Sunday, 30 June 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary Pool

  • Peg 34
  • 91lb 4oz
  • 1st place
  • 13 fished
Drawing peg 38 on Boundary Pool is a very good area on the lake, so I was pleased with my draw. There was only 13 angler's fishing match today and this meant we had loads of room.
I started on the method feeder at 20 meters which resulted in 2 skimmer bream. then I went onto the pole at 13 meters which was solid with skimmer bream and odd f1's. I had an enjoyable days fishing and was shocked that I weighed 90lb, I thought I had around the 60lb mark. I had 52lb of f1's and a couple of ghost carp and the rest was skimmers.
Skimmers were an average of 6-8oz each and the odd 1lber


Open Match Results – Sunday 30th June – Boundary Pool

1ST                   CHRIS TELLING                    91-4-0
Colmic Peg 38
2ND                   PHIL HARDWICK               61-4-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 19
3RD                   ROB MCKENZIE                57-14-0
Glos Angling Centre Peg 10
4TH                    RICHARD MERRY                47-12-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies  Peg 17
5TH                   SNOWY ASHINGTON            47-2-0
KPC Peg 8
6TH                   MARK HEMMING                 46-4-0
Lodge Park Peg 30

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rolfs Lake - Friday Night Special

  • Peg 34 (flyer)
  • 146lb (21 carp)
  • 4th
  • 9 fished

How to tie double solid elastic.....

A small video that I done

1ST   PEG   9   ERNIE MALYON   284-1-0
2ND  PEG   2   PAUL JAY   171-5-0
3RD   PEG  7   MICK JONES   156-12-0
4TH  PEG  34  CHRIS TELLING  148-14-0
5TH  PEG    4  MICK CHAPPLE  97-8-0
6TH  PEG 38  DAVE HOWE  93-2-0
7TH  PEG  8  PAUL NEWBURY  84-12-0
9TH  PEG 40 JOHN BENNETT  55-12-0

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rolf's Lake

  • Peg 31
  • 126lb
  • 4th
  • 15 fished

Fizzing was an issue and struggled to get proper bites!

Eddie with some big chub, and yes they were caught on paste!!

Eddie Caught some big fish
Richard was second overall with 143lb
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Boundary Pool

  • Peg 8
  • 40lb
  • 6th overall
  • 3rd section
  • 16 fished
  • Got battered by Chris Cameron
Drawing peg 8 on boundary is good consistent area, so i was pleased with the draw.
it was very windy, and therefore opted to fish 13 meters, 7 meters and down the edge. also fish the method feeder at 25 meters.

A very slow to start with, spent 30 mins on method feeder, which resulted in no bites went on the pole and caught a couple of skimmers, and lost 3 carp or F1's. so tried various ways of presenting the pellet, 1 gram rig, hard pellet, etc..... but the tow was too strong and so was the wind.

So went on method feeder again, which result in 1 ghost carp and 2 big F1's. But bites dried up, and decided to fish worms at 13 meters. which was a good move, but wind messed it up and lost a couple of decent fish. NIGHTMARE. should of framed.

Open Match Results – Sunday 23rd June – Boundary Pool

1ST                   CHRIS CAMERON                65-12-0
Middy/Old Ghost Peg 10
2ND                   MARTIN HOWARD             62-0-0
Ringer Baits Peg 32
3RD                   ANDY BEASLEY                   57-0-0
Garbolino RAF Peg 12
4TH                    MARK COOPER                    56-6-0
Woodlands Tackle  Peg 19
5TH                   NEIL McKINNON               46-0-0
Preston Innovations Peg 36
6TH                   CHRIS TELLING                    40-0-0
Colmic Peg 8

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Manor Farn Leisure - Windmill Pool

  • Peg 34
  • 60lb 8oz
  • 5th Overall and won section by default.
  • 13 anglers fished the match
I do like Windmill lake, as its very varied and the lake has a lot of character.  There's two islands, and depths vary from 5 foot to 12 foot.   I was hoping to draw pegs 6, 15, 24, 26.  However, don't get me wrong, the lake can and is won from many different pegs, but there pegs do have some form.

