Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Alders Farm

Peg 17
171lb 3oz
10 fished

Everything time I go to Alders Farm it seems to rain loads!!!   What happened to our summer??

The lake fished hard as we anticipated, as the lakes as spring feed, hence why the carp our fighting fit, then the water temperature must of dropped a steady amount.

We were on Pines lake today and I drew peg 17.  Which was an end peg, which was surely going to help me no end, as end pegs are normally great on every venue.   I had an nightmare last match on the MFS pairs, as I lost between 35 and 40 carp, all pulled out.  So I wasn't going to get sucked into teasing margin fish, but be open minded as these fish are a lot bigger!!!

I caught steady on pellets long, on the deck and a fish shallow but Westie on the end peg opposite was catching well done the edge after a couple of hours.   This is was a concern, as I was catching smaller fish and unfortunately it was as hectic as the first hour and half was a fish a chuck and had some friendly groans.  So I started to feed my left had margin with the big pot, which saw a responsive within minutes, but my right hand margin that I had been drip feeding had saw nothing!!!???  I did catch to my left on maggots.
The feeding down the edge, is something I haven't sorted out and still didn't get right today.   I had a couple of fish down the edge to my left, but no fish to the right?! 
With lack of edge fish, the edges weren't as strong as id like.... So fell behind in the last couple of hours.  So need to revise how I fish the edges, as three matches at Aldlers Farm I haven't caught down the edge.  And I'm not one for blaming my peg or wheel spinning out of the car park, so will be trying a few different things.   Lighter rigs, micro pellets with corn, fishing past the feed, as seeing a lot of bigger carp holding back and it did work the last part of the match, as I had 5 carp in the last 15 minutes, but again too little too late.

 Well done to Westie for winning the match with 198lb

Glen was 4th 101lb

Frank was 5th 99lb

Organiser Terry had 89lb