Monday, 31 August 2015


Peg 19
5th overall
17 fished the match.

Heavy rain for our August Bank holiday,  so the sun tan lotion stayed in the car.  The guys advised me that peg 19 would be good draw and throws up some big fish.

The match started incredibly slow and took me forty minutes to carp my first carp at 14.5 meters, small was small 4lber!!!  Looking around the lake peg 12 and 13 were catching on the pole and meat.  Peg 27 was also doing well.  Otherwise, must were struggling, rain didn't help and seemed to take the colour out of it.

At 3.45 to 4.15 I had 6 decent Carp in as many chucks down the edge on maggots and that as my match and had to carp long on meat.    Really, don't understand what happened, never had a fish down the edge in the last hour.  I had 11 carp for 104lb.... A few fish off the pace.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Manor farm leisure

Peg 9 Middle Pool
No good
16 fished

Pleased with the draw, wouldn't say it was a "Billy Bung Hole" (flyer) but the peg is and was capable of framing.   The lake fished funny, but on average the weights were 80lb each angler apart from 3 of the ten.

I caught one skimmer and carp on banded pellet on the deck, then worryingly a few skimmers in first hour and have a tench 75cm deep on the "tap", a real bad sign.  It was poor and mugged a carp, had a couple shallow and one of paste short.  Fished a poor match, feed aggressivly hoping to catch well at some point on the pole, which didn't happen.  Even fished 18 meters on my Colmic F44 pole, which resulted in a foul hooked carp which was lost at the net and then hooked another and played it hard as I had 55 mintues left and I thought 10 carp in last hour I could turn this fishing match around, err no, that come off and then come short on paste and hooked a propeRR carp, which pulled out?? At this point, beginning to think nothing going right....  Only seemed to have odd carp and skimmer in my peg....

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Manor farm leisure

Peg 23 Island
4th overall
13 fished
Not sure how I do it, but I keep drawing this peg and it's very rare for me to do well off it.... Wish I could keep drawing peg 6 or 13 on Island Pool, especially peg 6, as it's arguably the best peg in Europe.  Can't remember drawing it 😭.    Maybe my luck will change??!!! Maybe even draw a "Billy Bung Hole"....
Anyway, you take the rough with the smooth, so you make the best of a bad situation.  To be honest, peg 36 would of been potentially worse peg?! So not all bad....
The wind was a joke, so strong, so fishing a long pole is and was difficult to present and the fish haven't been coming down the edges on Island Pool for some reason, even with loads of wind and cover??
I didn't catch anything on the method, no liners and went on short pole at 6 meters which resulted in a 4lb carp, happy days?! Nope, three skimmers and then shipped out my F44 at 13 meters, and started to catch F1's but missing bites and foul Hooking was a major problem and unfortunately I fell quite short for the weigh in.... I should of go longer sooner and been more careful
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 17
2ND MIKE LANE82-14-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 13
France Peg 15
Colmic Peg 23
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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary Pool

Peg 8
1st place.
5 people fished the match.

A bit disappointed with the turn out today, especially as Boundary Pool at Manor Farm Leisure has been fishing well all across the lake, so it's unknown where the match will he won from.   However, I would always fancy where the wind is blowing into, as with all lakes this tends to be better.

My set up is simple..... PELLETS.    As there is very little wind, no tow, some worms and casters can stay in the Colmic Cool bag.  I hoped to catch shallow either "tapping" or "slapping" with a rig with 6mm coarse pellets, nothing fancy straight from the bag, no oils or dyes.   It's only in winter when I use our special yellow pellets (shhh ).

Gear wise, Colmic Airon F44 pole.
Pink and Yellow hollow elastics.  Pink for the bottom as you catch a lot of skimmers at times, as last Wednesdays match saw me catch 40lb of skimmers, which was a life saver....  Yellow 2.1mm hollow for shallow as the F1's average 2lb to 3lb.

I set up quite a few rigs, as normal, all on 0.152 Colmic Spider Line to stream hook lenghts.  If you haven't tried Colmic F1 Spider line for your pole rigs, then you are missing out in my opinion.... Strong, no memory, supple, hard wearing and Fluro tech technology.  This line has caught me more fish this year for sure.

Feeding wise, 2 pints of 4mm coarse pellets, 1 pint of mirco's and 1 pint of 6mm.  Cheap days fishing, don't have to buy your pellets from Manor.

The fishing match was quite slow to begin with, what had a run of fish shallow for about 1.5 hours which saw me put roughly 65lb in the net, solid, but it faded away, and then caught steady, but last hour, which is normally best, but for me it was worse part of my match and Antony was baggin!! If we had another 5 mintues left of the match he would of beat me!!! As he was flying....

Open Match Results – Saturday 22nd August – Boundary Pool

Colmic Peg 8

Angling Times Peg 38

3RD ALAN SMITH 40-12-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 34

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Colmic Stockists - Evesham Discount Tackle

Evesham Discount Tackle has a range of Colmic products in stock and on show.  If there is any items that you wish to get, then Chris is able to order the item/items in for you.  

