Thursday, 20 August 2015

Colmic Stockists - Evesham Discount Tackle

Evesham Discount Tackle has a range of Colmic products in stock and on show.  If there is any items that you wish to get, then Chris is able to order the item/items in for you.  

Their details are;

    84 High St, Evesham WR11 4EU

Colmic Hooks

Colmic N600's

A fantastic hook that is vertiale pattern.  I love the N600 in size 14 hook and this hook has won me a bit of money on the canals and rivers over the last couple of years especially when hooking valuable big perch with boney mouths.... the points are very sharp and long, so penratation is some much better.  Nothing worse in bumping a 1lb plus perch, a gutt wrenching feeling.....

B957 and N957

With the river Avon just around the corner, these hooks have proven to be popular for roach fishing on the pole, especially with hemp angers.  Again needle sharp points that can penetrate the hemp shell.  I've had some good success with my hemp fishing on the Upper and Middle Thames in 2014.

2014 season see me pick up money 7 out of 9 river matches, weight average over 10lb per match, all 30+ anglers on the matches.  The hooks have helped me catch more fish.

Colmic Lines

Colmic have a lot of lines in their range, something is there for everyone for sure.

Colmic Spider F1

This line is very supple, Fluro tech, a bit stretch, no memory and a protective coating on it.  This line is very durable and copes with demanding situations because of its characteristics.  The line is a sensible price of £5.99 for 100 meters.  

I use this line for ALL my pole rigs, from 0.11 to 0.22.   It has a unquie blue tingh colour when wet, which I feel makes it harder for fish to see it.  Which will hopefully can you more fish.   One thing I would add is ensure you wet your knots and take your time to ensure they don't slip.  The line is awesome, a lot of anglers love it!!
All Round line 

This is incredible value, 300 meters for £5.99.  This line can be used for almost everything, hence the name.  This line has a brown/clear tinge colour.  I've used this line a bit on waggler work and pole rigs and its been good.  However, my rig line is F1 Spider 


Colmic do some fantastic poles of all price brackets, something for everyone.  


Colmic have some fanatic products and Colmic Keepnets are no different.  The Karper Squared 2.5 meter net retails at a fantastic £35.00

Seat Boxes

Colmic seat boxes are also stocked at Evesham Discount Tackle.  The Colmic Thunder 333 is great value at £325.

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