Sunday, 11 January 2015

Manor Farm Leisure - round 3

Peg 26 Island Pool
4 points
No good.
30 fished

I don't like making at excuses when I've done badly, so I won't start now.  The Peg was worth 60lb, but I figured it out too late!  Tried to fish the pole at 13 meters, there was fish there, but had 2 and lost 3 wasn't looking good.  Fishing a 4 foot line between pole tipping float was worth doing, but didn't and couldn't read the bites correctly so unfortunately foul hooked a couple of big carp, but wasn't lucky enough to get them out!!
Bread 3/4 was pants!
Caught best 1 meter off far bank, on pellet feeder and when it went mega tough, fished smelly meat. Wish I done it earlier, but I felt smelly meat is better for lumps (carp) but the F1'S and a couple of carp too a shine to it. 

Well done to Glen for winning the middle pool and coming second overall. Legend

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