Sunday, 26 February 2017

Angling Trust Final

Peg 31 Williows
14kg 850 grams
5th in section
Team 4th overall 

After a long drive, I finally arrived to Decoy for the very first time, and I was early for once!!!  Good to see some old faces, mainly my old team mates (Drennnan Oxford) and some of the Sensas A4 lads.  Nigel Franks coach arrived with the team mates, and Adi told me draw peg 31 Williows, which was a good area, however soon realised I would be cut off, and Graham West (aka Westy) advised me I was going to get neck ache and sure enough I did.  No chuck rule to.  

I was concerned, as I was near on last in the section until the last 40 mintues and the fish turned on, and had 6 fish for about 25lb.  Which was a little relieved, as I was worried I would let the team down.

The rumours after the match, that Drennan Oxford had done really well, a few of us thought they may of won, but turned out to be third overall in the end, which is still a great result.  Devizes Match Group, the team a fish for, was suprisly fourth overall, which was a fantastic result, as many of the lads do not carp fish at all. So fair play to them.

Got the K&A Spring League with the boys in April and May.  Then the national on the Shopshire and Union canal.  So best brush up on my silver skills.