Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fish O - Lindholme

  • Peg 59 Bonsai
  • 23kg
  • Quite high in my section (I think 2nd with 10 pegs)

My face says it all!!!

After listening to Lady Ga Ga for 3 hours, I was ready to get out of the car, especially after travelling 170 miles and getting lost!  After queuing for twenty minutes in a 200 plus queue, I was gutted to drew 59 Bonsai, don't get me wrong it’s a great lake, but no island cast and anglers 7 yards each side and they both had a corner of the island each, and people opposite, I have no room to draw and hold fish.  So my feeder line was going to be pants, as there wasn't one! With some anglers around the lake(s) having a lot of room (3 and 4 empty pegs) this would work in their favour, as high pressure matches fish will back off to them areas. 

With very tight pegging, I had no option but to fish long, 16 meters and was going to fish chop worm on the deck and up in the water, then back ups are method feeder at 20 yards and paste at 5 meters!  Matt Smith even said “an early bath then mate”?

The match

Well the method feeder never moved for ten minutes, so after seeing Tommy Pickering opposite catching a carp on the pole, I decided to ship out to 16 meters after feeding four balls of groundbait laced with chop worm and caster (a very bad mistake) as my float didn't move, despite fish blowing a little.  Then Matt Smith next to me caught a chub on meat shallow at 13 meters, and so my third option has come out in fifteen minutes (nothing like starting on the correct method) and toss potted worms and fished 12 inches deep, and catch a few carp, a couple of 5lbers, but the angler to right decided to fish pellets up in the water and was regularly feeding, so had meat fed 7 yards to my left and pellets 7 yards to my left.  Hmmmmmm.  To say the least the fish didn't last very long, but in fairness there were loads there to begin with.  Then the match went hard, so went back on the bottom at 15 meters, away from my groundbait, and fed negatively with minced worms and started to catch F1's (a good shoal fish) and was beginning to put a steady amount of fish in the net, but I never was going to win the match and this is why I travelled 170 miles (well 180 as I got lost) for.   Fishing negatively was very positive, fishing 0.10 bottoms with 18 LS1150 hook was the way to go.  Even with the odd 2lber carp, I had no issues getting them in with my yellow 2.1 bi core, well until a carp swam 7 yards to my right and he strook it off as he must of thought it was a bite on his feeder.  So a new rig was needed, so my off my box and I to say the least I wasn’t happy.   With 1 hour and 50 minutes left, it was decision time with 20lb in the net (which was more like 35lb),  I either go through the motions, or try and win something and therefore  I decided to feed pellets over the top............. which caught a couple of carp and lost a few foul hookers.  But looking around the lake, almost everybody was catching apart from me, who has now blown my peg!   I would imagine the fish swam around the bait.  So with 15 mintues left I decided to start packing up, as I had a mountain of gear set up, and chucked the method out twice and went round about a minute off the end with 1lb mirror.  In reflection I should of started on worms at the beginning and fished it all match to win my section, as I could of easily.  As Matt Smith won it with 28kg, next to me.  Well done Matt, after fishing an awesome match in the last two hours, fishing worm long past his meat line.

My lesson is learnt, that you simply can't win a match of this size off any peg.  So will have to learn to fish to the peg capability, but the issue is, you won't win!!!

Oh well, as everyone tells me there is always next year, but I want to get back in the final again.  Came close at tunnel, as I finished 2nd but 2nd may as well be last.  Also came 4th at Larford last year, after losing enough fish to win the match twice over!!!  Maybe it will be 3rd year lucky?

I wish everybody the best of luck in the final!

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Solhampton - Dragonfly

Peg 9
1st overall
17 fished

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rolfs Lake

  • Peg 32 (flyer)
  • 75lb 8oz of all skimmers (I think this is the highest weight of silvers in a match)
  • 53lb of carp
  • 128lb 8oz
  • Won the match
The best bag of skimmers I have ever had.