I drew peg 34 is another peg that I've never drawn and looked nice, island is 18 meters though, the edge looked clear on snags at 14 meters.  But after my second hooked fish down the edge it soon found an under water branch, which was an nightmare to break terminal tackle which was, double solid Vespe 14 elastic, to 0.225 Colmic X5000 and 0.185 Colmic Stream.

With the wind blowing up the other end again, was concerned the fish would follow it, but to be fair the weights were consistent around the lake, and again I felt my peg was worth more, there was lack of F1's in this part of the lake, but there was enough Carp in the peg to win the match.

I should of tapped at 18 meters to the Island and feed more down the edge, maybe even got the old Rolf's paste rigs out.!  It is surprising how many big fish are in the lake!

There are some large fish in Windmill Pool

Open Match Results – Saturday 22nd June – Windmill Lake

1ST                   JOHN WATSON                   91-12-0
Old Ghost Peg 29
2ND                   MR YI                                     77-0-0
Old Ghost Peg 15
3RD                   SNOWY ASHINGTON            76-0-0
KPC Peg 11
4TH                   PHIL HARDWICK               63-0-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg13
5TH                   CHRIS TELLING                    60-8-0
Colmic Peg 34

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rolfs Lake

  • Peg 16
  • 128lb 3oz
  • Section Win
  • 3rd Overall
  • 17 anglers fished the match

I will try and do 100lb of bream in a match...............................

Part of John's winning catch

Top 4

1. John Draper 131lb
2  Stuart Yeomans128lb 8oz
3. myself 128lb 3oz
4. Geoff Edwards 116oz 12oz

see link

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Super League Round 1 - Kennet and Avon Canal. Farmers, Brimslade and Wolfhall

  • A2
  • 2lb 11oz ( about 100 tiny roach)
  • 3 points out 7
  • Team come 2nd, I let them down.
  • 7 teams of 6.

Wolfhall does the look the part.......... if the canal had some colour it would of be amazing!
There were some good weights in last weeks open, and my team mate Paul Glenfield won it with 16lb.  Also couple of our lads were in the main frame as well.  I was surprised when I text message from the team captain asking me to fish round 1 of the superleague, especially as we have a good canal squad.

The Kennet and Avon canal at Marlbourgh was without any question my favourite venue of all time. I've been lucky enough to have some great days fishing over the years!!  If I go back 10 years ago, 10lb of roach was achievable off almost every peg around the Bedwyn area, I remember having 23lb of ALL roach, and having 16lb to 18lb's, and there weights weren't off end pegs or so called flyers. I don't wana live in the past, but I can't help myself thinking of the good old days.  The canal has changed and my love for it has also changed.  I haven't wrote this because of me having a bad day or bad run, but looking at the weights of the venue over the last couple of years they aren't like they used to be.  However, there is some great fishing to be had if you lucky enough to be on some fish, big perch and skimmers are to be had.

On the day I drew A2, and Matt Herbert got me all excited as he thought that I was where Mick Denton was last week!  Mick talked me though his match, then Matt and Mick realised that I was the other end of the section, the wrong end!

On arrival to my peg you could see a few bream swimming around, as Paz tells me that it's solid, one of the bream looked half dead as it had a lot fungus over it.  There were roach topping, but what was alarming is how clear it was and even with boats going through the colour wouldn't hold.  Also when we kitted up the fish had disappeared!

The match was very tough, I caught about 100 tiny roach and never saw a skimmer despite my all efforts. I am a little disappointed and I hope I will fall back in love with the canal!


John Williams took the section apart.
Matt Herbert won the match with 24lb of skimmers
Turners won the event, but there is another 5 rounds to go.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Windmill Pool - Manor Farm Lesisure

  • Peg 1
  • 82lb
  • 1st place
  • 10 anglers fished

Peg 1, Windmill

With strong winds and heavy rains from the night before this was going to have a negative effect on todays fishing match, however I would and did predict that 100lb will be needed to win.
10 anglers fished todays match and therefore we all had plenty of room. I drew peg 1 which is a peg that I never ever drawn before.  I was a little concerned as the wind was blowing hard up the other end of the lake and as we all know carp do like to follow the wind..

