Sunday, 28 December 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

The Peg 37 Boundary
54lb (25lb skimmers)
Won lake
2nd overall

Open Match Results – Sunday 28th December – Island, Middle and Boundary Pools

1ST                   STEVE BEARD                       64-0-0

Shipston AC Peg 10 Middle

2ND                  CHRIS TELLING                    54-0-0

Colmic Airon Peg 37 Boundary

3RD                   MARK HEMMING                 48-0-0

Lodge Park Peg 23 Island

4TH                  DAVE VELAVIZE                  42-6-0

Royal Marines Peg 17 Island

5TH                   JASON MORRIS                 39-8-0

Shipson AC Peg 13 Island

6TH                   BEN SUTOR                                   37-8-0

Astwood Bank AC Peg 8 Middle

Monday, 22 December 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 28 Middle pool
7 points out of 10

Team was 4th 18 points

Kurtis Won his lake and took a pound off Chris Cameron.

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 33 Boundary
15lb 2oz
No good
15 fished

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Colmic Airon is on Facebook

Colmic Airon have a facebook page that has free competitions, news, views and some tackle reviews!!!

Become a friend to access all information and news feeds!

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Thoughts 2014

Fish O Mania

Fish O Mania from a media and promotion point of view is is one of the biggest events of the year in UK match fishing.   With £30,000 for winner on and been live on Sky Sports, it is a mega event.  For me, it was another difficult year and didn't even get close to qualifying again.  My good friend Frank got close to getting there at Tunnel Barn Farm, but just fell short.  So hopefully this coming year, me and my bud may get to the magical final.

Maver Match This, is an event that I haven't really entered for some reason, and we ensure I make some time to enter the qualifying rounds and hope I have a lot of luck.

River campagin

My river season was very kind to me, I fished 9 river matches, which were from 40 to 70 pegs per fishing match.  I was lucky enough to pick up 7 out of 9  matches and only had only one bad day at Abingdon on the river Thames.  All my fishing matches were on the River Thames around the Oxford area.  The River Thames has been fishing really this year, and I had enjoyed most fishing matches.  Radcot was an nightmare, with swimmers, dog swimmers, boaters, walkers and managed to frame, but if I wasn't faced with all these external issues, I would of easily won the match!!! So it was frustrating too say the least.

Then I was at Medley on my Winter League (round 2) which was the final straw as the rowers were nightmare as there were so many, it was relentless and they even crashed into each other, as they never look where they going.  Not good when it happens in your peg.  I fully appericate that the River is for everybody and truley believe that, but throwing balls in for dogs to jump into the water, while fishing, seems very rude to me, especially when the river is how long???!!!  Then we had the sail boats, and they put the yellow marker in my peg and therefore the sail boats had to turn, this made it interesting as they were heading straight towards me, why do this? There was 40 yard gaps between the pegs, why not put it inbetween us.  Wouldn't this make more sense?

I will never fish Medley again on a Sunday as the river is too busy.  I go fishing for enjoyment, nothing more and nothing less.  My job is stressful as it is, and having a load of abuse and haslle from other people at the weekend is enough for me.  I just wanna relax, a stress free day.  I'm not bitter or twisted, but don't wish to put myself through this anymore.  Commericals no hassle.


Canal fishing is something that I have enjoyed for years and used to go fishing on the Kennet and Avon canal with my Dad and my late uncle John (i do miss him).  I do have some great memories and do matches on the canal but in recent times, I have spent time on the Oxford Canal which is a "tough nut" to crack.  The Oxford canal is about catching on the bread punch or lob worms, if your lucky you catch on both (never have)!  If you don't catch on bread (hoping for skimmers on the punch and proper roach) then you must catch on lob worms for perch!!! If don't catch in either of these baits, then you are in BIG trouble!  As the "Blood" (Bloodworm)  fish tend to be too small, whereas Kennet and Avon canal you can catch decent weights of roach (10lb plus, my highest 23lb).

Oxford Canal open was a bit of nightmare. I was a tiny bit slow in figuring out that the fish were 10 inches off the deck and also fished a 4 x 8 Colmic Senna float and my stamp of fish doubled in size, half to an Luce a piece, rather than fag papers.  But unfortunately a boat, decided to go up the far bank, and got stuck. Nightmare.  Please tell me why boats don't drive down the boat track?   My last two winter league matches saw me have a nightmare with boats.

My time on the canal was a little disappointing on the two winter league practice matches, Avington was good for most, which is one of favourite canals of all time. The canal is rammed full of fish, unfortunately some of the features have been cut away, which is a shame as these were good holding points for these famous perch.   Some of these trees are growing back... but for how long they will last with British Waterways.


Commericals the future for me.  They maybe not be everybodies cup of tea, but for me in 2015 is going to be my only focus.  Having two jobs, I find it VERY difficult to focus on all aspects of fishing, as a result I will give up team fishing.  I have fished Winter Leagues since the age of 17, from the age of 19 I have fished winter leagues for 12 weeks solid.  I have had some great journeys on the way, from fishing for Elgin (sadly folded), Talismen, Devizes, back to Talismen, Drennan Oxford, Gordon League and finally back to Drennan Oxford.  I have met my fair share of charcters on the way, and had a great time.

