Saturday, 31 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 26 Windmill
2nd overall
24 fished

The beauty of Manor Farm Leisure is we normally get lots of room and Dave (owner) try's to peg the good pegs and therefore you almost guaranteed a days fishing.  Like today, 24 anglers fishing and it's put on 4 lakes.  I was lucky and drew peg 26 windmill, however it's not my first choice of pegs, but Chris Cameron won the lake on Thursday...... So was hopefully.  BUT Liam Dennick was on peg 22 and Jason Morris on Peg 29, so had two great anglers either side.
I started on the bread, two 10mm discs and this resulted in two dog roach, but Jason Morris had 2 F1's and 1 carp in four chucks.  Not looking good for me.   Some shipped out the Colmic Airon F66 pole, at 17. 5 meters, and rattled a few micros and the float disappeared to my relief and caught a stocky F1 about 1lb and then caught three before bumping one, as you have to pull quite hard to get them out and 0.08 Stream is immensely strong on balanced gear.....  Unfortunately this ruined the swim.  So fished out on the pinging line and no bites and the other line.  No bites... Jason was whopping my ass and on the phone to Liam and he had 10 fish!!!
So went back onto the 17.5 meter line and resulted in 7lb common carp, on 0.08.  Was lucky as it shot out into open water, so game on.  Swapped between lines, to keep fish coming, tough but enjoyable.  Also I never got broke up today on these light lines, if you fished the Colmic hollow 1.5mm elastic to 0.09 or 0.08 Colmic Stream your know what I mean..... Look at our results, Liam Dennick has framed his last 7 matches, 5 seconds and 2 wins.  Me and Frank Donachie ain't done too bad ourselves.  Results do the talking.

Was pleased to come second overall and Liam winning again.

One thing I would to add, that we have been using the Colmic Airon F66 for over month and its true all round pole.  So strong, wouldn't be scared to fish it for 98% of my fishing.  So catching 20lb on Windmill Lake or fishing it at Rolfs lake no problem.  When it's windy, I can out fish my neighbours as they can't lean into the wind, whereas they can't as they risk snapping their poles (which already seen).

Gear Used
1.5mm Colmic Hollow Elastic
Colmic BIG float 0.3 gram
0.135 Colmic F1 Spider line
0.09 Colmic Stream
20 Drennan carp match hook.
Island Rig
0.2 Gram Colmic Mike float
0.11 Colmic F1 Spider Line
0.08 Colmic Spider Line
20 Colmic WN501 hook

Happy new year

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Friday, 30 December 2016

Winter Expander Fishing

Alders Farm Fishery

I haven't been to Alders farm fishery for while and missed this years winter league as I decided to fish the Upper Thames winter league instead.  Unfortunately you cant do it all.  I decided to do a small feature on peg 5 Pines, where the last two winters I fished back in 2015 I had over 100lb both times and won the lake both times too.

see link if you wish.

Winter League 2015

So I knew this is a great area, and with the lakes been frozen, I was hoping for a few bites.  See video below explaining rigs and presentation.  Hope it helps.

Bream/ Skimmers love an Expander pellet

Alders Farm Fishery fish are fighting fit.

The Colmic Big Floats are great winter expander floats.

see link for Alders Farm Fishery

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Bread with the Lead

Bomb and bread fishing. 

As the weather gets colder and the water temperature drops and the lake gets clear. My go to method is the bread. For those crafty fish that dont want to feed and are just sat dormant this is a brilliant way of catching them. 

A good starting point I have found is a 50cm hooklength. Of 0.15 Colmic F1 Spider line. To a 16 Guru QM1. 
Depending on the size of the lake and how much room I have i tend to start in front of me and around half way out.   I think its really important to watch the rod tip though, if your getting liners and indications its a good clue youve got fish in the area and my next move would depend on the liners im getting. 

I think bomb and bread fishing is very similiar to dobbing on a snake lake, just because you havent caught in the one area theres no reason why you wont catch in another area. Searching for the fish is key as in winter you have to go to the fish... they wont come to you. 
Once ive had a few casts around and maybe catch one I normally hook a fish and clip up where I have hooked it and find a far bank marker where it landed. This allows me to cast straight back on the spot as I could had potentially found a littlw group of fish.  Don't get me wrong you may only catch odd fish but normally where theres one theres more!

Reading bites on the bread is definitely very key. Knowing whats a liner and whats a bite can be difficult but that comes with experience once you get bites and learn to read them.   A big percentage of your bites on bread are drop backs.   What's happened here is the fish have picked up your hook bait and swam towards you. This is why I always fish a slight bend in my rod when its on the rest to see for those drop back bites but also any little indiaction I get is going to get registered on the rod tip. 

