Sunday, 23 August 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary Pool

Peg 8
1st place.
5 people fished the match.

A bit disappointed with the turn out today, especially as Boundary Pool at Manor Farm Leisure has been fishing well all across the lake, so it's unknown where the match will he won from.   However, I would always fancy where the wind is blowing into, as with all lakes this tends to be better.

My set up is simple..... PELLETS.    As there is very little wind, no tow, some worms and casters can stay in the Colmic Cool bag.  I hoped to catch shallow either "tapping" or "slapping" with a rig with 6mm coarse pellets, nothing fancy straight from the bag, no oils or dyes.   It's only in winter when I use our special yellow pellets (shhh ).

Gear wise, Colmic Airon F44 pole.
Pink and Yellow hollow elastics.  Pink for the bottom as you catch a lot of skimmers at times, as last Wednesdays match saw me catch 40lb of skimmers, which was a life saver....  Yellow 2.1mm hollow for shallow as the F1's average 2lb to 3lb.

I set up quite a few rigs, as normal, all on 0.152 Colmic Spider Line to stream hook lenghts.  If you haven't tried Colmic F1 Spider line for your pole rigs, then you are missing out in my opinion.... Strong, no memory, supple, hard wearing and Fluro tech technology.  This line has caught me more fish this year for sure.

Feeding wise, 2 pints of 4mm coarse pellets, 1 pint of mirco's and 1 pint of 6mm.  Cheap days fishing, don't have to buy your pellets from Manor.

The fishing match was quite slow to begin with, what had a run of fish shallow for about 1.5 hours which saw me put roughly 65lb in the net, solid, but it faded away, and then caught steady, but last hour, which is normally best, but for me it was worse part of my match and Antony was baggin!! If we had another 5 mintues left of the match he would of beat me!!! As he was flying....

Open Match Results – Saturday 22nd August – Boundary Pool

Colmic Peg 8

Angling Times Peg 38

3RD ALAN SMITH 40-12-0
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 34