Friday, 31 October 2014

Colmic 2014

I haven't been to the Colmic factory since 2012, which was when I was first introduced to Colmic.  My boss, Francesco had invited me across, and few of the over lads (Jamie, Brian the snorer Clarke, Shaun and Gus) They arrived on Monday, but because of work, I didn't arrive until evening Tuesday as Gus did.  Tuesday was the fishing day! With was gutting, as they caught some catfish, which is one fish I have never caught!!   The guys picked me up from Incia.

The fishing in Tuscany for a feature. They have been using the T9 Quaser Pole (this pole is a must see, also extensions should be coming in 2015). Jamie had caught carp up to 20lb on this pole for this feature and also had hard fighting catfish.   Brian had been using the new feeder rods.   Tom from Pole Fishing was there filming and the publication will be out in January issue of Pole fishing.

I was excited to see the new products that they had to offer. Especially the new range of feeder rods, luggage and some of new Colmic poles, as they done nothing less than impress me so far.   Please don't be thinking this is a basis opinion, as I wouldn't use anything that isn't up to standard, the people that know me would vouch for that.

The Colmic Karper pole landed a huge Catfish which weighed an immense 132lb!!  As far as we know this is the biggest fish EVER to be landed on a fishing pole. I don't know this for a fact, as the world is a big place! 

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

  • Peg 34 Windmill
  • 55lb
  • 4th
  • 19 fished

I haven't been to Manor Farm Leisure for months, and I was keen to get back there, as I hadn't seen venue or Mark Malin, Jas Cooke and Kurtis Tranter for a while. 

The Island is a long way.  I used a true 19 meters of pole, which was a hard work with the wind and not getting as mant bites as a wished!!!  I had 32 F1's and 3 Mirror Carp.   Lost a few fish in the snags, I had enough fish on to win, but was nightmare in presentation.  Fish light, get bites, but run the risk of loosing them, which happened, lost the section by 4lb and lost a 6-8lb carp at the net, which pulled out......

Open Match Results – Sunday 26th October – Windmill and Ash Pools

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 22 Windmill
Daiwa Gordon League Peg 18 Ash
Drennan Peg 24 Windmill
Colmic Airon Peg 34 Windmill
Map Marukyu Peg 22 Ash
Colmic Airon Peg 10 Windmill
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ivy House Lakes

  • Peg 22
  • 69lb
  • 2nd overall
  • 20 fished

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Abbey Lakes - Cirencester

The Abbey Lakes in Cirencester is a lake that I used to fish as a boy.  It is situated in the middle of the town, it is a beautiful settings. When I used to fish Abbey grounds it used to be full of roach, a few perch, odd tench, a lot of "Jack Pike"and some big carp.

These days it has a large head of Bream, and club match weights are commonly won with 30lb and up to 60lb!!!  There still is some beautiful head of roach in the lake and some big perch, along with Tench, Chub and a few carp.

So the lake really has transformed in ten years.   To protect the fish against predators the club have invested into "fish cages" to give the fish somewhere to hide. If your club suffers from predators, then it could be worth investing in these?

The Abbey Lakes does a half season ticket, which is only £8.  The Abbey Lakes does enforce a close season.

There are some big perch to catch and around Christmas time, I will do a perch feature and hopefully will have another great bag of perch for the cameras...

Abbey Lakes is celebrating their 25th anniversary as a club.  This year is the first time that I have joined it in a long time, I'm not 100% sure when I was a memeber, over ten years ago!

I don't often pleasure fish and my dad, as always he wanted to have a match with me to make it more interesting, but didn't want to use a keepnet?!?!  Anyway my dad had 3 bream to my catch......

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Oxford Winter League - Round 2

C3 (medley)
180 Gudgeon
4 perch
1 roach
6lb 1oz
3rd in section.
Team Won

It the head quarters (Green Road) we thought I could be on Sandy Point, which can be a great area for roach. After trying to find the pegs, it turned out that I was about 40 yards away.

Pete Scott have me some sound advice, as always.

I hoped the match fished as hard as the rumours, as bank walkers and phone calls stressed that the river wasn't fishing as well as we ALL had hoped for.

