Sunday, 26 February 2017

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 13 Island
70lb 8oz
Won section
Won lake
3rd overall
27 fished

Today I drew peg 13 Island Pool, which is a great draw, however the wind is going to make it very difficult, with winds up to 40mph in the face, is going to be difficult casting 45 to 50 yard chuck.  So it was going to a Colmic Next Adventure 90 and a 40 gram pellet feeder.   However, was going to start on straight lead, to ensure I don't spoke any fish as they tend to live here.... however a fruitless 3 casts and 35 mintues gone, I decided to chuck a pellet feeder and foul hooked a carp in about three seconds of casting.... unreal.

It was a tough match and had to wait ages for bites.  Had 15 fish for 70lb.  Good stamp.