Monday, 31 January 2011

Pewsey 31/01/11

Pewsey Open 30/01/11
·         30 people fished
·         3rd overall and section win
·         3lb 3oz (40 tiny fish and 3 bonus perch)

Lucky big "billy" ( about 12oz)

Nigel Franks with 2lb 3oz, unlucky to loose the section by default.

Mr Pollard with 3lb for 4th

Nigel Crewe

Very hard match, 3lb 7oz won it (well done Gary O'Shea)

 see report on the Vespe site, see link below:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Manor Weekend 22/01/11 and 23/01/11

Windmill 22/01/11

  • Peg 26
  • 27lb 6oz
  • 6th out 16
  • 2nd in my section
  • I had 3lb 4oz Perch (personal best)

Match Results – Saturday 22nd January – Windmill and Island Pools

1st ANDY POLLARD 46-4-0
D G L / Mosella Peg 15 Windmill
2nd CHRIS CAMERON 39-8-0
Mosella S W Peg 4 Island
3rd MIKE POLLARD 31-2-0
Mosella Peg 24 Windmill
Island 23/01/11

  • Peg 34
  • 16lb 4oz
  • no good.... must try harder

Nigel Crewe on his way to 3rd overall.

Match Results – Sunday 23rd January – Island, Middle, Boundary and Windmill Pools

Wye Angling Peg 3 Middle
Oxford Peg 28 Middle
DGL Peg 13 Island
4TH ROB WILSON 46-10-0
MFL Peg 15 Island


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Open at Manor Farm

Windmill Lake

  • 27lb 10oz (lost section by 8oz)
  • Peg 24
  • 9 carp and 5 chub
  • 2nd in section and 3rd on the lake
see full report on

match report via Manor Farm

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Open Match at Manor

Manor Farm 9th Jan 2011

Peg 27 on Windmill, my kit neat as ever

  • Weighed 3lb 10oz of all little roach
  • I was lucky and won the 5 peg section.
Peg 27 which is in bowl, which is around 7 foot deep which is good depth, but the pegs to my left are 10 foot which are the hotspots.  Steve Ford had 128lb midweek match on peg 16, which was a superb weight for this time of year.  However, after speaking to Steve on the morning he reassured that is a good peg, but I wasn’t  so sure to be honest and was disappointed to be here. 
I thought it would be rock hard, and the match did turn out to be a real shocker.  I started by feeding two lines at 14.5 meters as I felt that wouldn’t catch any closer, so feed 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock.  The 10’clock line I fed around 50 4mm pellets and at the12 o’clock line I fed 15 pellets.  This would enable me to judge the response between the two.   The depths were the same, and therefore maybe life easy, as I could quickly rotate between the lines without changing rigs.  I fished 4mm skretting pellet on the hook, the same ones that I am feeding.
 I didn’t feed anywhere else but these two lines, and fished between the two for 1 hour and thirty minutes, and had one bite which I missed.  So I decided to fish 16 meters at 12 o’clock for half hour and again failed to get any bites.  Now I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to catch a carp, also no else had caught a carp in the bowl at this stage.  The guy to my left was catching silver fish, roach, so I got off my box and quickly made up a roach rig.  My roach rig was a Malman winter wire 4x14, 0.125 main line to a 0.75 hooklength and a 22 green gama.
I potted in 30 pinkies, 10 maggots along with 10 pellets at 14 meters at 12 o’clock.  Shipped out to 14 meters and caught a ½ oz roach straight away, and shipped out again and another quickly followed, so I decided to loose feed over the top, but this had a negative effect, as bites dried up quickly.  Therefore, I decided to put 30 pinkies with 10 maggots and 10 pellets every five fish and have a very quick look for a carp, just to left the roach settle on that line and give me a chance of catching a carp on both lines.  Also loose feeding didn’t work as the fish didn’t what to complete for food, as the water was so cold, I think this made them very lethargic and were getting spooked by lose feeding.  Inflection I think groundbait and pinkie would of been best for roach, but hey I went to a carp water to win!!
I caught around 40 roach and 4 small skimmers to give me 3lb 10oz.

See link for full match details

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bread fishing

The essential items for bread fishing
  • Good quailty bread, Hovis, Kingsmill or Warburtons
  • A good food blender or coffee grinder
  • Flour sieve
  • Good punches with a pin or needle

 Good punches, Drennan Brass, they cut the bread cleanly and the pin is there to unblock the punches when I am fishing.  Very effective when it is raining, as the punches do get clogged.

Cutting the crusts off will make the bread sink faster.  So if  pike are a problem or the canal is flowing then the bread will get to the bottom quicker.  Also cutting the crusts off will make the bread less filling.  However, if you fishing a canal that is full of fish or catching skimmers then leave the crusts on.
Once blender up, you may wish to put through a flour sieve or pinkie ridd.
The leftovers you can blend again
See the differnce between the sieved (left) and unsieved (right)
Sensas 21 floats from 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 is used
I use Gamakatsu or B511 size 22 for baggin on 4mm punch
Image Im1's in 24 or 26 or 95% of my bread fishing

South Cerney Club match on K&A canal station

Andy Burns winning the match on peg 1, with over 12lb. 

Dad on peg 2, with 2lb 11oz

My peg 8, same one as the Angling Times winter league

Andy Bright on Peg 11, the bush peg.  2lb 6oz.

Feeding bread

Or use your float

Only had 2lb 13oz, for 5th out of 12 anglers.  Couldn't catch a bonus.