Manor Farm Leisure spring festival was reasonably good for me this year, as I came 5th overall.
In do enjoy fishing manor festival as its a well attended event and the fishing is normally good for most, like any big event you do need to draw and do need some luck.

Milo at Whiteacres

I really enjoyed fishing the Milo Festival at Whiteacres, the fishing was very good, it was a lot better fishing than we we go in Spetember (Swindon go on Tour) as it pegged every other peg in the festivals and not every peg like in September. The September week is so busy, very good crack with the lads.    Swindon go on Tour 2015 for me? I'm not sure I'll fish it this coming year, as it clashes with the World Pairs in Ireland.  I am likely to fish this with Neil Richards. Some of the lads have been suggesting me to fish Ireland for years, and for whatever reason I haven't got round to it.


Colmic has supported me for another year, and I'm very grateful and very lucky. Some of Colmic products are incredible, especially their lines.  300 meters of top quality line for £6 All Round line.

Also Colmic poles are immensely strong. To prove this statement ture, the French lads caught a 132lb Catfish on a Colmic pole!!  The Quasar T9 is a something that you must see.... 

The Colmic Airon F55 pole has served me well, I had several 100lb plus match weights on it, using 0.22 lines and double 14 solid elastics and catching carp up to 18lb. Enough said.


I'm not going to set myself any goals this year, just wanna enjoy my fishing and hopefully have some results on the way?!  Good or bad, they will be on this blog.   


I would like to thank Colmic for supporting me for another year.  Also thank Mick Denton who is a credit to the sport, as he runs Drennan Oxford, the Winter league and Summer League.  Without people like this, leagues would fold.

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Manor Farm Leisure - Island and Boundary Pool

Peg 32 Boundary.
34lb 6oz
3rd lake
5th overall
9 Fished

Mark Malin 118lb. 

With an hour to go, I decide to pack up and sit with Mark Malin, who was bagging, as I knew I couldn't win anything, as Mark Hemming was miles infront of me and my peg got weaker!  I thought taking a few photos of Mark would be fair more productive, than sat watching motionless feeder rod or float.

The weights above aren't a true reflection of what the venue is capable of.  Everybody caught, which is a bonus considering the condtitons.  The wind did mess it up, as we all struggled to hold our poles.  Even my stiff Colmic Airon F44 wasn't good enough against gale force winds.  The tow the lake was unreal!  Not ideal for "cute pellet fishing". 
Sunday 14th December Island and Boundary Pools
1st MARK MALIN  118-0-0
Colmic / Bait Tech Peg 6 Island
2nd MARK HEMMING 63-10-0
Lodge Park Peg 36 Boundary
3rd CHRIS CAMERON 50-6-0
Middy / Old Ghost Peg 23 Island
9 Fished Mark made good use of fancied peg 6 on Island fishing bomb and alternating bread and white pellet as bait
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 37 Boundary
56lb 8oz
11 fished

With ice on Middle Pool I thought we may struggle all round!  The first hour was very unproductive as was the last, but had a steady period on the pole and pellets in the middle of the match of F1's kept me warm. 

I fished 6mm coarse pellet on the hook and feed 4mm coarse pellets. Used yellow and white pellets as change hook baits. 

Gear wise

Colmic Airon F44 Pole
Colmic white 1.5mm hollow elastic
0.135 F1 spider Line
0.10 Stream
20 Drennan Carp Match
Drennan Mirco Bait Bans
Jon Walker pellet float 0.2 - 0.6

Match result – Saturday 13th December – Middle and Boundary Pools

Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 34 Boundary
2nd CHRIS TELLING 56-8-0
Colmic Airon Peg 34 Boundary
Colmic Airon Peg 9 Boundary
4th STEVE LISTON 41-4-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 23 Middle

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ivy House Christmas Match

  • Peg 1 (new canal)
  • DNW
  • 30 fished

Dunno what to say really, drawing a corner peg is was always going to be feast or famine.  And it was famine.   I was the only person to blank on the lake.

Considering the conditions, it fished well in places!

I took a few photos today (thought I better do something useful)

Chris won the New Canal with 46lb

Chris Timms

A proud granddad.   Both section winners

Jon Walker was third on the canal with 26lb


Smithy won my section with 20lb

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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Manor Farm Leisure - River

Duncan caught these whoppers today!!!

All caught on the mag and wag!!!

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Manor Farm Leisure - Middle Pool

Peg 9
61lb 2oz
7 fished the match.

With the cold British weather finally here, which I think scared a few people off, we were all confident in getting a few bites, even if they were going to be hard to come by.

Arthur asked if we would sooner go on Middle Pool or Boundary Pool. So we decided to go on Middle Pool.

The first hour was really tough and the last hour saw me put nothing in the net (apart from 2 tiny skimmers).  But was lucky enough to have a spell  of fish at 12 of clock on the pole. Then when the fish dropped back, I fished yellow meat on the bomb and caught a couple big common carp, but as already mentioned last hour was awful and watched my match slip away from me again!!

Well done to Steve Partington for winning!

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