Saturday, 3 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 25 island
67lb 8oz
Won section
2nd overall
16 fished

I didn't fancy peg 25 on Island Pool, especially with pegs 23 and 27 in.   But there was some big carp on the pole line, so was lucky. 9 carp, 2 f1 and 2 skimmers for 75lb. But I was over in my net by 8lb and therefore got knocked back. But my good friend won, so.didn't really matter.

Open Match Results – Saturday 3rd January – Island and Boundary Pools

1ST                  FRANK DONACHIE                72-12-0

Colmic Airon Peg 13 Island

2ND                   CHRIS TELLING                    67-8-0

Colmic Airon Peg 25 Island

3RD                         STEVE RICH                           48-0-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 10 Boundary

4TH                   CARL MULFORD                 40-12-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 37 Island

5TH                   GARY WALDRON                34-4-0

Match Box Peg 7 Boundary

6TH                   CHRIS STYLER                      36-8-0

Match Box Peg 17 Island