Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Manor farm leisure

Peg 23 Island
4th overall
13 fished
Not sure how I do it, but I keep drawing this peg and it's very rare for me to do well off it.... Wish I could keep drawing peg 6 or 13 on Island Pool, especially peg 6, as it's arguably the best peg in Europe.  Can't remember drawing it 😭.    Maybe my luck will change??!!! Maybe even draw a "Billy Bung Hole"....
Anyway, you take the rough with the smooth, so you make the best of a bad situation.  To be honest, peg 36 would of been potentially worse peg?! So not all bad....
The wind was a joke, so strong, so fishing a long pole is and was difficult to present and the fish haven't been coming down the edges on Island Pool for some reason, even with loads of wind and cover??
I didn't catch anything on the method, no liners and went on short pole at 6 meters which resulted in a 4lb carp, happy days?! Nope, three skimmers and then shipped out my F44 at 13 meters, and started to catch F1's but missing bites and foul Hooking was a major problem and unfortunately I fell quite short for the weigh in.... I should of go longer sooner and been more careful
Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 17
2ND MIKE LANE82-14-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 13
France Peg 15
Colmic Peg 23
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