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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Wednesday's Match on Duck
  • Peg 8 (flyer)
  • 170lb
  • 1st place (but only five us)
Saturday's Match on Duck

  • Peg 21
  • 92lb
  • 2nd

Sunday's evening Match on Duck and Valley

  • Peg 18 on Valley
  • 152lb
  • 2nd
18lber wouldn't keep still
Venue expert (looking happy)
    Part of 170lb on wednesday's catch

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

MFS and GOT baits at Alders Farm

Pairs Match

Day 1

  • Peg 3 Match Lake
  • 260lb
  • 2nd on lake
  • Won ten peg section

Match Lake
peg 1 Dell Smiths----250lb 4oz
peg 2 Mark Murdoch--`169lb8oz
peg 3 Chris Telling---260lb 3oz
peg 4 Madd---------132lb6oz
peg 5 Gaz Thorpe-----222lb 8oz
peg6 Matt Nutt-------63lb 6oz
peg 7 Simon Ginge----110lb 10oz
peg 11 Gaz Pagew-----99lb 1oz
peg 13 Roy Makin-----133lb 15oz
peg 16 Steve May-----87lb
Peg 19 Jon Beesley---95lb 14oz
peg 23 Pete Goode----52lb 7oz
peg 26 Baz------------54lb 4oz
peg 28 Vic Nuggett----83lb 8oz
peg 29 Trev Price------171lb
Peg 30 Andy Gregory---273lb 12oz
Peg 32 Mick the fish----128lb 5oz
Peg 34 Paul Law ------190lb 6oz
Peg 36 Carpet Roy-----101lb 5oz
Peg 38 Martin Greene--156lb 10

Silvers Lake

Peg 1 UMS-----------40lb 4oz
peg 3 Andy Koi ------39lb 14oz
peg 4 Steve B --------34lb 8oz
peg 5 Jimbob----------50lb 6oz
Peg 6 John Beeton----82lb 2oz
peg 7 Pellet King------91lb 3oz
peg 8 Wiightman------22lb 8oz
peg 9 152 trumpoets---24lb 5oz
peg 11 Bob P-----------43lb 13oz
peg 13 Sconeeeeee-----88lb
peg 16 Steve 50/50------57lb 11oz
peg 17 Rich Fish---------81lb 3oz
peg 18 Jon Walker-------106lb 10oz
Peg 19 Nick D ----------109lb 1oz
peg 21 Chriscalder--------27lb 15oz
peg 24 Alan Wickersw ----23lb 1oz
peg 26 Rick Baxter--------14lb 4oz
peg 29 Pritt---------------------16lb 15oz
Peg 31 Clive Pritchard------69lb 14oz

Day 2

  • Peg 13 Silver Lake
  • 116lb
  • 3rd in section
  • 7th on lake

Pellet King in action

Part of Martin Green's section winning catch

World record holder Gary Thorpe

Old John Beesly

Match Lake Section 1
1Nick D252.112
2Rich Fish297.091
3Stevie B226.085
4Alan Wickers193.096
5Johnny Beeton229.084
7Jon Walker177.067
1676 Trombones230.113
Section 2
19Bob P167.075
28Clive Pritchard161.056
32Nigel HDNS10
36Steve 50-50134.047
38Chris Calder206.123
Silvers Lake Section 1
4Trev Price66.097
6Matt Nutt59.048
7Martin Greene132.081
9Del Smith122.032
11John B81.115
13Chris Telling116.143
Section 2

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

MFS at Todber Manor 05/06/11

  • Peg 18
  • 64lb
  • Last

Couldn't wait to get to Todber manor again.  However, I found myself coming last.
    my biggest fish by a long way!!!
Could catch F1's but way too small and couldn't catch them close...........................

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method feeder on the pole

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Maver Match This

Larford Lakes

  • Peg 78
  • 25lb all skimmers
  • 2nd in section (out 10)

I started  fishing paste, at 9 meters normally would fish closer but felt it would be hard.  Caught two bream in the first ten mintues, then Jon Arthur put ten balls in at 16 meters and that finished..............can't think why??? 

Lee Thornton won the secton easily with 37lb.

Hard immensly difficult