Saturday, 18 February 2017

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 11 Boundary

22 fished

Drew an alright area, so was pleased.   Boundary Pool tends to be the fairest lake in my opinion.  However, after a hour into the match I had one roach, was very concerned, Neil McKinnon was catching skimmers and odd F1's and Barry Duggan was doing well short.  Wasnt panicking as I know it doesn't take long to do a weight, especially as these F1's are averaging 3lb.

Started to ping the pole line hoping for something to happen.... caught two F1's and things weren't improving....  The lead lines were dead, which was unreal.  No bites on pop ups or bread.  At 1pm I had a run of fish to 2.15 pm on the pole at 14.5 meters,  nothing crazy I had 7 F1's.  I was now praying that they would stay, but they didn't and the last hour was going to come good?  Well it didn't, only had 2 F1's..... disappointing.  Came plum last. 😣.  The is the worse run of fishing I've had in years.... 2017 ain't been good.

I do feel a bit gutted, as I had a real chance of winning the league today. Maybe pushed the peg too hard, but half the match had gone and I had 2 F1's and a roach.  But the plus factor is Frank and Gary Donachie become the joint winners of the league with 17 points.

Joint third was Steve Partingon, Glen Picton, Ian McCullach and Neil McKinnion. With 18 points.

Always next year

Well done to the Donachies on winning the league