Sunday, 3 January 2016

Harescombe Fishery - Pairs Match

Peg 1
2nd on lake
2nd overall
Won Pairs
34 fished

Me and Mark Malin had been gagging to win the Pairs Event at Harescombe Fishery, and we were lucky today as I drew a flyer and Mark Malin drew an alright area.  Mark Malin down well to weigh 32lb 4oz in gale force winds and holding his reliable Colmic Airon pole!  Lots of people scared to fish their pole long because of fear in breaking it in the wind, so gave Mark and myself great advantage! 

My fishing match

I hoped for some early carp, so quickly toss potted in 20 4mm soaked Skreeting Coarse pellet in and had a lift bite and this carp went screaming off, not the start that I wanted!!!  Looking around Anton was baggin opposite and Andy Pollard next to me was also catching..... things did not look good.  I had one carp and 6 roach.  I was a little worried, BIG potted in pellet and a few dead maggots.  No response.   Thought I was going to be doing the walk of shame....

So started pinging pellets to try and make something happen!  Missed a few bites and foul hooked a carp, which came again came off.  Went shallow, no indications, messed around with rigs......  nothing.... I went for it, started double pouching pellets, 12 at a time.  This got me a 6lb Mirror out, which was in tail!!  Then had 17lb 4oz carp, which was also outside the mouth!?  This fish is know as "BIG Bertie" and has weighed 19lb 9oz, must be on a diet!   Then I had a run of three carp in three puts, this has put me from no where to some where!!    Anton was still catching, so was fishing for second place which I got...

I had 11 carp, lost 10, missed 12 bites.... strange day, haven't figured it out.  Any suggestions welcome

Gear Used

Colmic Airon F44 Pole
2.3mm Colmic Hollow.
0.152 Spider Line
0.125 Stream
18 Carp Match

0.4 Jon Walker Pellet Wonder (WPW)  There are the best pellet floats I've ever seen or used.

Some beautiful fish in Field Lake

Some of the carp I caught today.

Field Lake 

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