Sunday, 30 March 2014

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 24 Island.
No good
29 fished.

Shaun Little won it 190lb shallow on the pole. Peg 37 Island Pool.

Adi Mansfield was 2nd peg 22 Ash Pool with 150lb. Down the edge.

Map Marukyu Peg 36 Island
Shakespeare Peg 22 Ash
Clampits AC Peg 4 Island
4th ANDY SIMMONDS 82-0-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 14 Ash
Colmic Bait Tec Peg 35 Island
Preston Innovations Peg 5 Ash
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Angling Trust Semi Final

4lb 6oz
2nd to last
9 section.
Team was 5th

I was excited with my draw and more importantly we seemed to have a decent draw.


I do love my chop worm fishing on the Kennet and Avon canal. I have been lucky enough to have some success on chop worm fishing, but i have also wasted time and lost section win and even matches by spending too long fishing chop worm.

Like our last semi final, there is no fast or easy rules with chop worm on Kennet and Avon canal. One rule I would say Lob Worm is a must for these big perch.  I've feed anything from 20 lobs to 150! So anglers mince their worms and anothers cut them up to little segments. I like to wash my worms and cut them to mush, unless I know that there's loads of perch present and then i'll but into segments. But drawing flyers don't happen that oftened! Well, I had one at Churches on one of the opens, and another today, end peg flyers!

Team Line Ups

Road Side

Peg 12 14lb 10oz
peg 11 5lb 7oz
peg 10 1lb 7oz
peg 9 4lb 2oz
peg 8 1lb 9oz
peg 7 3lb 12oz
peg 6 2lb 2oz
peg 5 3lb 1oz
peg 4 1lb 13oz
peg 3 5oz
peg 2 2lb 15oz
peg 1 3lb 5oz


However, but a long story short it was a struggle for myself, couldn't put a run of fish together. Caught the most perch over my chop all year put togeter, but they were all to small! Must of had 20 perch, which would of gone a disappointing 3lb and had 1lb ish of roach.

1. Starlets 66
2. Dorking 63
3. Gordon League 59


1. Dave Micklewright 22lb 1oz
2.  Nigel Evans 17lb 4oz
3. Mark Gaylard 13lb 1oz

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Colmic F1 Spider

F1 Spider line is Colmic's premier line developed by Jacopo Falsini and the Colmic team. It is best used as a main line in match fishing for pole rigs. Designed for competition fishing, it is marketed by Colmic in order to satisfy the most demanding of anglers. As in all top-level sports, all innovations are developed prior to being launched as top of range and we have spent some time in developing this product. This monofilament combines the NXGEN polymer with top quality. The result being the most specific nylon for match fishing and commercial fisheries.
• High Knot resistance
• water repellent
• anti twist
• u.v. protection triple treatment
• extra strong

• ABRASION RESISTANCE (therefore tieing hooklengths without damaging the line and handles the moment of shot without damaging the line on pole rigs)

My review of the line

Colmic F1 Spider line is retailing at £6.00 - £7.00 for 100 meters, I would honestly say this in incredible value for a Fluro Tec line, and I have used this line for a few months, so not looking at it in a office, and not writing a review without even using it on the bank.  
I've used it on a wide range of venues, but it stood out when I used the line on Windmill Pool, on Peg 24 at Manor Farm Leisure, which if you don't know the venue it is a snag pit. It has brambles and tree's whereby the fish did and all drag your pole rigs through these snags. I fished 0.188, which never got broke and caught 100lb of hard fighting carp from 5lb to 14lb, which included large ghost carp.  The line has a great recovery rate, no memory, a degree of strecth, easy to tie hook lengths. 
The line has a clear but has a blue tinge when wet.  The only down fall is the spools are large, so take a little bit of room up in your box, but if you do your prepartation at home, then your unlikely to take them?!?! Class line.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kennet and Avon Canal - Road Side

Peg 4
1lb 13oz
70 roach

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Ivy House Fishing Festival

Ivy House Lakes Fishing Festival 2014
2nd June to 6th June

For further details on Ivy House Festival, please see link:

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ivy House Lake - Cost Cutter

  • Peg 12
  • 116lb 10oz
  • 1st
  • 24 fished
  • New venue record (it won't last long)

I haven't fished Ivy House Lakes for a long time, and i do have some fond memories of the place, as I did have a good run of matches fishing paste long.  I reckon that will work this summer.

Andy and his wife are the new owners of Ivy House Lakes and they have restocked the lakes. The Big Lake/Match Lake have recently been stocked with these carp, which are little beauties, they range from 8oz to 1lb 8oz, most of the stock carp are around 1lb.

I fished 4mm white pellet on the hook and fed 4mm coarse pellet. 

Gear used:

Colmic Airon F55 Pole

0.4 gram Jon Walker Pellet float to 0.165 X5000 line and 0.103 Stream Hooklenth. To a 18 Colmic 501 hook.

