platform in hope to catch another unit... Didn't happen

Then went across and first fish was a 8lb ghost carp, so in 15 mintues I got 20lb.  Good start.  After that, it was a struggle, couldn't put a run together, frustrating to say the least.  Twin Oaks saw top 3 come off it, 168lb, 134lb, 108lb, me 90lb and then back to Twin Oaks 85lb and 84lb.

Fish of the week.... Mick O B

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool

Peg 8
3rd overall
17 fished the match

Caught the Common Carp on boundary pool after the match.  Some stunning fish.

I was a little concerned dawning in the corner with every other peg in as me and Lee (peg 10) were going to be a little cut off if we were going to cast past half way, the "no chuck rule" wasn't in, so we had a cast, but felt it was taking the pi$$ slightly so didn't wanna do it.

I decided to focus on pole and pellet and bomb at 20 meters.  Cut a long story short, I couldn't catch on a pole and focus my attention on the bomb and pellet, which become very productive at 2pm, but looking around the lake I was behind and really behind Frank Donachie as he had 7 fish before I had one.  So fair play to him winning the match and David Howard coming second to just pip me (drawn peg 14 three times in a row 😜)

Gear used

Next Adventure 60 Rod 11 foot
Zartan 400 reel
0.20 method line
0.152 F1 Spider Line
16 hook (prototype)

Took a battering from Frank Donachie.  Well done dude for winning the match.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 6
2nd overall 
1st in silvers
23 Fished the match.

Really enjoying fishing Ivy House Lakes at the moment, as I said before I really do feel that Ivy House Lakes is the fairest venue I've fished.

Drawing peg 6 on the Match Lake was a steady area, so I was happy to draw there.  As there was 23 fishing, there was a section on Willow too...  So we all had some room, so it looked to be a good match.

I started on paste and hooked a crazy carp, which pushed my gear to the limit.... Unfortunately it pulled out, didn't break 0.152mm Colmic F1 Spider Line, so strong!  After that I was really struggling and after a fruitless 1 hour, I decided to fish worms in paste mix and this produced a couple of tiny skimmers, a tench and a few roach...... I was going no where.

The last two hours I've fished decided to fish short, especially how strong the wind was, even my Colmic 7401 was struggling in it!!   This paid off massively, not only did I win the Silvers, I also when the lake, but had to settle for second overall as Gary Donachie had won Willow Lake with 120lb.  Well done Gary, them Donachies are good, Frank also won his section.  I caught everything on paste..... I hope to have a run on it, like I did years ago.

Gear used

Colmic 7401 X3 pole 
Colmic Blue Hollow 2.3mm
0.3 Paste float
0.152 Colmic Spider F1 line 
12 Drennan Carp feeder 

Paste mix.  Secret at the moment.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Colmic - Evesham River Festival 2016

Colmic were showing off some of their products in our small stand at Evesham River Festival.