Sunday, 5 February 2017

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 15 Ash
DNW (had 14lb ish)
22 Anglers fished

Manor Farn Lesiure attendances are improving, it it saw 22 anglers fish today's match.  So Dave (owner) spread us across three lakes, which gave us plenty of room.

I drew peg 15 Ash Pool, and it was  all over at draw bag unfortunately.  Out of 22 pegs, this one and peg 12 Ash would be the only two pegs I wouldn't want, and the other 20 you stood a chance of winning your section or framing... don't get me wrong sometimes these pegs throw up, but normally the fish are the other side of the rope.  It's like a brick wall at times....

I tried to catch F1's or carp, as these fish are your target species, and i was never going to do over 50lb of skimners.  I ain't good enough and they weren't big enough!!  Not one to blame pegs, gave it a proper go, wasn't meant to be. 

Well done to Liam Dennick who won the lake.  

Liam won the lake with 54lb