My gudgeon were too small and didn't catch them quick enough. I should of feed the bolo for longer, as Paul said the last hour was good for roach, whereas I gave up with my new Colmic Fiume XXT 180 meter bolo rod. As there was millions of gudgeon over the river, even up in the water! Solid with the little beauties.  However, I was short sighted, and got preoccupied and hoped to catch something better but having quick looks on chop and feeding maggots 20 meters out.  Lost a 1lbish skimmer, which wouldn't of made a huge difference and I lost it anyway as it turned the maggot over. 

Fish were tiny, but was solid with them



4 perch.... too small

Got battered both sides.
Paul Glenfield won section with 9lb of roach!!!


Should of fished the bolo longer in the last hour. Roach switched on in last hour.  I caught 3 gudgeon and a dace and chucked it up the bank
Shouldn't of balled it.
Should of whipped it.
Should of chopped it more.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ivy House Festival

Day one

Peg 45
109lb 1oz
42lb 4oz was silvers
Won section
Won Silvers

I was pleased with the draw as normally you can catch down to the right edge early as the stocky carp seem to live there.  Then HOPEFULLY the big boys move in?!?!

Skimmer wise, again a good area, but was slightly concerned that the lake is slightly shallower here and the fish could move to my left more.

The match started very frustratingly, as I lost 4 carp, one of which was huge Mirror Carp but was booked in the side(foul hooked). Nothing broke me, all hook pulls. To be honest, I can't remember ever been broken on 0.188 Spider Line, if you haven't tried it, you should of!!

I was please to win the section and the silver pool. So won £100 which was a great start.


Day Two

Peg 45
3rd in section

Drew the same leg again, which was great as I learnt a lot from the day before. So I had two carp and lost one down the edge in the first 30 mins and had been feeding my skimmer line from the off. So have primed this line for 30 minutes, it should of been soild?!?!? Err no, the float sat there, no bubbles. I was in trouble, the wind was so strong, blew my pole over, then blew it the lake..... challenging times and didn't help that I wasn't catching!!! (Pole was still in one piece, despite leaving a dent in the ground).

Please note, Ivy House only allow ten mintues to play fish after the whistle. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of this, which is my fault as I should of read the rules, but Chris Timms and Frank was behind me telling me how much time I had, we thought 15 minutes, but Phil Powell walked past and said it wouldn't count as you only have ten mintues. So I put it in another net, away from my peg, so no could accuse me of cheating. After a little discussion of the 1ber fish, it didn't count.  Didn't make a difference to points, but could prove to be valuable if it comes to a weight count back.  ALWAYS check the rules and don't take things for granted, as I did.

Andy Won the match with incredible 246lb

Day 3


I knew this was going to be tough, but not quite as tough as this.  I was gutted to loose the silvers by 10oz and to make matters a little worse, I hooked and lost the a carp down the edge!! This cost me two points, this will and did cost me.   I would'nt be able to carry 6 points!!!

Day 4

Peg 46
2nd in section

I little concerned with my draw, but the another match opposite had caught a few fish, so hopefully today was going to be a better day, there was fish tiling, and this was much more postive sign.   However it took me 1 hour and forty minutes to get my first fish, which was a bream about 2lb.  This was tough, and waiting 20 mintues and more for a bite and you didn't wanna miss it!!!

I caught so fish down the edge at 4.10pm and it only lasted 30 minutes, which I had my best run of fish all week, which was 6 carp, no beasts.  I had my biggest carp out in open water, which was a 10lb ghost carp on 0.11 Spider Line.  If you haven't tried this line, then your missing out!!! £6 for 100 meters of class pole line.

I finish with 11 points, which was too many.  A couple of missed bites and one lost fish has cost me a frame place.   Oh well, always next year!!!


Andy Llyod 8 Points
Phil Powell 9 Points
Gary Etheridge 10 points

Highest overall weight

246lb Andy Llyod

Highest Silver weight

42lb Chris Telling (myself)

See Andy's blog
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Oxford Winter League - Abingdon round 1

  • H7 (end peg flyer)
  • 9lb 10oz
  • 7 anglers in a section (but one guy didn't turn up)
  • Won section
  • 7th overall
  • 55 anglers fished

Our fishing match on the River Thames at Abingdon and Cullham was going to be tough, as the river was slow, clear, bright sun and a morning frost.  I was lucky to draw an end peg in the woods, which I did get lost, as I walked past my peg and an old lady said " I think you may have gone too far".  Which I had.

The peg was a around 10 foot and and 35 meters wide.  No fish topped and looked like it was going to be a tough one, which it was.   

6 small skimmers, 1 1lb 8oz perch and a few roach

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