The set up:
My number once choice for this type of fishing is the Colmic Next Adventure 45 rod in 11ft. Coupled with a 300 zartan reel. 11 ft Ive found is perfect but I can comfortably chuck a lead a long way but when playing fish under the rod tip they dont top to far out. 
Also these rods are a nice through action, with no flat spots. The last thing I want to do is pull out of a fish at the net and it go back and spook the shoal. 
My mainline is 0.20 Colmic method line. This line is really durable and sinks fast so once my lead has landed I can sink my line ensuring im fishing straight away as some bites can come instantly and if your struggling to sink your line you could miss out on some bites. 

I tend to start on a 0.15 F1 Spider hook length at 50cm like i mentioned incase there are any carp in the area but dont get me wrong, this is great if your on fish but I wont be afraid to fish a lighter hooklength if im catching F1s as I think you just get a few more bites. 
50cm is a good starting length of hook length but its not always the best. I tend shorten it to start with as sometimes

Liam Dennick's video

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 6 Island ( can't believe I've drawn it again)
1st Place
Won match
9 fished the match

Strange how fishing goes, especially match fishing as you have to draw your peg and therefore relies on a lot of luck and the moment I seem to be having a bit, as I find myself on Peg 6 Island.  This is the "best peg in Europe"......  I only said this statement in a bit of "tongue and cheek", but it seems to of stuck and every time anyone draws it there is a lot banter thrown your way, especially when I draw it.  So I have added some unwanted pressure on myself to do well.

The match started really slow and was wondering if Facebook was going to explode tonight with comments of me blowing out, especially as I post ALL my results, but thank god that the peg came alive on pole, and had a steady run on the pole.  All F1's and one carp.  Weighed 77lb to win the fishing match.

How I would approach the F1's at Manor is to fish as light as possible on the "hard pellet" rigs.  4mm coppins pellets, with a 20 hook and 0.09 Colmic Stream as a hook length and important of 1.5 mm hollow elastic as its soft but capable of landing BIG fish and most important thing is not to loose any fish, even netting range, as they swim back into shoal and spook the rest of the shoal.  Bad news.

Gear used

Colmic Airon F66 Pole
1.5mm Colmic Hollow
Jon Walker Pellet
0.135 Colmic F1 Spider
0.09 Colmic Stream
20 Drennan Carp match.


Liam Dennick is on fire at the moment.

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 33 Island Pool
54lb 10oz
No good (4th overall)
16 fished the match

I had a real enjoyable day today, caught some F1's and a couple of small carp on my new toy 😊 but took a big battering off the next peg though.  I could catch on the lead and only had 2 carp to Paul Cassiby's 6 carp.  So decided to go the pole, which was good for 40 minutes and 8 F1's but felt I wasn't completing so back on lead for one more carp, but 1.30pm I came to a standstilland knew I was never going to pull it back.....

Colmic Airon F66 pole very stiff, lovely smooth finish, super tough, 1000% built to last.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Harescombe Fishery

Peg 24 match lake.
9lb 10oz
No good
28 fished

I was hoping to draw Field Lake, as this lake is more my style of fishing, however drew Match Lake and right in the corner, peg 24.   This was going to be feast of famine and to make matters worse I draw next to Liam Dennick, so he wasn't going to let any feeding fish pass him, which he didn't.  I really struggled and only managed 4 fish in the first 40 mintues and never caught anything afterwards.  Well, that's not strictly true as I caught some tiny skimmers.  

I never seem to do well on The Match Lake, but I look forward to the pairs match at Harescombe.  Can I win it with Mark Malin three years on the bounce??

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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

56lb 14oz
1st place
Peg 33 Island Pool
7 people fished.

I was pleased with the draw, peg 33 Island pool today is a great winter peg normally.  Started on the popped up bread, 50cm and one 10mm disc of Toastie white loaf.  This went round straight away, happy days, nice start to the match.  However, it was dead and looking around people were really struggling.  So shipped out the Colmic Airon F66 pole, and waited a while for bite, and then had a steady run of F1's which was a relief.   The issue is the bites are some slight, and only pull the float down by 2mm, so you never see bites on the feeder or lead, only the ones that hang themselves.

Pleased to get sponsored by Marukyu

see the Marukyu.....

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Thoughts of 2016

For me, the most important aspect of fishing is to enjoy it.  I had some success this year and had some blow outs...... The big matches were disappointing, I failed miserable on the Fish O Mania qualifiers, however I honestly believe I had no pegs that were capable of winning.   

