Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 39
95lb (40lb skimmers)
2nd overall
9 fished 

Normally I would run to peg 39 Boundary, but the fish have been following the wind recently, normally.  So felt that pegs 9, 17 and 19 would be the places to draw.  However, I drew peg 39, and it was an end peg and peg 38 Boundary Pool is one of the most consistent pegs on the lake.  So can't moan??

I planned my attack with pellets and worms with big floats, as the tow was always going to be bad.  The beauty of worms you can use larger floats, lay on, without foul hooking.... normally.

The weather didn't hold out for us fishing at Manor Farm Leisure, and we got wet.....

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