Thursday, 30 September 2010

From hero to zero!!!

Manor Farm

Middle Pool 29/09/10

Peg 23

Weight 170lb 14oz

Pole at 16 meters, sorry to say was tapping!

Caught mainly f1's at 3 foot, 0.18 Vespro Line to 14 Drennan Carp Match with a mollesa f1 bait band. I used Vespe Yellow Bi Core.

I know so people regard tapping as a "noddy method", however which ever angle you look at it, it is a devastating and you can build up a weight extremely quickly.  On this match I must of spent twenty of the waggler feeding, after feeding it for fifteen minutes with me casting constantly and varying the depths to catch one common carp for 3lb.  I also have a proper carp on the pole first cast for 6lb.  So the first 35 minutes I have 9lb.  I had a gut feeling the fish were there, so out come 3 foot of line, and within 5 taps of the pole I had an F1.  After ten minutes of catching and feeding eight 6mm pellet, I had four more fish to end to the net!  Now I felt it was fading from me, so chucked the waggler at eighteen meters, no response.  So I chucked it at sixteen meters, nothing! Hmmmmm, I thought the fish had gone, so refed at 12 meters with fifty 4mm pellets, just in case I have to fish on the deck.  However shipping back out to 16 meters and tapping I never looked back and caught throughout the day, at times very quickly.  So I felt I would of would of have had half the amount of fish fishing the waggler.  Also the conditions for the waggler was prefect as the wind was off my back!  So who would be the idiot for not fishing it????

Island 30/09/10

Peg 3

Weight 44lb.

Waggler at 20 meters, 2 foot caught f1's and caught 6 fish for 15lb in the last 40 mintues tapping 17.5 meters. 

After yesterday been wet and wild, today was bright sunshine and flat clam.  This isn't the ideal condintions to catch fish, and speaking to a couple of anglers, we were going to be in for a tough day.  Which we were.  Tapping needs ripple to have the maximum effect.  Therefore I felt a pole line at eleven meters and a waggler at twenty meters would be a good bet...... wrong.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fish O Mania 2010

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2 minutes and 30 seconds is me, but worth watching the lot.

I did actually qualify in 2001, but didn't do any good on the final, I was second from last!  Ooops.

Look forward to next year, this will be my main focus!

Manor Farm.

Manor Farm Leisure has six great lakes to offer.  I have begun to get to grips with the venue and have enjoyed fishing there this season.  Lots of different methods work, but pellet is the dominant bait.

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My Angling Profile

Age:                                         32
Location:                                  Gloucester
Team:                                       Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths
Highest match weight:              394lb Rolfs Lake (5 hour match)
Most memorable matches:         26lb at Radley on the Angling Times.  I had 20lb of roach and 6lb of chub.  I won my section, but was only fourth overall!  An awesome part of the river Thames.
                                                I had 24lb of a squatt roach on the Kennet and Avon canal at Crofton.  I had 367 fish, run out of squatt with an hour to go and therefore loose fed pinkies and the fish got even bigger and quicker.....
Sponsors:                                  Vespe/ Colmic
Angling Influences:                   Neil Richards help me a lot in my younger days, when I fished for Swindon Talisman, now Colmic Talisman.  When I joined Drennan Oxford aged 23, Mick Denton helped me immensely, especially in the way of thinking to approach a venue.  Drennan Oxford continue their success, with a good bunch of lads.
Pole used:                                 Drennan Zircon for my silver fish pole and have a prototype Colmic Airon 44 that I am testing at the moment.

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Fred's Blog, from France

Me in France, so pleased catching 25lb 9oz fish.
Caught on the method and two dead red maggots
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Rolfs Lake

Rolfs Lake

Trying to get a fish out on Peg 10.


Rolfs Lake is my all time favourite venues.  The fish are in stunning condition, I have never been to a venue where the fish are so well looked after, and the way in which they fight, well be warned!!!  Jon Walker has had the higest match weight, which is 540lb in five hours!  Myself I have had 394lb, which isn't even close......

Eddie and Simon write a blog on the latest results and methods used, so to keep yourself up-to-date, then I would have a look at their awesome blog.

See Link below:

Read the rules, if unsure ask John Bennett.  I think there isn't loads of rules and none of them silly.

Monday, 27 September 2010

South Cerney.

South Cerney Angling Club

This without any doubt this is one of the best clubs in the country and really does have something to offer everybody in coarse fishing.  It has some great tench waters, specimen carp and a good club match water.  I have been fishing these waters since I was a boy (almost 20 years).

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