Their details are;

    84 High St, Evesham WR11 4EU

Colmic Hooks

Colmic N600's

A fantastic hook that is vertiale pattern.  I love the N600 in size 14 hook and this hook has won me a bit of money on the canals and rivers over the last couple of years especially when hooking valuable big perch with boney mouths.... the points are very sharp and long, so penratation is some much better.  Nothing worse in bumping a 1lb plus perch, a gutt wrenching feeling.....

B957 and N957

With the river Avon just around the corner, these hooks have proven to be popular for roach fishing on the pole, especially with hemp angers.  Again needle sharp points that can penetrate the hemp shell.  I've had some good success with my hemp fishing on the Upper and Middle Thames in 2014.

2014 season see me pick up money 7 out of 9 river matches, weight average over 10lb per match, all 30+ anglers on the matches.  The hooks have helped me catch more fish.

Colmic Lines

Colmic have a lot of lines in their range, something is there for everyone for sure.

Colmic Spider F1

This line is very supple, Fluro tech, a bit stretch, no memory and a protective coating on it.  This line is very durable and copes with demanding situations because of its characteristics.  The line is a sensible price of £5.99 for 100 meters.  

I use this line for ALL my pole rigs, from 0.11 to 0.22.   It has a unquie blue tingh colour when wet, which I feel makes it harder for fish to see it.  Which will hopefully can you more fish.   One thing I would add is ensure you wet your knots and take your time to ensure they don't slip.  The line is awesome, a lot of anglers love it!!
All Round line 

This is incredible value, 300 meters for £5.99.  This line can be used for almost everything, hence the name.  This line has a brown/clear tinge colour.  I've used this line a bit on waggler work and pole rigs and its been good.  However, my rig line is F1 Spider 


Colmic do some fantastic poles of all price brackets, something for everyone.  


Colmic have some fanatic products and Colmic Keepnets are no different.  The Karper Squared 2.5 meter net retails at a fantastic £35.00

Seat Boxes

Colmic seat boxes are also stocked at Evesham Discount Tackle.  The Colmic Thunder 333 is great value at £325.

You can contact Chris Brooks on 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 39
95lb (40lb skimmers)
2nd overall
9 fished 

Normally I would run to peg 39 Boundary, but the fish have been following the wind recently, normally.  So felt that pegs 9, 17 and 19 would be the places to draw.  However, I drew peg 39, and it was an end peg and peg 38 Boundary Pool is one of the most consistent pegs on the lake.  So can't moan??

I planned my attack with pellets and worms with big floats, as the tow was always going to be bad.  The beauty of worms you can use larger floats, lay on, without foul hooking.... normally.

The weather didn't hold out for us fishing at Manor Farm Leisure, and we got wet.....

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Monday, 17 August 2015


Peg 12
16 fished

Some beautiful fish in Riddings.  Fished hard, by Riddings standards but 4 ton weights.  

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Alders Farm Fishery. MFS pairs match.

Day 1 Match

Peg 3
3 penalty points
5 in a section (3rd in section 4th overall in match)
21 fishing.
10 pairs

Winning pairs with 5 pints and 310lb ish

Day 2 Silver
4 penalty points
20 fishing
No where!!
Lost 35 to 40 carp
Most frustrating day EVER in my angling career.  

Beautiful lakes

Never should of come off feeding fish!!!

Thanks to MFS and Rick running the match.

Sorry to Vic for letting you down!!

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 4 Match
No good
18 fished

I've fished some tough matches in my time, but wow!!!  There was a lot of carp cruising around, but pretty much impossible to catch, had a few mugging, which isn't my cup of tea, but the only way of catching as these fish were backing of any feed!!

I had a pound with Chris Timms on peg 5, which I lost, Chris like me struggled.  Andrew Cranston ( hope I spelt your name right?) won the lake with 60lb, but won nothing as the all the money was won on Williow.  13 anglers on Match and 5 on Williow.....

My worm mix wouldn't work today.  I feel that there is a larger had of skimmers in Willow lake, as the last three matches I've been lucky to draw Williow and I've had some great bags of skimmers!!   

Never mind, always next week!

Monday, 3 August 2015


Peg 13
36lb ( 6 small carp)
20 fished

I've never been to Riddings before, but the match weights are impressive and Mark Malin said it can be an awesome venue if you draw right.  200lb plus match weights are on a common place on Riddings evening matches.

I drew peg 13 which looked spot on, and had a long edge to peg 14 after a lot of gardening.  Edge looked spot on for my Colmic F44 at 14.5 meters.   But unfortunately I couldn't catch, 2 carp in first 30 mintues and 4 carp in last 45 mintues.  Feed way too much bite, as I was super positive and fell flat on my face.  There was 6 plus 120lb weights.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ivy Houses Lakes - Match and Williow.

Peg 18 (Match Lake)
No good
4th in silvers
28 anglers fished the match.

A real struggle today, drew in flat water, really struggle for bites, only had a few early and some late... I think I was drew a blow out, can't keep drawing flyers??

As Ivy House lakes has been divided into two lakes, the pegging has changed.  Peg 18, is old peg 46 ish.   This is a feast or famine peg, and with Baggy on peg 20, old peg 48 it's was always going to be tough.  I just couldn't catch in the middle part of the match, even loose feeding casters for roach was almost impossible to catch, even on 0.08 Colmic Stream hooklength!!

Another disappointing match at Ivy House lakes, but you have to take the "rough with the smooth".