Sunday, 25 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - round 4

Peg 20
16lb 6oz
5 Points
No good

Another really tough day!!

Paul Alder had won the match on peg 21 the day before, and next weight was 12lb!  Therefore a few groans from Shaun Little, who drew peg 6 Island, which is one of the best pegs in Europe ( not sure how he can moan??)!!
To cut a long story short, I couldn't catch and therefore sat it out on smelly meat and bread. Not the most interesting ways of fishing, but hoped it was going to pay off??!! Which it didn't....
Only had 2 skimmers on the pole and watched Mark Hemming bag up on peg 3!!!
Mark Malin Peg 9, Mike Robinson peg 11 and me on peg 20 never had a fish after 1pm!!!
Team mate Glen Picton caught well on the pole and pellet on Boundary pool.  Glen caught little stockies (6oz to a 1lb)

I can't catch a cold at the moment.
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