Monday, 31 August 2015


Peg 19
5th overall
17 fished the match.

Heavy rain for our August Bank holiday,  so the sun tan lotion stayed in the car.  The guys advised me that peg 19 would be good draw and throws up some big fish.

The match started incredibly slow and took me forty minutes to carp my first carp at 14.5 meters, small was small 4lber!!!  Looking around the lake peg 12 and 13 were catching on the pole and meat.  Peg 27 was also doing well.  Otherwise, must were struggling, rain didn't help and seemed to take the colour out of it.

At 3.45 to 4.15 I had 6 decent Carp in as many chucks down the edge on maggots and that as my match and had to carp long on meat.    Really, don't understand what happened, never had a fish down the edge in the last hour.  I had 11 carp for 104lb.... A few fish off the pace.