My margin rig was:
Jonny Walker 0.4 gram float, to 0.185 Colmic x500 and 0.145 Colmic Stream
14 Colmic 501 hook
Orange Vespe bi core elastic.

I fed 4mm coarse pellet and corn

I had a nightmare from 1.15 to 2.30pm as I lost about 6 fish, which was frustrating to say the least.
Then had 8 fish from 2.30pm to 3pm and 1 fish in last 30 mins.  I felt that i should of had 130lb as a did loose dozen fish in the snags.

Open Match Results – Saturday 15th June – Windmill Lake

1ST                   CHRIS TELLING                    82-12-0
Colmic Peg 1
2ND                   PETE UPTON                                   67-12-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 15
3RD                   CHRIS PEET                           63-0-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 29
4TH                   DANNY ADEY                      62-8-0
Wythal RBL Peg 10
5TH                   ANDY GRIMES                      60-4-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 24

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Boundary Pool.

  • Peg 5
  • 37lb
  • No good
  • 5th overall, 2nd in 5 peg section
  • 9 people fished

Today's fishing match saw three of us in the bottom bay of Boundary Pool.  I was on peg 5 was in wind, and I did fancy it for a few fish, but would of sooner been on peg 42 or Peg 3.  My main attack was pole and pellets and Boundary pool can respond well to "tappiing" and feeding hard pellets, also I can fish on the deck too.

If it fishes hard then you can catch 30lb skimmers to mix in the quiet periods to boost your match weight, so I had a soft pellet rig made up with Pink Vespe E2 Bi Core.  As a back up, would feed feed 8mm's for bomb and pellet waggler line.  Finally feed groundbait and dead reds down the edge, hopefully for some big fish late.......

The match didn't go to plan and I found myself not putting anything in the net, until the last 40 mins, when I fished at 6 meters, which responded well, but "too little too late" and was way off Martin Ludlow who won easily on the baggin waggler.


Match Results – Sunday 10th June – Boundary Pool

1st MARTIN LUDLOW        119-12-0
 M F L Peg 35
2nd ROB McKENZIE             66-0-0
Gloucester A C Peg 39
3rd DUNCAN FIELD             53-4-0
Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 9
4th NEIL McKINNON          41-0-0
Preston Peg 42 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary Pool

  • Peg 6
  • 40lb 6oz
  • 2nd
  • 9 people fished

With the British weather be so awful, I feel we are at least six weeks behind, and therefore fishing has been very difficult and the fish wana spawn, but the weather is preventing this, as it has been way too cold.
Boundary pool is a moody pool, and with the a change of pressure I feel that todays match was going to be hard one, which it was.  With the wind off my back, I was concerned that the feeding fish would follow the wind, but there was F1's topping all over the lake.

With Mark Malin on peg 42 with the wind in his face, this guy is going to be almost unbeatable on the day.  Peg 42 on Boundary has a bit of form at the moment and Mark Malin wouldn't be an angler that would waste this peg. 

I started on the pole at 14 meters and hoped to catch up in the water and down on the deck. also fish a pellet waggler at 25 pellets and fish the bomb over the top. down the edge, but with no ripple down the edge, it would be unlikely for me to catch, which I didn't.
I struggled to catch to started with, only a couple of small skimmers, but looking around no one was catching, apart from Mark, who was catching some decent carp, mainly down the edge, feeding groundbait with red maggots.  After trying several methods, bomb, pellet wagglers, pellet splashier, method feeder, I decided to "tap" at 21 meters, but unbelievably it worked, and I did catch a few F1's on it. 
The lake did fish hard, as would imagine many venues across the country would of done.



Just part of Mark's winning catch

Open Match Results – Saturday 1st June – Boundary Pool

1ST                   MARK MALIN                       79-0-0
Colmic/Bait Tech/Vespe Peg 42
2ND                   CHRIS TELLING                    40-6-0
Colmic Peg 6
3RD                   STEVE HEMMING                 39-0-0
Alcester Sports Peg 34