Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Airon Box

Airon Box

• 2 x hinged rig trays 39 cm x 28 cm internal

• 2 x front drawers 18 cm x 30 cm internal

• 6 x 30 mm telescopic legs with swivel mud feet

• Top quality pole seat with butt support

• Fully adjustable spray bar with grooved neoprene rest

• Fully adjustable double side pole rest

• Strong slide away non slip footplate

• Adjustable side tray 50 cm x 37 cm

• Integral non marking easy grip adjusting knobs

• Revolutionary wind resistant umbrella attachment

• High quality padded shoulder strap

• Adjustable keepnet attachment
All this for £399.99



Saturday, 27 October 2012

Manor Farm Leisure - Island

  • Sunday 28th
  • Peg 23
  • 59lb 8oz
  • Won section
  • 13 fished

Today's match look to a lot better, as the weather was much more milder and the wind nowhere near as strong. A seem to like drawing in the corner, however the wind was blowing into it, and therefore did fancy it for a few fish. However, my Mainline NRG meat didn't work today, and 6mm banded pellet was much more productive.

Yellow Meat gear, Drennan Carp Hair riggers and Preston quick stops.  I use 0.165 Colmic X5000 line, I wouldn't suggest going any lighter as these carp run big and they are very powerful.


Got a battering off the next peg though.

Match Results – Sunday 28th October – Island Pool

Lodge Park Peg 25
Brewery AC Peg 13
Brewery AC Peg 4
Mosella Peg 27

  • Saturday 27th
  • Peg 6
  • 60lb 4oz (2 F1's and 10 Carp)
  • First place
  • 14 fished
It is surprising how many big carp there are at Manor Farm Leisure, and I think with the cold weather coming, these carp are having a quick feed before the winter comes.  Last night’s frost was always going to make this a difficult fishing match, however very pleased with drawing peg 6, what a flyer!
Big fish trying to get under the rope.
I had 4 fish that would of gone 30lb.


Match Results – Saturday 27th October – Island Pool

Colmic Peg 6
Maver Gold Peg 27
Leigh Tackle & Bait Peg 18


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool

  • Peg 24
  • 44lb 10oz
  • No good

I real struggle today, couldn't put a run a fish together at all!  The waggler was by far the most productive line of attack.   Fished and fed 6mm coarse pellet at 23-25 meters.

Well done to Andy who has won his second match on the bounce!


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Solhampton - Buzzard Pool

  • Peg 14
  • 35lb 10oz
  • No good
It was a very bleak morning, which slowed things down to Solhampton's normal standard.   However there was four 70lb weights on the lake and it did fish well in places.

 Well done to Karl who won Partridge lake with 104lb.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Manor Farm Leisure - Windmill Lake

  • Peg 29
  • 84lb 4oz
  • 2nd

I do enjoy fishing Windmill Lake, and to be honest it's my favourite lake at Manor Farm Leisure, as when that float goes under it could be anything. Also as a whole Windmill lake is dominated by the pole anh has a lake head of Carp and F1's, but also has loads of roach, skimmers, perch (some big ones I had 3lber) and chub.
I had an enjoyable and challenging day on the pole at 13 meters and down the edge.  Fished pellets all day, fished 6mm and 4mm on the hook and fed 4mm pellet over the top.

Today's winner, Steve with 25 Carp for 104lb

A few late carp down the edge, but 20lb behind winner, too little too late

Mark with a stunning Ghost Carp


Match Results – Saturday 20th October – Windmill Lake

Mosella Peg 22
Colmic Peg 29
Bait Tec Peg 6
Carp, tench and skimmers caught on pole and pellet.
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Boundary Pool

  • 58lb 8oz
  • Peg 38
  • 1st Place
  • 15 fished

Manor Farm Leisure is a great venue that I do fish throughout the year and more so in the winter time.  With the weather like a "yo yo" and really heavy rain last night, today's open match on Boundary Pool is going to be a tougher match than normal.


  I caught many different carp today.  Mirrors, Common Carp, Ghost Carp, F1's and this crucian carp.

Bomb and pellet worked well, I used 0.18mm Colmic Method Line Feeder to 0.125 X5000 hook length and 18 Drennan Carp Feeder hook.  "Pinged" 6mm pellets all day and didn't go onto it for a couple of hours to build the swim up, and caught steady the bomb at 30 meters, and mainly caught F1 carp up to 4lb!   I fished a long tail, about 2 foot long so had a nice slow fall.  I fished the waggler over the top which result in a couple of small F1's, bomb was more affective.