0.8 gram Jon Walker Pellet float to 0.165 and 0.103 Hooklenth. 16 Colmic 501 hook.

Top 4 

Chris Telling 116lb 10oz (peg 12)
Sam Nobbs 46lb (peg 13)
Steve Bell 44lb (peg 48)
Alan Oram 30lb (peg 17)

Contact Details For Ivy House Lakes:

Ivy House Lake
SN15 4JU

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kennet and Avon Canal

  • A6 Wolfhall
  • 8lb 2oz
  • All roach
  • 4th in section, 10 pegs (well, 9 people fished as peg 4 wasn't drawn)
  • 18th overall
  • 102 people fished the match.
 9lb 5oz won section, end peg, then 9lb 4oz off other end peg. Then Callum dick's had 9lb 3oz

Lots of tiny roach feed
Colmic Lux floats are my choice of float

VERY clear canal

Well done to Martyn Howard 20lb 2oz, 8 perch and some bits

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Kennet and Avon - Churches

Peg 2 churches
2lb 10oz
last in our line up
5 of us fished

The canal has been crystal clear, but there is plenty of little fish to be caught and therefore should be a great semi, the  end pegs should look after themselves.

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Colmic "All Round"

Where can you buy 300 meters of top quailty line for fiver?? This will do on average 100 rigs (averaging 3 meters long), so works out to be  5 pence worth of line per rig. Incredible value.

The line could be used for a wide range of fishing, pole rigs, hooklengths, reel line etc.   In field testing we have used it for pole rigs and hooklengths and caught 100lb plus bags of hard fighting carp.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kennet and Avon Canal - Wolfhall to Road Side

  • D10 end peg.
  • 10lb 6oz.
  • 73 anglers fished.
  • 6th Overall

There was 10 sections in today's fishing match, which saw 73 match anglers attend.  This meant there was 20 end pegs!!!  This canal has become dominated by end pegs in recent times, therefore been an open match, I was praying for an end peg as we all did!!!  I was very lucky with draw bag and drew a good end peg (isn't such thing as a bad one??) at Churches.  I think I should buy a couple of lines of national lottery this week?!
Walking up the bank I was greeted by my old team mate, Kevin Rowles, and asked him what section this was...."D section", I had a senior moment and thought I was on E10.  So walked by to the car, where my drew ticket was, and released I was on D.  So pleased, otherwise I would of had an immense walk, I know I need to do some exercise, but not with a ton of tackle to carry.
On arrival to my peg, I was concerned of lack of fish topping, as there was none, and how clear the canal was.
I had a good fishing match,  I had two bites on the lob worm, one was a 5lb pike and another was 2lb 8oz perch and I had 160 little fish to go with it.  Shame the pike didn't count!!!

  1. Simon Drew Oawood Angling 19 12 1
  2. Adam Carter Devizes Match Group 17 12  
  3. Richard Cox Tubertini Appollo 15 15 
  4. Gary Williamson Devizes Match Group 14 8 
  5. Tony Hobbs Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 12 2 
  6. Chris Telling Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 10 6 
Peg by peg.......