Looking through my blog, I had 59 pick ups this year, which was mainly on commercials which was mainly 20 pegs or less. Which is a shame, big matches on my local circuit doesn't seem to exist, apart from the River Avon at Evesham..... 

Also I did fish for Devizes in this years winter league on rivers and canals for 10 weeks and had 70% pick up rate.  I did have a couple of flyers mind!!


Manor Farm Leisure is still one of my favourite venues that I fish, and May Festival was kind apart from the first day, where unfortunately I couldn't catch on Ash Pool and the last day I caught 313lb on Windmill Pool.  I would like to win this event.

I fished for Devizes match group this year, which I used to fish for years ago, and was nice to return to the Upper Thames winter league.   We had some success , we won the league as a team and I won the individual league.  The highlight was fishing with the boys again and fishing with one of the best anglers I know, Kevin Rowles.   Kevin has helped me a lot when I was younger with my fishing.

Ivy House Lakes was kind to me again and had some regular success there. The best match I had was Friday evening match, the only one I fished,  I caught 114lb in a three hours, which was the highest weight there in three hours for this year.  26lb skimmers and 87lb of carp on £2 worth of bait, paste!!

Swindon go on Tour at Whiteacres was awesome, the fishing was tough, as always.  However, the 
banter was incredible.  I really enjoy this week.


Colmic have continued to support me and helped some of my success this year.  Especially in the manor festival, catching 313lb of big hard fighting carp, really did push the products to the limit!!  The new Colmic Airon F66 pole will hopefully been me some success in 2017?  Only just got the pole and it's very impressive.

Fish O Mania

For me I aint going to chase "rainbows" anymore.  A lot of effort to very little return, in my opinion.  I ain't bitter, but becoming a Fish O Mania finalist again is not that important to me.  


I've just been signed by Marukyu for a bait deal, must honestly say was unsure to begin with, so I field tested some of the products and was so impressed.  Watch this space for more details.

Mick Telling Memorial 2017

The Mick Telling memorial 2016 was a great success and raised a load of money for cancer research, over £1700!!   Thanks to everyone involved.   For me this is the most important match I want to win, by mile.  Terry Hicks won 2016.

See video for my dads final

I'm really lucky to fish with some great lads, especially Frank Donachie, Glen Picton, Liam Dennick and Karl Stephens

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 14
77lb 10oz
Only 5 fished

Colmic 7401 x3

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 6 "best peg in Europe"
100lb 6oz
Won lake
Won March
22 fished the match.

I couldn't ask for a better start to the individual winter league at Manor Farm Leisure as I won the match off Middle Pool, unfortunatly had to miss the round 2 as I was away on business trip (the joy of two jobs).  So was well pleased to draw one of the best in Europe, but got off to a slow start, but caught on the pellet feeder and then had a great spell on the pole to win the section and the match.

Gear used

Colmic 7401 x3 pole
0.2 Jon Walker pellet diamond 
0.135 F1 Spider Line
0.09 Colmic Stream hooklength
20 Drennan Carp match.

Pellet feeder set up.

Colmic Next Adventure 45 rod
25 gram Matrix pellet feeder
0.145 Stream hooklength
18 Drennan Carp Match

I had 40 ish F1's and 2 small carp.  Great days fishing, and a nice welcome back present.  Ain't been there for ages.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hillview Fishery

Peg 38
53lb 8oz
No good
6 fished

Had a bit of a mare to begin with, hooked two carp and lost both of them!!!  One I came back with a length of line and shot, and the other was foul hooked and came back with a scale.  Then had 4 in a row on popped up bread..... then nothing.  So on the pole and all I could catch was brown goldfish, I was going nowhere, especially as they were catching F1's to my left. 

Shaun Gould started slow and then started caught F1's steady on the pole and maggots.  For a 99lb, impressive weight.  Second place was close bewteen Steve Rich (66lb 8) and Arthur Hicks (65lb). Steve had two late BIG carp just enough to beat Arthur by 1lb 8oz.
Me, 8 carp, 2 F1's and tiny but beautiful goldfish on the pole for a disappointing 53lb.  But everyone caught and had an enjoyable day (which is the most important thing).

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Harescombe Fishery

Peg 6
No good
Won silvers (11lb)
13 fished

Haven't fished Harescombe for ages and I was well chuffed that Ralph Hillier was running a match on Field lake.

Won the silvers with 11lb
Frank Donachie won the match, guy is on fire at the moment.

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