Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

  • Peg 14
  • 71lb
  • last
  • 13 fished

Skimmers were not a good sign, great to see, but not my target fish.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Ivy House Lakes. Friday evening match

Peg 15 (flyer)
Match win
Won Silvers
12 fished

A bit of rush for me to get to Ivy House Lakes tonight, the beauty of two jobs, but made it.  I was even doing my rigs in the draw queue and had last one in the bucket which was a peach of a peg!!!

It was going to be a simple match for me, paste in open water and maggots down the edge on my trustee pole, the new Colmic 7401. 

The beginning of the match I started down the edge and had two small carp, but like a tw*t spent too much time on it.  Then went on paste and caught carp and skimmers, was a brilliant nights fishing and I was told this was the highest weight of the year in three hours.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 16
177lb 6oz
No good (Did have 291lb, but went over in two nets!!)
16 fished

Looking for a new carp pole for under a £1000?  Then strongly suggest having a look at the Colmic 7401 X3 pole.  This pole is built to last, I've been using it on and off for the last month and it hasn't failed to impress me and all the people that I shown (even other sales reps from the big one and on the bank).  The 7401 X3 pole is stronger than my F44 Pole and this hasn't let me down once in four long years!!!


3 spare top kits
1 spare third section
2 Dolly Butts
1 Hard case rod bag.

see all our poles and rods via the link below:


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Monday, 22 August 2016

Alders Farm Fishery

Ash Pool

See some of the pegs

Pole peg, be mindful of other anglers as it's quite tight for room.  Normally this peg is not normally in matches.

The "plug".  The is a deeper peg, 5.5 feet to 6 foot (depending on water levels) at 13 meters.  

I believe there's no island chuck rule.

Peg 27, you have a Island chuck.  Lovely edges.

Peg 28, 

Peg 29, shallow, great summer/spring peg, shallow peg of the lake, loads of fish up this end and the pegs are further apart.

Peg 30, end peg, never been lucky enough to draw it.  This is the shallow end of the lake, a great Spring/ summer peg.  Good margins.  Don't be scared of the depth.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 13
100lb 2oz
1st place
2nd in silvers
12 fished

Another great draw, couldn't ask for a better area to be honest.... seem to have a great drawing arm at the mo.

Paste is my number one bait at the moment, haven't quite got it sorted at the moment, missing a lot of bites and suffering a few foul hookers too.  However, this doesn't seem to be a common issue with the carp at the moment whatever bait your using.  Lots of anglers are suffering the same issue.  These Ivy House carp are clever....

Nathan Reeves had a lovely net of skimmers, caught on his 6 meter line mainly, on pellets and corn.  Fair play to him, well done on winning silvers!!  I had a lovely day, caught paste at 6 meters in the end.

See weights from today's match at Ivy House Lakes

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Tunnel Barn Farm - Maver Match This

Peg 28 Extension
93lb 10oz
No good (think I was second in section)
101 anglers fished

This was first and only ticket for Maver Match This qualifier at Tunnel Barn Farm.  Tunnel for me is a venue that I never seem to do well at, for one reason or another. The whole venue seems to have go caster mad, banded caster shallow and really shallow.  Great think thing about Facebook and social media is the amount of write ups you can see that are up to date and real time, so you can learn a lot via the web.

I drew peg 28 Extension Pool which was a steady area, but been realistic and honest, I stood very little chance of qualifying from here. 

I should of fished paste at 4 meters. Fish blew (fizzed) on feed pellets. Had 1 stocky F1.

Casters should of been feed at 10 meters at not at 7 meters.

Meat.... Should of had some... Meat in edges.

Top soil would of been better than peat. Didn't rotate lines quick enough

Well done to Steve Openshaw for winning the match.  Good luck to you in the final.

See all results via link

Section Winners

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ivy House Lakes - Costcutter

Peg 21
37lb 12oz
Won section / Lake
18 fished

With 18 anglers fishing the match, Andy (owner) decided put Williow in, and have three sections paying out.  On in silvers and one for overall weight.

I drew peg 21, which was Williow, in the corner.  This peg is defiantly going to be feast or famine peg and I would guess I should catch some lumps late hopefully.  But who knows!!!!???

On arrival there was a bit of a breeze and old fish blowing, but no cruisers.  Worried that this could be tough.  Decided to fish paste at 14 meters with my Colmic Airon F44 pole, with my normal set up and fish maggots down the edge to my right, along the bank which is shallow, 18 inches.

The match was slow and I lost a 15lber at net range on paste, just pulled out..... Gutted.  Waited ages for bites, rotated lines and tried to catch some decent stamp of fish, but failed.  The lake is full of roach and in reflection I should of fish for them for 4.5 hours on casters, I reckon you could do 30lb of them!

I had 4 carp in the last 1 hour 20 mintues and two at 3.10pm straight after each other, down the edge, one 3lber and another 8lber.  Then angler got off his box on the match lake, which sky lined me and I didn't get another bite for 40 mintues.  Could be coincidence?  Awarked as my margin is directly behind him....  I caught two more carp down the edge, late.  So had three carp for 27lb 10oz and 3lber and also 7lb of bits and bobs.  

See weights below

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Mick Telling

Special thanks to Steve Broadhurst from D&J Sports for organising the prizes and trophies

Terry Hicks74lb 9oz
Nathan Reeves 74lb 6oz
Cliff Dutton 64lb
Glen Picton 62lb 1oz
Matt Herbert 50lb 5oz
Dan Smith 43lb 15oz
John Williams 33lb 14oz
Martin Price 33lb 14oz
Andy Burns 33lb 10oz
John Coates 28lb 2oz
Ed Bryant 18lb 8oz
Paul Giddings 8lb 8oz

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 6
Won silvers
16 fished

Its been a really busy week, so was really looking forward to some fishing, and I do love fishing at Ivy House Lakes.  Drew peg 6 which was alright, and as I've said before I'm never disappointed where I draw at Ivy, as I do feel it's a fair lake, as few better areas with wind direction etc.  But at Ivy House Lake you never know where the winner will come from and it's never dominated by one or two pegs like some venues.

My worm mix was doing the damage, paste for carp didn't seem to work.  Highlight of the day was winning £2 side bet of Ralph Hillier.

Caught a Grass Carp after the match, still ain't caught this 15lber