A1 Pete Scott Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 5 1 Wolfhall A2 Arthur Hicks 0 1 6 Average/Section A3 Andy Otterway Preston Inovations Thatchers 5 0 4 lb 4 oz A4 Mick Gale Swindon Talisman 5 9 A5 Mark Brush Daiwa Gordon League 2 9 677.0 4.2 A6 Bill Marriner Oawood Angling 3 2 10 A7 Simon Fry Kamasan Starlets 2 11 A8 J. Southgate Oawood Angling 3 11 A9 I. Young Oawood Angling 5 11 A10 Matt Herbert Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 7 9 B1 Jay Lake Maver Cardinals 4 8 Competition B2 B. Murphy Oawood Angling 3 10 Average/Section B3 Troy Weaver Daiwa Gordon League 2 15 4 lb 11 oz B4 Bob Davis Swindon Talisman B5 Dan Varney Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 3 6 603.0 4.7 B6 Paul Andrews Devizes Match Group 8 B7 Colin Dance Preston Inovations Thatchers 4 13 B8 J. Davis Oawood Angling 3 6 B9 Mark Kimber Daiwa Gordon League 5 8 B10 Ian Didcote Daiwa Dorking 9 9 C1 John Taylor Tubertini Appollo Beeches C2 Mark Gaylord Daiwa Gordon League 4 1 Average/Section C3 Dave Johnson Swindon Talisman 3 lb 12 oz C4 Carl Eland Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 2 15.5 C5 Gary Etheridge Garbolino Blackmore Vale 3 0 423.0 3.8 C6 Paul Udell Maver Cardinals 7 C7 Darren Cox Kamasan Starlets 2 11.5 C8 Matt Greaves 0 3 0.5 C9 Gary Barclay Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 3 3.5 C10 Simon Willsmore Daiwa Dorking 7 7 D1 Kevin Rowles Devizes Match Group 7 3 Church D2 Martin Barret Preston Inovations Thatchers Average/Section D3 Steve Sanders Daiwa Dorking 3 9 5 lb 6 oz D4 Nigel Baker Devizes Match Group 3 2 D5 B. Gibbons Daiwa Dorking 3 12 599.0 5.3 D6 Steve Saunders 0 7 D7 Tom Hobbs Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 3 14 D8 Alan Jones Daiwa Gordon League 5 8.5 D9 Alan Brown Swindon Talisman D10 Chris Telling Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 10 6.5 E1 Richard Cox Tubertini Appollo 15 15 Great Bedwyn Station E2 Darren Davis Daiwa Dorking 4 8 Average/Section E3 Dave Micklewright Daiwa Gordon League 3 11.5 5 lb 13 oz E4 Martin Kirk Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 4 12 E5 Steve Green 0 3 0 838.0 5.8 E6 Lee Trivett Preston Inovations Thatchers 3 25 9 E7 Mick Denton Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 1 13.5 E8 Gavin Millis Tubertini Appollo E9 Scott Geens Preston Inovations 10 1 E10 M. Palk Oawood Angling 4 0 F1 Andy Pollard Daiwa Gordon League 3 11 Potters F2 Arnoldas Liaukevicius Tubertini Appollo Average/Section F3 Dave. Guntrip Daiwa Dorking 5 9 5 lb 9 oz F4 Richard Hicks Tubertini Appollo F5 Jamie Burt Beeby Tubertini Appollo 621.0 5.5 F6 Tom Moretti Preston Inovations Thatchers 2 15 7 F7 D. Jones Oawood Angling 5 11 F8 Steve Long Garbolino Blackmore Vale 7 14 F9 John Gaylord Daiwa Gordon League 7 2 10 F10 Gary Earles Oawood Angling 5 15 H1 Gary Williamson Devizes Match Group 14 8 Iron Bridge H2 Jeff Lewenden Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 4 9.5 Average/Section H3 Mick Sheppard Oawood Angling 3 9 6 lb 5 oz H4 Lee Edwards Daiwa Dorking 9 3 H5 Calum Dicks Daiwa Dorking 7 7 909.5 6.3 H6 Mark Treasure Daiwa Gordon League 5 1 9 H7 T. Boice Jnr Oawood Angling 3 15 H8 Steve Beeby Tubertini Appollo H9 Paul Waddington Daiwa Gordon League 4 6 H10 Martin Phipps Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 4 3 J1 Simon Drew Oawood Angling 19 12 Little Bedwyn Bayside J2 Will Raison Daiwa Dorking 5 10 Average/Section J3 Steve Townsend Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 5 11 8 lb 4 oz J4 Mark Lloyd Sensas Wiltshire Angling J5 Mick Elliot Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 921.0 8.2 J6 Mike Withey 0 7 J7 Tony Salcynski Oawood Angling 4 9 J8 James Carty Devizes Match Group 6 9 J9 Roger Green 0 3 4 J10 Tony Hobbs Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 12 2 K1 Adam Carter Devizes Match Group 17 12 Little Bedwyn Roadside K2 T. Boice Oawood Angling 3 10 Average/Section K3 G. Curl Oawood Angling 6 13 5 lb 10 oz K4 Dave Kirk Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 3 12 K5 R. Swann Oawood Angling 2 9 812.0 5.6 K6 Steve Palmer Maver Cardinals 9 K7 M. Howells Oawood Angling 3 0 K8 Bubbles Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 3 9 K9 Gary Pook Daiwa Dorking 3 8 K10 Vic Abbot 0 6 3

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Manor Farm Leisure - Ash Pool, Windmill Pool and Boundary Pool

  • Peg 5 Ash
  • 117lb
  • 1st Place
  • 20 fished

Very happy and lucky to draw Ash Pool, this pool has been fishing well, so fancied my chances.
For once it was sunny, and i know that waggler had been working, so got my Colmic Professional 25 rod out, wiped the dust off it. Also kitted up a couple of shallow pole rigs, 2 pole ship for the deck and a bomb and bread, which i planned to start on...

I fish the bomb and bread for 2  minutes which result in nothing. So went on the pole and had 5 f1's, ghostie and a couple of skimmers.

The pole began to fade, so chucked a 6g Phil Neville pellet waggler and had another 6 F1's. 3rd hour was a struggle, 4th caught a few on pole and waggler and the final hour was solid on the pole shallow, tapping, unbelievable!

1st CHRIS TELLING 117-8-0
Colmic Airon Peg 5 Ash
2nd KEVIN GILES 64-0-0
Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 16 Ash
Bonehill Mill Peg 7 Boundary
4th NICK HANCOCK 43-0-0
Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 7 Ash
5th DUNCAN FIELD 39-12-0
Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 27 Windmill
6th JIM SMITH 34-8-0
M F L Peg 18 Ash