Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 25
1st place.
13 fished.

I really fancied my peg today, there was fish blowing all over my peg before the start of the fishing match.
I caught a few fish at 13 meters on the deck on pellets, i had a stocky carp first drop.  Caught about 30lbish out and 140lb down the edge. Great days fishing, put my new Colmic F3 Carpa pole through its paces!

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lindholme - Fish O

Peg 23 Bonsai
No good
270 fished

Well done to Alan Bruce for winning the event with 124lb odd.

Roll on next year!!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Colmic Open Day. Ivy House Lakes

There's a Colmic open day at Ivy House Lakes on the 19th July.  The event will start at 10am.   Myself and Frank will be fishing, so you able to have a go with our gear.  We will range 4 different poles on offer to you to use.

Mark Malin and Kurtis Tranter will be fishing the match, therefore you will be able to meet and greet them after the match at 5.15pm.

We will have the T9 Quasar Pole, Carpa F3 Pole, Airon F55 pole and Airon F44 on show.  Where you be able to use and fish with pole throughout the day.

Everybody welcome

See details

Ivy House Lakes
Callow Hill
SN15 4JU

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 41
1st Place
Won Silvers
14lb 10oz Silvers
84lb Carp

Colmic's Mark Malin was 4th overall and won his section


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Rolfs Lake

Peg 9
32lb of carp (4)
40lb of bream.
13 fished.

I hoped to try and do 100lb plus of skimmers today, but it wasn't to be, peg 9 is an area that is capable of doing this kind of weight. But i couldn't line them up, so at 5.30pm i decidede to fish for carp, which didn't happen. I had one nice 16lber at 7.20pm, Steve camera man Waters took a photo. After the match, my platform was solid with fish!!
Pete Archer won the match with 180lb on peg 7. Fair play. Mark newbold was 2nd 164lb for 2nd. Ian had 109lb for 3rd. Caught some BIG units down the edge!


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Oxford Summer League - Round 1

E3 (road side)
9lb 14oz 8.
Section win
2nd overall
Team came 2nd.

I haven't fished a silver fish match since the Angling Trust Winter Semi on Kennet and Avon canal, where I blow out on an end peg!

I do love canal fishing, but I do fear that team fishing is on rapid decline, as our Oxford Summer Leage has gone down to six teams.   So the days of big fishing matches on natural venues a thing of the past?? I hope not, especially as everybody in match caught plenty of roach, they may if been small, but as an average, I would I imagine we average over 100 roach per angler. So 36 x 100 is 3600 roach. Wow. The canal is full of fish. 

I had an enjoyable day, caught about 180 roach for 5lb and have 5 small skimmers and a very lucky bream!

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 7
13 fished

Bad day. I couldn't catch down my edge today. God knows what Neil Mckinnon does?! Neil destroyed me and Chris Cameron down the edge! Chris caught shallow and short!  I need to rethink about my edge fishing

Preston Innovations Peg 9

2ND STEVE FORD 130-12-0
Daiwa Gordon League Peg 25

Sensas Peg 29

Middy/Old Ghost Peg 11

Colmic Airon Peg 7

Drennan Peg 3

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Rolfs Lake. Colmic Open Day

Please see some of the photos from the event.




Special thanks to John and Pauline for letting us run the event. The sun did come out to play and the as the fish. Kurtis had 86lb of skimmers as well as 60lb of carp.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ivy House Lakes - Summer Festival

Peg 4
115lb (98lb carp and 17lb silvers)
2nd in section
2nd Overall.
17 Fished

My last fish of the day,  14lb 10oz Common Carp

Tom won my section ( A section) with 134lb.
Val won B section with 75lb
Gary won the silvers with 61lb of skimmers and roach.

Day 2

Peg 4
140lb 5oz
Section win
Won overall.

Was VERY lucky to draw the same peg again.
I had a great days fishing, caught about 15 carp down the edge for 100lb, biggest was 16lb 10oz common. Beautiful fish. Roll on Thursday.
Highest silver weight today was 69lb on peg 21. Well done Jon.

Peg 36
46lb. (19lb carp and 27lb skimmers)
4th in section.
7 points. 
Joint 1st with Gary Etheridge.
All to play for tomorrow.

Mick Lane done well today. He won the match and silvers!!!

Day 4
Peg 2
69lb (42lb 8oz skimmers and 27lb Carp)
3rd in section.

I was concerned with my draw as the wind was off my back.

I had a challenging day, and lost a 15lb mirror at netting range which has cost of the festival and to rub salt into the wound I lost 2lb bream at the net and lost the silver pools on the day. Bad angling!
Well done to Gary Etheridge for winning the festival. Also i would like to thank Andy and Karen for running the event and some fanastic food!

Top 3
Gary Etheridge. 9 points
Chris Telling 10 points
Mick Lane 10 points (less weight )

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

  • Peg 4 Middle Pool
  • 89lb
  • Won section
  • 6th overall
  • 29 fished

1ST HOWARD KAYE 119-12-0
Sensas Peg 25 Middle
2ND JOHN CLEGG 115-8-0
Browning West Midlands Peg 17 Middle
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 23 Middle
4th CHRIS CAMERON 105-8-0
Middy/Old Ghost Peg 15 Windmill
5TH MARK SMITH 101-4-0
Maver Peg 21 Middle
Colmic Airon Peg 4 Middle

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