Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Thoughts of 2016

For me, the most important aspect of fishing is to enjoy it.  I had some success this year and had some blow outs...... The big matches were disappointing, I failed miserable on the Fish O Mania qualifiers, however I honestly believe I had no pegs that were capable of winning.   

Looking through my blog, I had 59 pick ups this year, which was mainly on commercials which was mainly 20 pegs or less. Which is a shame, big matches on my local circuit doesn't seem to exist, apart from the River Avon at Evesham..... 

Also I did fish for Devizes in this years winter league on rivers and canals for 10 weeks and had 70% pick up rate.  I did have a couple of flyers mind!!


Manor Farm Leisure is still one of my favourite venues that I fish, and May Festival was kind apart from the first day, where unfortunately I couldn't catch on Ash Pool and the last day I caught 313lb on Windmill Pool.  I would like to win this event.

I fished for Devizes match group this year, which I used to fish for years ago, and was nice to return to the Upper Thames winter league.   We had some success , we won the league as a team and I won the individual league.  The highlight was fishing with the boys again and fishing with one of the best anglers I know, Kevin Rowles.   Kevin has helped me a lot when I was younger with my fishing.

Ivy House Lakes was kind to me again and had some regular success there. The best match I had was Friday evening match, the only one I fished,  I caught 114lb in a three hours, which was the highest weight there in three hours for this year.  26lb skimmers and 87lb of carp on £2 worth of bait, paste!!

Swindon go on Tour at Whiteacres was awesome, the fishing was tough, as always.  However, the 
banter was incredible.  I really enjoy this week.


Colmic have continued to support me and helped some of my success this year.  Especially in the manor festival, catching 313lb of big hard fighting carp, really did push the products to the limit!!  The new Colmic Airon F66 pole will hopefully been me some success in 2017?  Only just got the pole and it's very impressive.

Fish O Mania

For me I aint going to chase "rainbows" anymore.  A lot of effort to very little return, in my opinion.  I ain't bitter, but becoming a Fish O Mania finalist again is not that important to me.  


I've just been signed by Marukyu for a bait deal, must honestly say was unsure to begin with, so I field tested some of the products and was so impressed.  Watch this space for more details.

Mick Telling Memorial 2017

The Mick Telling memorial 2016 was a great success and raised a load of money for cancer research, over £1700!!   Thanks to everyone involved.   For me this is the most important match I want to win, by mile.  Terry Hicks won 2016.

See video for my dads final

I'm really lucky to fish with some great lads, especially Frank Donachie, Glen Picton, Liam Dennick and Karl Stephens

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