Saturday, 30 January 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool and Middle Pools

Peg 21 middle pool
1st place
22 fished

Nice day, had plenty of bites.  I had 5 carp on bread and lead to start with and then caught on the pole for the rest of the match.  Chris Cameron was a bit unlucky as the last hour and 30 mins was really tough for him and I caught 6 carp in that period to just beat him.

I have been using Colmic F1 Spider Line for way over a year now and it is incredible.  I am honestly convinced that the Fluro Tec system makes it harder for fish to see it and therefore has increased my catch rate.  The line only retails for £5.99.  You need to take your time when making your knots, but wet them good and proper and ensure you get the figure of eight when using loops to loops.  Otherwise the knots may slip. 

 Colmic F1 Spider has a protected coating, which makes it one of the hardest wearing lines on the planet!!  Some of the catches on this line have been immense, catching fish up to 30kg (65lb carp and catfish on Colmic poles too).  This is massive fish that test fishing equipment to the maximum.  Spider F1 line is now getting used by some good UK carp specimen anglers, as it's so adrasive against snags.  I know line is hard to change, as we ALL get set in our ways, as you have your favourites, but I would strongly encourage you to look at this line.   For me, personally I've caught fish big fish on it, and have loads of 100lb plus weights on it, like today.  I used 0.09 today and caught 8lb carp with no problems.

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