Saturday, 31 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 22
60lb 8oz
But only 5 fished 😞

A little surprising and disappointing that there was only five anglers turned up for today's fishing match on Windmilll Pool.  However, for me it's just a day out for me, just want to catch some fish, and drawing peg 22 Windmill Pool is a good draw.  Was hoping for peg 24 Windmill pool, as this is my favourite peg on the whole of the complex of Manor Farm Leisure.


Peg 22 Windmill is a deep peg, one of the deepest on the complex.  It shelfs off at 9 meters and it is roughly 10 foot deep, which can be a nightmare to locate fish and foul hookers can be a problem, as the fish have a lot of water cover.  So bare that in mind.

My tackle

Colmic Airon F44 pole
Jon Walker pellet floats
0.152 Colmic Spider Line to 0.115 Colmic Stream 
18 Drennan Carp Match
1.8mm Colmic Hollow elastic


Skretting pellets, 4mm and 6mm.  No special oils or colours, straight from the bag.  Simple.  I have change baits, like yellow, white and expanders for change hook baits.  Sometimes, that can get a positive response.

Lack if stamp

Disppointed with stamp of fish, as the stockies were on the small side.  Even with bigger pellets didn't encourage larger stamp.  Terry Winstone done well again, an angler in form at the moment.

Enjoyed the match, had quite a few bites, and tried some new items of tackle from Colmic, which is due to come out in 2016.  Excited to see the launch of new tackle from Colmic.  Watch this space!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 29 Windmill
no good
15 anglers fished the match

Very slow start, but found a few of Manor Farm's special F1's!!!

Open Match Results – Thursday 29th October – Middle and Windmill Pools – Affordable Open

Cotswold Angling Peg 27 Middle
Colmic Bait Tec Peg 22 Windmill
Colmic Peg 6 Middle
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 23 Middle
Colmic Peg 4 Middle
Baileys of Warwick Peg 34 Windmill

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 4 Island
1st place
13 fished

I've never done well off peg 4 Island, I seem to draw peg 4 and peg 23 Island Pool..... strange that?!

My fishing match started awful, 30 minutes on the lead and bread with no bites, despite chucking it in a couple of different areas.  Chucked a shellfish boilie and bag, no bites!!  40 minutes gone, and nothing!  Great! 

Shipped out my Colmic Airon F44 pole at 14,5 meters and basically caught a fish a chuck for the rest of the match.  Unreal.  Loads of stocky carp,  really enjoyed the day.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pans Hill Fishery

Peg 21 Wood
No good
17 fished

Proper struggle, caught a few F1's shallow very late....

Beautiful venue going back!!

The weights were really tight at the top.  Three 42lb weights I think

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure ~ Pairs

Peg 12 Middle
Last in section
24 fished

A real struggle, had a nasty feeling that it would be mega tough, and unfortunately I was right.  I had 3 carp and a couple of blade skimmers.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 24 Windmill
2nd in section
4th overall
13 fished

Now, not everyone would agree with me, but I feel peg 24 on Windmill Pool is the best peg on the lake and on its day it's one of the best pegs on the venue.  Therefore I was well excited about drawing such a good peg.  So kitted up my Colmic F44 pole with 0.152 Spider F1 and 0.115 Stream on different kinds of pellet floats.  The water level on Manor Farm Leisure is low at the moment, so would encourage you to bring a platform and some wellies.

I caught steady against the island at 13 meters, but was concerned on size of fish as they were averaging 6oz to 10oz, no real bigger ones, but open water was little unproductive, so upped the volume of feed to hopefully encourage larger fish to feed, this had a negative effect and I slowed up, and therefore rested the line and went on the deep line, which saw me continue to catch a smaller stamp of fish still?  Yet Liam Dennick was catching a larger stamp of F1's and odd carp........

This proved to be costly as the match finished close and lost the section/lake by four pound and lost the fishing match but eight pound.   Middle pool noticeably fished better by the rope for whatever reason, the fish on Middle do shoal up when it gets colder.  BUT they can move around, one day they are in late 20's and early pegs, next day they have moved further down.

No fishing for me tomorrow, out with the family.

My next match is the "Manor Pairs" with Frank Donachie.  So we need to flyers, but I feel I may have used up all my luck?!

Open Match Results – Saturday 17th October – Middle & Windmill Pools

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 24 Middle

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 26 Middle

Evesham Youth Peg 22 Windmill

Colmic Peg 24 Windmill

5TH STEVE RICH 66-12-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 29 Windmill

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 7 Ash Pool
No good
15 fished

If I could of chosen anywhere to fish, this would of been the peg.  I had a fair few fish blowing before the match started, and I thought even with a cold morning that 100lb would be needed to win today's match.

I could reach the airetor at 16.5 meters of my Colmic F44 pole and felt that I would catch well on hard pellets..... The match started slow, but I had 3 F1's before anyone else caught one.  However the match didn't and wasn't going well, but I was hopeful that I would catch on a waggler.... nope!!   Catching half depth on the pole, cute. .... nope!!?? Nothing worked.

Fred Parker caught a few on peg 18 on the bomb, but to win the lake with 37lb 8oz was a major surprise.  Well done "Fred the bread".  Also Antony took a pound off me.

The lake was full of moving and teasing fish?!

