Monday, 11 January 2016

My Colmic visit 2016.

The Colmic Factory is a beautiful set up, not been basis, it really is!!   Also the Colmic factory is full of products and new developments, so was really looking forward to going there again.  Jacopo Falsini, is one of the many top anglers that work for Colmic and he is a World Champion with impressive angling CV.   Jacopo develops and product tests a lot of products, so we are lucky to get someone that's so good at testing the products.

The Colmic new carp poles are impressive, as always Colmic poles are really strong and hard wearing. Only used the 9401 a couple of times at the moment, very stiff for a "proper carp pole".  I haven't given it a proper test yet, only caught fish up to 12lb, so watch this space.  Also to make Colmic poles more appealing to the English market Colmic have 1.5 meter extensions that are parallel!  We have had the 9401 at 16 meters in the factory, no problem.  It's heavy compared to some poles are the market, but it's well balanced.  The biggest plus is that it's so strong, so breakages will be pretty non exist with the 9401 as this pole is stronger than my Colmic Airon F44, whereby I haven't broke a section of F44 in four years (well a number 1 section, smacking it through ice with a 15lb carp on the end).  Colmic use the best materials on the planet to make their poles.  Fact. 

Also the new Colmic 7401 is going to be a show stopper in 2016.

The beauty of Colmic poles they are built to last.  UK commercial fishing has become more demanding and your not scared of fishing the heaviest elastics with puller kits.  Also poles don't break in the wind, the amount of times it's really windy in the UK is unreal.  I remember fishing Boundary pool at Manor Farm leisure in high winds and the only people that got thier poles out, were Colmic ones!!   The Colmic Airon range is impressive.  

Boxes, rods, hooks, clothing, line, all top quality!


Colmic have over 1,000,000 floats in stock and makes them one of the biggest float manufacturers on the plant.

Devils are going to be successful commercial float.

Really the Jollys

Massive range of keeps nets.  100% fish friendly, no holes for carp fins to get caught in!  Nets are unbelievable prices.  Karper Net 2.5mt is only £34.99 rrp.  Why are Colmic nets such good value??  Well, they have their own manufacture, all built "in house".  

Colmic Adventure Rods

New range of Scrape has been increased, with rods, feeders, groundbaits, and hook baits.   Three piece rods have been developed, with new size of 70 gram.   The rod market has become incredible market now, highly competitive and you get a lot for your money.  The Next Adventure 60, 11 feet.  Great value.  

Look on Colmic's website

Colmic are at the BIG ONE on 19th and 20th March, so come and see us.

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