Match Results – Thursday 18th October – Boundary Pool – Affordable Open

Colmic Peg 38
MFL Peg 34
Edgerley Sports Peg 14

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool

  • 82lb
  • Peg 24
  • Section Win and 2nd overall
  • 12 fished
Neil Richards


Match Results – Wednesday 17th October – Island Pool

Smithys Tackle Peg 8
Colmic Peg 24
Colmic Peg 13

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Oxford Winter League Round 2

  • H2
  • 4lb 2oz
  • 3rd in section (no good)
  • Highlight was catching a 1lb 10oz roach

River Thames took a nasty knock with a -3oc frost this morning.

Another tough day.............. 1lb 10oz roach helped boost my weight, but needed a lot more.

Well done to Steve for winning my section and 4th Overall with 12lb of all roach.
Top 3 Teams on the day.
Isis 23 Points
Sensas A4 20 points
Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 19 points
Top 3 on the day
25lb........ (will find out)
23lb Jeff Lewindon
17lb Paul Glenfield
Top 3 Overall after two rounds
Isis, Sensas A4 and Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths all on 4 points

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Fermoy Autumn Festival

Well done to Neil Richards who won the Fermoy Autumn Festival on the River Blackwater. 

Day One
18lb of Dace (match win)
Day Two
26lb of Dace (match win)
Day Three
25lb of Dace (2nd overall)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oxford Winter League - Round 1

  • E4
  • 8.5oz (2 roach, 1 ruffe and 3 bleak)
  • 2 points of of 5.

Well done to my team mates for winning the first round of the Angling Trust winter league at Abingdon on the river Thames.  Also Paul Glenfield showing his skill on the river Thames with a impressive 19lb to to win the match!  To top it off we had the top 3 in the frame. Lots of big roach showed today, many knocking on 2lb.

Carl Eland's catch.

Top 3 Teams

Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 35 points
Sensas A4 26 points
Fox Isis 24 points

Top 3

Paul Glenfield 19lb 10oz
Carl Eland 14lb 10oz
Tom Hobbs 13lb 3oz

(All Team Mates)

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

County Champs- Final

  • Peg 26 Bridge
  • 16lb 4oz
  • 12 F1's and 3 small Barbel
  • No good.....

Bright sunshine and flat calm Heronbrook was always going to be tough.

The County Champs final is something that I have always wanted to get through for the last couple of years.  I haven’t been good or lucky enough to get through to the final in the last couple of years.  The semi finals for last couple of years has been at Hillview, and have been unsuccessful to get through to the final at Barston.

This is the first year whereby the county champs has had no semi final, as it used to be the top twenty in your county with the highest points would go through to semi final at Hillview and the top 5 would go through from that match.  This year only the top three go through to the final, and the final is at Heronbrook and Gloucestershire’s finalists were myself, Chris Cameron and Steve Ford.  To be honest I did to deserve to be in the final as Neil Mckinnon would have had more points than me, but he decided not to register with the Angling Times County Championships and therefore would not fish County Champs final at Heronbrook, as he was on Preston Innovation festival at White Acres.

After another painful morning with my gout, I was cutting it a little fine and arrived at 9.05am (draw time 9.00am) and Chris Cameron (early bird) had already drawn for us and had three tickets within the envelope and advised me that I was on Bridge Pool 26, which was apparently a good draw, however 27 was in the corner, which have been a much more fancied peg.  My peg was 13 meters wide which made life easy fishing and decided to have 3 lines of attack on the far bank, however the depth were all over the place, to my left it was 4ft deep tight to the far bank, in front was 2ft and to my left was 2.5 ft.  So plenty of time to prepare for my fishing match, I had several rigs set up to combat with the different depths.   Chris Cameron had drawn peg 2 on Meadow and Steve Ford was on the match lake.

I was prepared for a hard fishing match, and I knew that 50lb would be a good weight on Bridge Pool and 70lb would be mega.  However, my match didn’t go to plan as bites were at premium even through a worked hard and hoped the fish would turn up and turn on the last hour which they simply didn’t and unfortunately my 12 small F1’s and 3 barbel for 16lb put me nowhere.  I do believe that the peg was worth forty pounds.  The mistakes I made:

·         Should of feed red maggots and not bronze.

·         Should of carried on dripping six 4mm pellets and not feed micro’s or a full small  “toss top”.

·         Shouldn’t of feed meat and hemp on my left inside margin (should of been maggots again)

·         Should of practiced on the venue.

Well, will have to wait until next year now???

Well Done to Pete Caton, Jon Arthur and Kevin Fowell for winning the event with 27 points.