Team mates, well they done well, Frank Donachie won off peg 22 Windmill and Mark Malin come second overall.  Legends

Open Match Results – Thursday 15th October – Windmill and Ash Pools

Colmic Peg 22 Windmill

Colmic/Bait Tec Peg 29 Windmill

Cotswold Angling Peg 18 Ash

Cotswold Angling Peg 10 Windmill

Mears Peg 13 Windmill

Walkers Floats Peg 34 Windmill

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Alders Farm

Peg 113lb
1st in section
Won lake
Colmic Team was second on the day.
9 teams fishing.

We had alright a draw, we were told you didn't wanna draw on pegs 10 to 15 on Pines Lake, so I was lucky to be on peg 8 Pines and team mate Jamie Read took the tough draw on the dam wall.  

Learnt a lot from last match, so wanted to ensure that I put my wrongs right and I've got another decent draw.  I was more on the ball today, as last weeks match took me too long to figure it out!   I had a slow match, but was lucky enough to catch carp up to 6lb on my trustee Colmic Airon F44 pole.  I used 0.152 spider line and 0.125 stream.   Don't wanna say too much, as I what use, Colmic, to win this league................ which will be almost impossible to beat the local team GOT Baits, as they are great anglers and know the venue.

We as a team come joint second on the day, which was ok.  We are now three points behind GOT baits, who destroyed it on the day with 3 section wins.  All results are below


Colmic 52

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - Windmill Pool

Peg 29
91lb 8oz
1st place
11 fished

I can't remember the last time I fish I fished Windmill Pool.  I do enjoy Windmill pool as when the float goes under you have no idea what it can be.  As the lake is full of F1's from 8oz to 4lb, carp to 18lb, Cruicans, loads of skimmers, roach, perch, chub to 3lb and odd tench.  To be fair, if I had to choose any life to fish, it would be Windmill.  I love Boundary pool in the evening as there is some huge carp to be caught, up to 20lb.  Jas Cooke had a 20lb carp in one of the festivals....

Today's match saw me draw peg 29, which had a lot of room, can't complain.  I would like to draw, peg 15 or 24 as they are my two favourite pegs on Windmill.  As there is normally a lot of fish around the island.

I decided to fish light and banded pellet.  Just plain Coarse pellet, no fancy oils or favours.  I fish 0.152 F1 Spider Line to 0.11 Colmic Spider Line and a size 20 Drennan Carp match.  Fished and feed 4mm pellets, caught all sorts, skimmers, carp and lots of different size F1's.  Good day.


Open Match Results – Thursday 8th October – Windmill Pool

Colmic Peg 29

2ND IAN LEWIS 56-12-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 34

Walkers Floats Peg 22

Mosella Peg 15

Team Hydro Burt Baits Peg 11

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Alders Farm Fishery - Winter League. Round 1

Peg 5
100lb 2oz
2nd in section

Frank Donachie 1st
Gary Donachie 2nd
Antony 4th

A bit of friendly banter with Antony, I drew myself peg 5 on Pines lake.  A bit Surprised to find 8 foot at 13 meters of my Colmic Airon F44 pole.  I sent up a load of gear, all with Colmic F1 Spider Line.  If you haven't had a look at Colmic F1 Spider Line, I would strongly advise to, as my catch rate has without doubt gone up, the Flurotec is awesome. 

Nothing was caught down the edge, which was a little surprising and I think a few anglers got caught out, including myself.
Alders Farm fish are truly fit.  Durable tackle is essential

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Manor Farm Lesiure

Peg 31
68lb 2oz
2nd overall
9 fished

A very slow and painful start to my match, as all I could catch was skimmers.   Then, like a light switch, at 1pm I started to catch a few f1's, as I had only 2 f1's and 15 ish skimmers before that, was a little worried as Phil Hardwick on the other end peg 39 was catching well.

I caught all my fish bar one on the deck.  Strange as a few topping towards the end part of match in front, but none shallow??!! 

I fished 14.5 meters of Colmic F44 pole with 0.4 pellet float with 0.152 Colmic Spider line and 0.115 Colmic Stream hook length, as I was catching F1's I would sooner fish lighter, as you get more bites and with Colmic 1.8mm hollow through my top two of HM40 top kits with a Stripper Bush ive got a good chance of tackling almost anything in the lake.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 42
50lb 12oz
Won section (only a two peg section)
5th overall
13 fished

For once I actually arrived early to Manor Farm Leisure, there at 8.50, rather than 9.23 (9.30 draws).  Therefore me and Travelling partner (Mark) drove around lake to see a lot of fish blowing on peg 32 about 20 meters out.

I would always favour drawing in the wind, even with it been an easterly wind.  Is it the old saying " when the wind blows East the fish bite least"?   

I draw peg 42, which I've never drawn before, but had a lovely edge peg, but had my reservations about it, despite Mark saying it will be solid.

I set up my trustee Colmic F44 pole and fished 14.5 meters in the wind, with no problems in 15mph winds.   The match was slow and ended up with around 30 stock F1's and a couple of small skimmers for 50lb 12oz.  I.felt the peg was wotlrth more!  Likely to go Saturday and put my wrongs right?!
Caught lack of carp, thought I may struggle in the corner, despite wind blowing into it.  Was hoping it would be full of carp!!! I only caught this beauty after the match.

Well done to Barry Duggan for winning!!