Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ivy Houses Lakes - Match and Williow.

Peg 18 (Match Lake)
No good
4th in silvers
28 anglers fished the match.

A real struggle today, drew in flat water, really struggle for bites, only had a few early and some late... I think I was drew a blow out, can't keep drawing flyers??

As Ivy House lakes has been divided into two lakes, the pegging has changed.  Peg 18, is old peg 46 ish.   This is a feast or famine peg, and with Baggy on peg 20, old peg 48 it's was always going to be tough.  I just couldn't catch in the middle part of the match, even loose feeding casters for roach was almost impossible to catch, even on 0.08 Colmic Stream hooklength!!

Another disappointing match at Ivy House lakes, but you have to take the "rough with the smooth".