Saturday, 29 August 2015

Manor farm leisure

Peg 9 Middle Pool
No good
16 fished

Pleased with the draw, wouldn't say it was a "Billy Bung Hole" (flyer) but the peg is and was capable of framing.   The lake fished funny, but on average the weights were 80lb each angler apart from 3 of the ten.

I caught one skimmer and carp on banded pellet on the deck, then worryingly a few skimmers in first hour and have a tench 75cm deep on the "tap", a real bad sign.  It was poor and mugged a carp, had a couple shallow and one of paste short.  Fished a poor match, feed aggressivly hoping to catch well at some point on the pole, which didn't happen.  Even fished 18 meters on my Colmic F44 pole, which resulted in a foul hooked carp which was lost at the net and then hooked another and played it hard as I had 55 mintues left and I thought 10 carp in last hour I could turn this fishing match around, err no, that come off and then come short on paste and hooked a propeRR carp, which pulled out?? At this point, beginning to think nothing going right....  Only seemed to have odd carp and skimmer in my peg....