Thursday, 9 February 2017

Ivy house lakes

Peg 9
15 fished

Went to Ivy House Lakes today and fished the new Kingfisher lake.  Andy and Karen have done a fantastic job.  The canal is 5 foot deep on average and 14 meters wide.  The carp and averaging about 4 to the pound, with a few bigger ones and some skimmers.

The first 5 pegs was the favourable area, as it had more colour and they were fish topping throughout the day.  As any venue this time of year you need a little bit of luck and unfortunately my luck wasn't in........ drew peg 9 and had my first blank of the year, gave up after 2 hours.  My best mate Frank Donachie caught one carp on peg 10 and Allan Oram also caught one carp on peg 8.

So had a go on Willow for couple of hours for some monster carp and never had a bite.... lots of roach topping, but only fished pellets for carp.  I hope my luck changes soon as 2017 has been awful fishing for me so far!!